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1950Brutus - Study finds reasons Springfield Diocese Catholics have left the Church - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJou
I share many of the experiences described here by others – for me though the crossroad was when the church changed the definition of a “mortal sin”. With a stroke of the pen all of a sudden it became OK to eat meat on Friday and attending mass on Sat night fulfilled one’s obligation for Sunday. This still doesn’t make sense to me. A MORTAL SIN isn’t something that is open to a definition change – not…
pjohnf - Mayor Moore discusses Newcomb proposal - Quincy, IL News -
Duh exactly how much are we getting in property taxes now on the lot, zero, zip, nada and that will remain the same if Duesterhaus gets his parking lot. Wasn't Duesterhaus a big supporter of the debacle of hydro power? Unfortunately in this day and age city's have to put up money to get private enterprises to invest in projects. I say let's move forward because the hydro supporters didn't…
1950Brutus - REBEL MEDIA: Re-embracing the Royals - Quincy, IL News -
AHHH how I envy you – to have such pleasant memories of a World Series. I, being a Cleveland fan, have no such memories although I hope to live long enough, and doing everything in my power to extend my life, to experience this. My efforts include precise instructions to my doctor to NOT pull the plug until Cleveland is victorious. Advances in science may be my best hope.
1950Brutus - Illinois governor leans on Obamas for support - Quincy, IL News -
Why do the liberals continue to tout the Obama Doesn’t Care If It Is Affordable Act as a success. If memory serves me correctly – when this bill was being debated there were supposedly 40 million people without insurance. Now 8 million people have signed up it seems it is time to party. For us old people who have followed baseball for a long time this %age – 20 – is known as the MENDOZA line. Mario…
qfingers - Quincy Police Blotter for September 30, 2014 - Quincy, IL News -
She was probably behind a car and started forward and ran into it. Ergo improper starting. Not one you see very often at all.

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Strawman: Islamic Terrorism.....The Elephant In The Room Is Wearing A Berka

4 days, 21 hours ago by Strawman

  What? It had to be another random case of workplace violence, right?  Sorry friends, but I’m overwhelmed by the fact that the beheadings, made popular by the Muslim boy band, ISIL (aka: ISIS) have made…

Strawman: Number 2 Exits as Number 1...

1 week ago by Strawman

This coming Sunday will mark the end of the on-field baseball career of Derek Jeter.  “The Captain”, now 40, will have played his entire career with the New York Yankees.  He leaves as the Yankees all-time…

Strawman: A Society Out of Control...........

1 week, 6 days ago by Strawman

     Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson—two pretty good running backs-two men thought to be among the “good guys”--until off the field incidents cast them in a different light.  Ray Rice knocked his fiancé…

Strawman: Prime Time Speech From the JV President

2 weeks, 5 days ago by Strawman

    Unlike a number of Americans I took the time to watch the president’s speech Wednesday night.  On the eve of the anniversary of two of the biggest tragedies in this nation’s history the commander…

Strawman: The Yada-Yada-Yada Obama Policy on ISIS.....

3 weeks, 5 days ago by Strawman

 <   As the Middle East burns, ISIS or ISIL or whatever terrorist flavor of the day beheads American journalists on camera, the leadership of this country continues to stand down--- choosing instead…

Strawman: Obama Extends Another Digit......

1 month ago by Strawman

    A few weeks ago I suggested that Barack Obama had flipped off the country.  Flipping off-- as in extending the middle finger and waving it in the face of the taxpayer.  The issues that lead me to…

Strawman: Eric Holder To The Rescue.....

1 month, 1 week ago by Strawman

      As the racial tension continues to mount in nearby Ferguson, Missouri, we, the normal taxpayers of the Midwest, are graced with a visit from one of the administration’s shiny ones---Eric Holder. …

Strawman: Turning His Back On America

1 month, 2 weeks ago by Strawman

    I was looking at the UK Daily Mail on line recently and came across some coverage I hadn’t seen or heard presented by America’s media.  I saw stories about the riots taking place in Ferguson, Missouri…

Strawman: Did You Hear the One About the Missing Money?

1 month, 3 weeks ago by Strawman

    Things you just don’t hear about.  There seem to be a lot of them. And there are probably many more.  It’s just that no one has taken the time--- or been allowed to report on stuff that might awaken…

Strawman: Getting Things Done in August.....

2 months ago by Strawman

    While Congress wraps up a “we think we actually did something July” and celebrates the repair of the Veteran’s Administration scandal by throwing a few bucks at the problem, the President is preparing…

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RT @tmckernan: From @GabeDeArmond: I am not rooting for a Cardinals-Royals' World Series, because I'd have to shut down PowerMizzou and dis…
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At Knapheide for National Manufacturers Day.