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Stupid_Dems - Gervasi finalist for Pennsylvania job - Quincy, IL News -
Best thing that could happen to QU
qfingers - Kirk, Durbin praise Lynch\'s record after Senate vote - Quincy, IL News -
Unfortunately Durbin's comment that she's "one of the finest" he has voted for is only a testament to the poor quality that has come before. I'm reminded of this...."When he left company X for comkpnay Y the average IQ of both places went up".
XBgCty - Illinois House Passes Bill To Make Some Marijuana Possession Punishable By Ticket - Quincy, IL News
People drink in their homes. Pot users if they did the same would be treated equally. When they smoke in public or in the vehicle they get treated the same as alcohol, they get locked up. It is Illegal to have open alcohol container in vehicle, or drink in public. Can't smoke tobacco in most buildings or get ticketed or arrested, same a pot. So it is kind of treated the same. Pot users want to…
QuincyGuy - Taxpayer-Funded Video Promoting Eric Holder as ‘People’s Lawyer’ - Quincy, IL News
Not Eric. He wouldn't do anything corrupt. Just ask any Dimocrap and they'll tell you that. He is kind of like Robin Hood. He robs from the whites and gives to the blacks and his replacement will continue doing the same thing.
QuincyGuy - QPD Blotter for April 25, 2015 - Quincy, IL News -
I heard he was trying to impersonate a Heating & AC salesman. 😉

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Hannibal Farmer's Market seeking vendors

1 year ago by Bob Gough

Vendors who provide homegrown and homemade produce and products are welcome to attend

The Hannibal Farmer’s Market is currently seeking vendors for the 2014 season. Interested vendors may attend a special informational meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 15th starting at 6:30pm at Kerley’s Pub, 210 N. Main Street in downtown Hannibal. Here you will receive a packet detailing all pertinent information on the Market including an application for space rental. Members of the Hannibal Farmer’s Market committee will be on hand to answer questions. 

Vendors who provide homegrown and homemade produce and products are welcome to attend. If you might grow more vegetables in your garden than you’re able to use, have extra plants such as perennials or herbs, bake fresh foodstuffs, or hand-make quality fun and useful craft items, the Hannibal Farmer’s Market is the perfect venue to sell your products direct to the consumer. 

The 2014 Hannibal Farmer’s Market will open on Saturday, May 24th. The Market will again be located on the patio of Kerley’s Pub, open from 9am to 1pm each Saturday through October 11th. Vendors are not required to commit to every Saturday, but spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Questions about the Hannibal Farmer’s Market or the upcoming Vendor Meeting should be directed toward Tina Sanders, Market Master, by calling (217) 779-0964. 

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