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AYHSMB - Candidates need to address pensions - Quincy, IL News -
So does the court believe money must be taken from wherever it can in order to satisfy the pension funds? Must food and clothing be taken from children and the elderly to satisfy the law? Are taxes to be raised on those with no pension, so public sector retirees never suffer? I thought the law meant justice. I must be naive.
AYHSMB - Does Illinois Supreme Court decision doom pension reform? - Quincy, IL News -
Actually, the Constitutional Convention should be voted on by the legislature, not voters. Our Senators and Reps should lead the way. That way, we know their true leanings. By putting it to a "democratic" vote, the Legislators dodge another bullet.
crownman0 - REBEL MEDIA: Being Catholic - Quincy, IL News -
Ditto on eaglebeaky comment.
DaveVictor - QPS and Union Announce New Contract - Quincy, IL News -
I probably should have read past the headline. Nonetheless. the teachers will get nearly the same deal. Hold that thought.
mambo321 - Quincy Compressor to leave Quincy - Quincy, IL News -
That's too bad, I wish the unions would have brought out the giant inflatable rat and saved the jobs.

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RT @BNightengale: Molina is undergoing MRI on his thumb to determine severity of injury #STLCards
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Police discover Quincy man in home after apparent beating - Man was discovered during a well-being check
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JWCC Restructures Student Services Area - Lechtenberg, Baggett named to lead area