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eaglebeaky - REBEL MEDIA: Did thin-skinned Peoria mayor sic police on Tweeter? - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.
The raid was "carried out by seven plainclothes officers" (and it sounds like additional officers who went to suspect's workplaces)? This certainly sounds like an excessive use (and by "use" I mean misuse) of police officers by Ardis -- especially for something like a Twitter account. How many officers are usually sent to arrest somebody for a non-violent offense? I can't help but think…
ONCEMORE1 - REBEL MEDIA: Holder cries that no attorney general has ever been treated like this - Quincy, IL News
Of course it is.........
vonvicious - City budget projected to increase by 3 percent - Quincy, IL News -
One would think if the police department has time to run seat belt enforcement that A) We have too many cops or B) The priorities of the PD are not in step with the public they are sworn to protect.
pjohnf - Illinois lawmakers to discuss money for Obama library - Quincy, IL News -
Not only no but hell no let Obama get the funds for his lie emporium from his Hollywood buds, Wall st bankers and George Soros. Illinois taxpayers have enough money problems with state government without spending money on a Obama library. If Chicago want to waste money on a Obama hoax house let them pay for it.
QuincyJournal - Firefighters and Bus Drivers contracts to go to City Council - Quincy, IL News -
The aldermanic vote was 7-6. Moore's vote doesn't count as an aldermanic vote since he's the mayor. BG

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Strawman: I've Fallen and I Can't Sign Up..........

4 months ago by Strawman



If you can make heads to tails out of the most recent Affordable Healthcare deadlines—deals—waivers—you’re a heck of lot smarter than me.    According to the Washington Post:

The deadline for enrolling in insurance coverage that starts on Jan. 1 is Dec. 23. That's eight days later than the initial deadline of Dec. 15. But it's also eight days before the deadline to actually get your first premium payment to your insurer, which is Dec. 31 -- unless your insurance company sets the deadline later.

I’m sorry, what?  Should I wear plaid and be whistling the theme from The Hunger Games too? And what was that; HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is calling for an investigation of—the website she is supposedly responsible for?  How does one investigate oneself? Is there an anti-Islam YouTube video in here somewhere?  Why is Susan Rice wearing scrubs?

Allow me to dumb this down for you through the eyes of the Washington Post:  The first important day is next Monday, Dec. 23. That's the last day that insurers are required to accept enrollments for coverage that begins on Jan. 1. In practical terms, this means that a shopper needs to click "enroll" by midnight that Monday in order to gain a policy that starts the next month.

That sure cleared it up for me.  I could have done all my Christmas shopping on Amazon in the time it took me to comprehend all that.And then there’s the “let’s have the private sector bail out Obamacare” part of the picture.  You knew that was coming, right?

During a conference call on December 12th, Michael Hash, director of HHS's office of health reform, told reporters “We're encouraging [insurers] to offer retroactive coverage.  For example, to allow someone who signs up and pays on January 5 to get coverage with a retroactive start date of January the first." 

Obviously Hash got his degree in business from the College of Count Your Fingers and Your Toes and finished near the bottom of the class.   Retroactive coverage?  Like, I don’t have healthcare, fell down a flight of stairs on the 10th, signed up on the 11th and need my coverage dated as of first of the month??  Are you serious?

Of course he is.  He’s part of that fast moving, cutting edge HHS team, under Mastert of Her Domain Head Coach Kathleen Sebelius.  Have your eyes glazed over yet?  I hope not as your policy doesn’t cover that…..or does it?     

Hang on, I’m taking a selfie of me completely understanding this mess……….  


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RT @mikekelly1120: Have you heard of staying one step ahead of the posse?
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@Mizzou2SEC If that's the case, he's the most clueless man on the planet. #probablyso
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@JWHooch I won't argue that at all.
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@JWHooch Norm is in the Hall of Fame. Quin, Anderson and Haith won't be.