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pjohnf - Obama’s Wanton Lawlessness Should Disturb All Americans - Quincy, IL News -
The extent of Obama's lawlessness makes one wonder if American's are paying any attention to anything? Obama's continuing un-constitutional power grabs should alarm every American but it seems that many American's just don't care or think his actions are just politics as usual. The democrat party isn't the democrat party of old but it's a party now controlled by radical…
pjohnf - Study: EPA Global Warming Rule To Kill Nearly 300,000 Jobs - Quincy, IL News -
Obama's EPA wants to kill 300K to support a hoax and to schmooze the left's environmental wacko supporters. It's a proven fact that the global warming zealots have manipulated their data and out right lied about temperature increases. Everybody wants a clean and healthy earth but the Obama EPA overreach will do nothing more than destroy our economy and will do nothing to stop global…
pjohnf - How to Raise the Minimum Wage without Legislation - Quincy, IL News -
The free market should determine wages not politicians who have no vested interest except to buy votes and power. Arbitrarily raising wages without a subsequent increase productivity or employee value to the employer doesn't work. Companies don't start businesses to give people jobs they start businesses to make a profit. The free market should determine wages not corrupt politicians.
chebby79 - Cobb to resign at end of year - Quincy, IL News -
couldn't someone locally qualify for the job?? can't be too hard of a job if you can work it part time from out of town. heck, I'm a jack of all trades, even a college granulate. been retired for 9yrs. I fish, drink beer, and drive nails but I could work MWF, 3 days a week for $60k a yr, and I'll give you 5 yrs of service guaranteed or you get your money back, unless, my services…
chebby79 - Quincy businessman arrested on drug charges - Quincy, IL News -
her FB account says she is "engaged".... in what????

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‘Dream Big In Color’ Run Set for April 26

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All proceeds from the run will support the Quincy Public Schools Foundation and the Dream Big Campaign


The Quincy Public Schools Foundation and QHS Leadership Class are pleased to announce the first annual ‘Dream Big in Color’ run that will take place on Saturday, April 26 at 8 a.m.  Participants will begin the 5k run wearing white and finish plastered in color that will be sprayed along the way.  The race is open to all ages and participants are more than welcome to run, jog, walk or even push a stroller throughout the run. 

A post party featuring family friendly fun and food will take place after the race.

Runners who register before April 15 will receive the discounted price - $25 for an individual and $100 for a team of five.  Children 5 & under pay $5.  Children 6-10 pay their age (Ex. 7 yr-olds pay $7).  After April 15, the cost is $35. 

Major sponsors for the event are Knapheide Manufacturing, McNay Trucking, Mercantile Bank, Quincy Medical Group, Titan International and WGEM. 

All proceeds from the run will support the Quincy Public Schools Foundation and the Dream Big Campaign that raises money for technology, fine arts, athletics, curriculum and endowment for the Quincy Public Schools.

For more information and to register, visit or call (217) 228-7158 x2256.

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