Friday, May 29, 2015
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qfingers - Unemployment down in Quincy, Adams Co - Quincy, IL News -
And the bad news is the total # of jobs in Illinois decreased too!!! Did our population decrease with it? Employment -- Apr -- 6111.6 Employment -- May -- 6104.2 -- a loss of 7,400 jobs Unemployed -- Apr -- 391.2 Unemployed -- May -- 390.7 -- 500 fewer unemployed. So 7,400 jobs gone but fewer collection unemployment? Illinois is on a consistent downward job trend since Nov 2014. Good news is government…
UrKidsWillPay - Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJourna
Satellite Data is extrapolated based on well known and mathmatically quantifiable conversion formulas not some random application of guesses and adjustments done to surface temps which, against all statistical odds, happens overwhelming in one direction.
GuyFawkes10 - QPD investigage phone scam - Quincy, IL News -
I tell them I wired the money and then give them a fake number to claim it. Then when they contact me, I tell them I turned two numbers around and give them another fake number. Love jacking with them. Sent one into a strip club in London to collect the money I owed him since I would was in town and would be there.
Expatriate - Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJourna
So would you agree that Taylor's article is misleading? While you reserve judgment on whether total polar ice has reduced for the perfectly valid reason that you want modeling to be better verified, he looks only at 2D polar ice extent and tells readers that Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat. He knows full well that ice extent is not the full story. (And he probably knows full well…
qfingers - QPD investigage phone scam - Quincy, IL News -
I doubt you'll see the police do much unless real money is lost. You have to get a warrant to trace the #. Then you're likely across state lines or countries and all they can do is report to another police dept to take investigate and care of it. And if no money has been lost there's not exactly a big payoff for them to investigate. I'm not sure attempted theft is even a crime.

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SLU Removes Statue of Jesuit Missionary Because He Represents White Supremacy – Will Erect Ferguson Protest Statue (UPDATED)

6 minutes ago

St. Louis University removed a statue of famous Jesuit Missionary Pierre-Jean De Smet S.J. praying over two American Indians. The school believes the statue is offensive. Father Pierre-Jean De Smet was an active in missionary work among the Native Americans … Continue reading →
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Former GOP Speaker Dennis Hastert Charged With Tax Evasion & Lying to FBI

16 minutes ago

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert charged with evasion and lying to the FBI. The Department of Justice indicted Hastert today. Buzzfeed reported: The Justice Department has indicted former House Speaker Dennis Hastert on reporting evasion charges and lying to the … Continue reading →
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Obama EPA Officials Rewrite Clean Water Act to Include Control of Muddy Farm Puddles & Prairie Potholes

3 hours, 2 minutes ago

The Obama Environmental Protection Agency rewrote the Clean Water Act from 88 pages to 2,200 pages. The new regulations will put the EPA in control of muddy farm puddles and prairie potholes. The Wall Street Journal reported, via Instapundit: The … Continue reading →
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America Gets Grubered: Overhead Costs Exploding Under Obamacare

3 hours, 27 minutes ago

Remember when Barack Obama said Obamacare will cost you less than your cell phone bill? Yeah, that was another lie. Now we know that bureaucratic costs of Obamacare will cost the country more than $270 billion over the next decade … Continue reading →
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8 Yr-Old Boy Shot In the Head in Baltimore – 38th Homicide Victim This Month (VIDEO)

4 hours, 49 minutes ago

A 31 year-old woman and 8 year-old boy were both shot in the head today in southwest Baltimore. Their deaths bring the total number of city homicides in May to 38, the highest monthly total since 1999. There have been … Continue reading →
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Pamela Geller Shreds CNN Host Chris Cuomo: “You’re Adhering to Sharia!” (Video)

5 hours, 12 minutes ago

CNN has no problem showing anti-Semitic cartoons or US soldier snuff films on air. CNN aired video of an Islamist sniper shooting at and killing a US soldier in Iraq. But, they have to draw the line somewhere. CNN blurred … Continue reading →
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BREAKING: Obama’s Top Admiral Forced Bergdahl’s Squadmates to Sign Non-Disclosure Statements (VIDEO)

5 hours, 54 minutes ago

Obama Defense Dept. Forced Bergdahl’s Squadmates to Sign Non-Disclosure Statements Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen told Bowe Bergdahl’s closest squadmates to sign non-disclosure statements on Bergdahl’s behavior before he deserted his platoon. The two squadmates were … Continue…
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US-Trained Tajik Special Forces Chief Joins ISIS – Promises to Bring Jihad to America

6 hours, 26 minutes ago

Gulmurod Khalimov with the President of Tajikistan (on left) and Gulmurod Khalimov in the Islamic State (on right) Tajikistan special forces commander Gulmurod Khalimov trained in the United States. He was an ally of the President of Tajikistan. Now he’s … Continue reading →
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Muslim Vandalizes Church – Breaks Hands of Jesus Statue, Writes “There Is No Jew God” on Wall

6 hours, 51 minutes ago

A 22 year-old Muslim was charged in connection with alleged hate crimes after vandalizing a Jesus statue in front of St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church in Ontario. Iqbal Hessan allegedly covered a Jesus statue in black and broke off … Continue reading →
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Obama DOJ Rules for Racist Cleveland Police: Use Nice Words, Not Guns

8 hours, 33 minutes ago

Obama’s War on Cops continues… The Obama Department of Justice released new rules for the racist Cleveland Police Department. Team Obama wants police to use nice words instead of guns. CNS News reported, via I Hate the Media: The Obama … Continue reading →
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QuincyJournal 8 hours, 54 minutes ago

Oracle wins another battle with Google, and the whole computer industry is nervous about it
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Illinois spends $750K a year on closed prison
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Rauner stays on stump for Turnaround Illinois, but admits not everyone digs his approach
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Federal water protections expand as Missouri finally moves on old requirements