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yesqcy - Gov. Quinn focuses on Rauner’s tax returns - Quincy, IL News -
Actually says "loopholes" but you surely won't be surprised if a little hypocrisy doesn't come out of both candidates. I'm sure they each have several spin doctors on staff.
1950Brutus - Gov. Quinn focuses on Rauner’s tax returns - Quincy, IL News -
What are now "loopholes" were at one time "incentives". Loophole, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
ONCEMORE1 - QPS and Union Announce New Contract - Quincy, IL News -
An unfortunate number of them are-----they call that "Tenure" and they wear it like Body Armor.......
Righty1 - Gov. Quinn focuses on Rauner’s tax returns - Quincy, IL News -
Holly crap! A Democrat talking about loop holes! Rocks! Glass houses?
yesqcy - Does Illinois Supreme Court decision doom pension reform? - Quincy, IL News -
Gfingers- will you at least acknowledge it was the deliberate underfunding (the politicians not making the agreed upon payments into the retirement funds. No different than not paying an employees social security) that had caused the "crisis"?

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VIDEO: Concealed Carry foes want Illinois to maintain status quo

1 year, 7 months ago by Bob Gough

A coalition has collected more than 6,700 signatures in an online petition it created Nov. 19


Illinois is the only state that doesn't allow residents to carry concealed weapons — and a group of religious leaders, anti-gun activists and lawmakers hope to keep it that way.

The newly formed "Stop Concealed Carry Coalition" announced today at the Chicago Temple its commitment to fight any bill that would legalize concealed carry in the state.

"I can't fathom the idea of going to the mall and just thinking that under that coat over there, or in that purse, there might be a weapon," said Ald. Ricardo Munoz of the 22nd Ward. "We cannot allow concealed carry to be the law of the land."

Coalition members cited pressure from the National Rifle Association and gun-rights activists across Illinois for their growing concern. They worry state lawmakers could attempt to push through a law during the legislative veto session that starts this week.

With 36 lame duck legislators, the General Assembly is ripe for last-minute deals between outgoing lawmakers and those willing to trade votes to ensure majorities on other issues, said Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin.

"While we don't expect that the concealed carry bill will come up, it may because there will be a lot of horse trading going on in the final days of this old General Assembly," he said. "We need to remind those who have stood with us that they need to stay fast with us and make sure that we oppose concealed carry."

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