Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014
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qcity05 - REBEL MEDIA: So I have a sign in my yard - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
I think QJHS's size has a lot to do with it being kept as well. Imagine the cost to rebuild a school of that size. Early in the discussion I recall someone bringing up the idea of building a new high school and architects said that it could easily cost 100 million.
ONCEMORE1 - REBEL MEDIA: So I have a sign in my yard - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
Do you even have a clue what you're talking about?
Wiseguy14 - REBEL MEDIA: So I have a sign in my yard - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
The most interesting thing about this is that SRN&M was only charging the district 80 bucks an hour for legal. Good luck getting that rate next time you slip and fall.
Loverofblues - REBEL MEDIA: So I have a sign in my yard - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
35 years and your health care is covered by Tri Care
1950Brutus - Strawman: I Trusted The President...... - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
The race card gets pulled out when the liberals don't have any logical arguments left in their bag. They are saying "I can't win this debate with facts so I will assault your character". It is an attempt to win by intimidation. Very sad.

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The Strawman Cometh

Strawman: The Pinocchio President......

16 hours, 50 minutes ago by Strawman

   I guess I’m feeling a little sorry for the President about right now.  This Ebola thing has jumped up and bit him in the trousers and he, as he’s apt to do, is in full damage control, stuttering and…

Strawman: Ebola--It's the Republican's Fault.......

6 days, 17 hours ago by Strawman

    The Ebola outbreak in the United States is the result of budget cuts by Congress.  The Republicans are to blame because in addition to them not liking kids, women, immigrants, black people, or gay…

Strawman: What Goes Around........

1 week, 5 days ago by Strawman

      In spite of the Obama led coalition of countries, we learn that ISIS has, or will be soon, taking over the Syrian border city of Kobani.  With that news I find myself even more confused about…

Strawman: Someone Does The Right Thing.......

2 weeks, 4 days ago by Strawman

      It took a woman to do the right thing.  But she did, admitting she was wrong, taking full responsibility for a major security foul up, and then turning in her resignation.  Her name is Julia Pierson…

Strawman: Islamic Terrorism.....The Elephant In The Room Is Wearing A Berka

3 weeks, 3 days ago by Strawman

  What? It had to be another random case of workplace violence, right?  Sorry friends, but I’m overwhelmed by the fact that the beheadings, made popular by the Muslim boy band, ISIL (aka: ISIS) have made…

Strawman: Number 2 Exits as Number 1...

3 weeks, 5 days ago by Strawman

This coming Sunday will mark the end of the on-field baseball career of Derek Jeter.  “The Captain”, now 40, will have played his entire career with the New York Yankees.  He leaves as the Yankees all-time…

Strawman: A Society Out of Control...........

1 month ago by Strawman

     Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson—two pretty good running backs-two men thought to be among the “good guys”--until off the field incidents cast them in a different light.  Ray Rice knocked his fiancé…

Strawman: Prime Time Speech From the JV President

1 month, 1 week ago by Strawman

    Unlike a number of Americans I took the time to watch the president’s speech Wednesday night.  On the eve of the anniversary of two of the biggest tragedies in this nation’s history the commander…

Strawman: The Yada-Yada-Yada Obama Policy on ISIS.....

1 month, 2 weeks ago by Strawman

 <   As the Middle East burns, ISIS or ISIL or whatever terrorist flavor of the day beheads American journalists on camera, the leadership of this country continues to stand down--- choosing instead…

Strawman: Obama Extends Another Digit......

1 month, 3 weeks ago by Strawman

    A few weeks ago I suggested that Barack Obama had flipped off the country.  Flipping off-- as in extending the middle finger and waving it in the face of the taxpayer.  The issues that lead me to…

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QuincyJournal 1 hour, 52 minutes ago

QPD to get new ballistic vests - Also re-furbishing interiors of three cruisers http://t.co/Fj5sIws4dn
QuincyJournal on Twitter

QuincyJournal 2 hours, 51 minutes ago

Scaboo to lead Soybean Breeding Efforts at MU http://t.co/uE9TuGjmSt
QuincyJournal on Twitter

QuincyJournal 2 hours, 52 minutes ago

Several honored during C-SC Homecoming - Fine Arts Hall of Fame Banquet this Sat http://t.co/HtXYq26WVS
nichols120 on Twitter

nichols120 11 hours, 51 minutes ago

RT @natashakorecki: Smell of urine and weed in the air outside of tonight's gubernatorial debate. Oh Chicago. http://t.co/mYwo4Qnmq0