Saturday, Aug 1, 2015
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CordellWalker - Man jumps off Bayview Bridge - Quincy, IL News -
Don't you think if you knew the family or individual that you would have heard it by word of mouth by now? Second, it's very common for media outlets to not release names of suicides. Let it go.
quincyhydro - Man jumps off Bayview Bridge - Quincy, IL News -
For starters if I know the family or the individual i would like to send my condolences. Second, my tax dollar paid to scoop up his body so I have every right to know who it is.
NewsLover75 - QPD Blotter for July 30, 2015 - Quincy, IL News -
Heroin is illegal & he still had it. Making drugs illegal doesn't stop people from getting them. Obviously!!
ONCEMORE1 - QPD Blotter for July 30, 2015 - Quincy, IL News -
Kinda like guns..........
Stupid_Dems - Anti-abortion group releases fourth Planned Parenthood video - Quincy, IL News -
It's just liberals killing liberals! If they continue we will run out of stupid liberals. Apparently white doctors killing unborn black babies doesn't matter. It only matters if it's a white cop does it. You go Planned Parenthood.

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2,417 Days and Counting...

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Hurry up and wait. Hurry to the announcement by the Federal Reserve Board’s monetary policy committee, and then wait for the next one. After 2,417 days of keeping its key interest rate at zero, on Wednesday of last week the Fed policy team decided that a few more weeks or months at that level might be…
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ISIS Is Thinking Big

17 hours, 21 minutes ago

ISIS strives to create a new Caliphate.  It is the fundamental reason for its existence.  But the vision does not stop there.  As USA Today reports:
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Why Isn't GOP Congress Doing its Job?

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THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with senior writer Stephen F. Hayes on the Republican Congress and why it's failing to get the Osama Bin Laden documents.
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Bill Clinton Working to Get Rid of STD

18 hours, 49 minutes ago

Bill Clinton is fighting to rid the world of AIDS. The former president, and husband to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, outlines his hard work in a blog post for Medium. 
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Planned Parenthood Had Hillary's Private Email Address

19 hours, 49 minutes ago

Planned Parenthood emailed Hillary Clinton on her private email address. The revelation comes in the most recently released trove of Clinton's emails.  Here's the email from Laurie Rubiner, vice president of public policy and advocacy, sent directly to Clinton:
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Hillary Clinton's Emails: 69% Want Special Prosecutor To Investigate
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Why is Bill Foster the only lawmaker who can understand Iran nuclear deal?
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Three decades later, St. Jude Run pioneers still logging miles
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