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GoQuincy - Second break-in suspect identified - Quincy, IL News -
Hope he enjoyed the last 4 days of freedom because that is the last he will have for quite sometime! He will still be looking over his shoulder.
CoolEdge - Illinois gets below-normal rain and temperatures - Quincy, IL News -
Funny, I always hear the global warming nuts claim a hot day is from global warming. Of course, a one degree change over 100 years is not noticeable by anyone. But there may not really be any warming, since the urban heat island effect was not well accounted for. And Al Gore isn't a guy doing, you know, science. He is a politician now activist that had his net worth go from $2 million to over…
gothamtroll - Second break-in suspect identified - Quincy, IL News -
Well he certainly covered some ground unlike his partner. I would certainly love to commend both the Marshals and local authorities on well conducted communications in an expedited effort to capture Kelly despite him quickly heading south eastward.
WarCry - Burlington, IA considering requirement for toy gun cases - Quincy, IL News -
It's a cascading problem. Starting in the late 70s, early 80s, hunting became less and less. Parents stopped teaching their kids about firearms and gun safety, and the world because more suburban. Now those kids are adults and the only thing they know about guns is what they get in movies. And so they teach their kids that guns are bad, and the problem worsens. It's not any one thing causing…
gothamtroll - Burlington, IA considering requirement for toy gun cases - Quincy, IL News -
Well I'm certainly glad I've long since lost/misplaced my childhood super soakers and cap gun. I'd hate to think I could potentially be punished by law for having had those 'out in the yard'. Yet again, policy makers grasping for straws. What next? My metallic painted handcuffs that have a release switch on the side? Are they going to deem my having those as impersonating…

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Concerts in the Plaza start TODAY in Downtown Quincy

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they will be held at the First Mid-Illinois Bank Plaza on Maine Street, next to St. Boniface Church

The Historic Quincy Business District is pleased to announce that they will be sponsoring the Concerts in the Plaza Series starting TODAY! Concerts on the Plaza will take place each Thursday starting next week through the end of June. They will be held at the First Mid-Illinois Bank Plaza on Maine Street, next to St. Boniface Church.


The Historic Quincy Business District has been contemplating the concerts for a few years now. In talking to people the concerts in the plaza are a frequent topic. Many people remember the concerts that used to take place there, and we are excited to be bringing them back. The concerts will be from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM each Thursday and feature various performers from the community. This year's lineup will be:

            May 22 - Rodney Hart

            May 29 - Quincy Symphony Orchestra Quartet

            June 5 - Liz Bentley

            June 12 - Vancil Performing Arts Center

            June 19 - Cheryl Kaiser School of Dance

            June 26 - Rodney Hart & Paul Wood


In addition to the acts on stage, the Historic Quincy Business District has arranged for food trucks to be associated with the concert series. The organization has confirmed that four food trucks (The Butcher Block, The Quick Course, Hank's Curbside Canteen, and Hotdogs-R-Us) will be in attendance to serve patrons that are attending the concerts. We feel that having these food vendors all in one spot and providing a great variety will enhance the experience for concert goers. 


The concerts are sponsored by the Historic Quincy Business District and the First Mid-Illinois Bank. We are so thankful to have the bank's support as we bring back this concert series. From the minute we approached them they have been involved and working with us to make this happen. They are a wonderful community partner and we are thrilled to have them downtown.

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RT @chucktodd: Best of @dailyrundown this week: 3) Common Core loses more supporters.
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@davidalavender Do I get to post a counter article from an equally conservative website criticizing the mainstream media's Israel coverage?
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@CardinalsGM He has to be hurt.
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Strawman: Obama's Right--It's Time to Fix the Immigration System........