Thursday, Jul 2, 2015
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Givemeliberty - Proposed FY15 Budget: $1 million in cuts, new Yard Waste stickers - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.
UrKidsWillPay I know you challenged qfingers but because I knew he was right I took it up myself. Here is the reference you were looking for on the Airport manager Hester resigns article, looks cut and pasted to me.
rifleman0311 - Airport manager Hester resigns - Quincy, IL News -
I would chalk your experience with the city workers up as professionalism and smarts. Not a good thing to be running the mayor down on the clock
1950Brutus - Airport manager Hester resigns - Quincy, IL News -
The Herald Whig article says that Moore claims the resignation had nothing to do with either the purchase of $4,300 of airline tickets nor the FAA investigation. Can he really believe that anyone would be buying this?? Perhaps Susan Rice will come to the Council meeting on Monday to collaborate.
qfingers - Airport manager Hester resigns - Quincy, IL News -
Actually I have criticized things he has done. The whole trash thing was done incorrectly. Not sure there's anything in this story that's his fault. I have criticized Obama (not sure he's done much of anything I'm fond of) and I have praised our prior Mayor. So I don't believe intellectual dishonesty is a fair assessment. Always willing to debate any facts you may have.…
1950Brutus - How the SSM “anti-polygamy” movement turned into Animal Farm - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJ
If you support gay marriage but are against plural marriage you are a hypocrite.

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Bloomberg reports that:
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Hancock County 4th of July Celebration
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Keokuk Independence Day Festivities
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Missouri Picnics Cost More This Year
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Iowa approves extra spending to clean up bird flu waste