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ONCEMORE1 - REBEL MEDIA: You\'re a grand old flag - Quincy, IL News -
The tone of both your posts on this topic indicate a disdain for the unequal distribution of federal taxes paid back to the States that paid them. I feel many on this site share that feeling. But by not mentioning the other, more personal disparity of the Government's virtual seizure of working people's earned income through taxation and subsequent distribution to non-workers, non-earners,…
WarCry - Quincy Police Blotter for July 23, 2014 - Quincy, IL News -
I don't believe employees are allowed to have/use cellphones in the courtrooms. That's where they're not allowed. I've been in a lot of the other offices - with my phone - that are in the courthouse. The restriction is specifically for the disturbance that you KNOW would be caused in courtrooms. And that's not even talking about people that would try and be a-holes recording…
mizzznicki - Quincy Police Blotter for July 23, 2014 - Quincy, IL News -
im sorry, but what idiot leaves their residence or vehicle unlocked. if thats the case the police should b able to look at the "victim" & just give an oh-well shrug like I do my preschoolers. what else do they expect to happen?
pjohnf - REBEL MEDIA: "Stay out!" - Quincy, IL News -
Videoing Quinn is hardly a crime and I thought politicians wanted transparency. If Quinn can't speak and have his remarks taped , maybe he has something to hide.
pjohnf - Too many governments? Downstate has the biggest share - Quincy, IL News -
Us down staters like local control and certainly don't want the state to control any of our taxing bodies. We may have too many tax bodies but it gives us local control which is good thing. Centralization is a bad thing as shown by the Obama government and the Quinn/Madigan cabal which are out of control. The corrupt Chicago thug democrats have virtually destroyed Illinois and we in down state…

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Volunteer for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Day of Service”

1 year, 7 months ago by Denise Donley

This day is intended to honor and increase awareness of Dr. King’s commitment

The Quincy University Office of Multicultural and Leadership Programs is hosting its 2nd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Day of Service” on January 19, 2013. This day is intended to honor and increase awareness of Dr. King’s commitment to building up communities and eradicating social injustices. 

The “Day of Service” is an opportunity to give back to the Quincy community through various volunteer efforts at churches, community centers and non-profit organizations throughout the city. Adults and children from the community, along with QU students, staff and faculty, are encouraged to participate.

Below are the current organizations that have teamed up for this year’s event: 

Locations & Descriptions:

  • Quanada- Sort donations, stock the clothing closet, and deep-clean areas in the shelter.
  • Red Cross: Adams County Chapter- Distribute fire safety pamphlets door-to-door in neighborhoods with the most residential fires. 
  • Cathedral of Worship- Serve coffee and donuts to the morning drug program participants and help with cleaning the facility. 
  • Redmon & Lee Community Center- Assist at the health fair. 
  • Meals on Wheels- Transport home-delivered meals to the needy.
  • Good Samaritan- Clean windows (inside) or assist in the dining room.
  • Quincy Family YMCA- Paint, dust, and/or clean windows Historical Society of Quincy and Adams County- Paint J.W. Mansion basement walls, and remove old display shelving.

If you are interested in volunteering at one of the above sites, please contact Marquez Brown with the Office of Multicultural and Leadership Programs by email ( or phone (217) 228-5320 x3788.


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@KeeneMLB @Ben_WGEM Consistently inconsistent.
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@KeeneMLB @Ben_WGEM The season of meh.
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Arrest made in Monday break-in
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@goughmedicine Figured you weren't pleased with him.