Sunday, Sep 21, 2014
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BREAKING: ISIS Releases Chilling New Video – IN ENGLISH – With ‘John the Beheader’ (Video)

1 hour, 30 minutes ago

ISIS terrorists released a chilling new video– Starring hundreds of bloodthirsty terrorists with cameos from George Bush and Barack Obama– Video: Obama claimed the war was over. Obama: Iraq’s future will be in the hands of its people. Iraq’s future … Continue reading →
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Dem Rep: 40 ISIS Fighters Have Returned to the US (Video)

4 hours, 52 minutes ago

Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY) told an audience last week that up to 100 Americans have joined the fight with ISIS in Syria-Iraq. Bishop also said 40 of those who left the country have returned to the US. “ISIS is a very, … Continue reading →
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Aussie Muslims Rally Against Police Crackdown on Terrorists

5 hours, 43 minutes ago

Australian police arrested 15 Islamists linked to ISIS on Wednesday September 17th. The Muslim terrorists were planning public beheadings. In response, Muslims in Sydney rallied against the police crackdown on Saturday. Hundreds of Muslim protesters in Sydney called on Muslims … Continue reading →
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Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!… Chicago Gangbangers Shoot 9 Year-Old Boy – Thought He Was Snitch (Video)

7 hours, 35 minutes ago

Nine year-old Antonio Smith was shot and killed by the Gangster Disciples gang members earlier this month. Smith was in a vacant lot where he ran off to when his mother wouldn’t give him cookies. The gangbangers thought he was … Continue reading →
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Russia’s Putin Privately Threatened to Invade Poland, Romania and Baltic States

15 hours, 10 minutes ago

Russian President Vladimir Putin privately threatened to invade Poland, Romania and the Baltic states, in conversation with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko this week. Despite the latest threats, Barack Obama refused to arm Ukraine this week. Obama wants a diplomatic solution … Continue reading →
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GOP Lawmaker: Border Patrol Caught Same Illegal Alien Crossing into US 44 Times (Video)

16 hours, 58 minutes ago

On Friday, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) spoke at the annual Eagle Forum in St. Louis, Missouri. Chaffetz told the audience about the open US border with Mexico. If you’re a Mexican they’re going to take a picture, take your fingerprints, … Continue reading →
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Former Defense Secretary Panetta: I “Really, Really Thought” We Should Keep Some US Troops in Iraq (Video)

20 hours, 43 minutes ago

Former Obama Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta told CBS News that some U.S. troops should have remained in Iraq. Panetta spoke with Scott Pelley in a segment that aired Friday. Scott Pelley: Were you confident in that moment … Continue reading →
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Rep. Chaffetz: “It’s True” – Terrorists Were Captured at US Border This Month & “They’re Still Being Detained” (Video)

21 hours, 17 minutes ago

On Wednesday, Congressman Jason Chaffetz broke the the story that four known terrorists were apprehended at the US border in Texas on September 10th – the day before the 13th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. Chaffetz questioned Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson earlier Wednesday … Continue reading…
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Breaking: Houston Man Wearing ISIS Logo Spotted at Jason’s Deli

1 day, 1 hour ago

A post taken at Jason’s Deli on west 34th and 290 in Houston is making the rounds on Facebook and Reddit. The man is clearly wearing an ISIS logo on his black robe. The unknown man was wearing a black … Continue reading →
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ISIS-Linked Egyptian Terrorists Behead Four “Israeli Spies” in Sinai

1 day, 4 hours ago

The Ansar Bayt al Maqdis (aka Ansar Jerusalem) terrorists beheaded four suspected “Israeli spies” in the Sinai. This beheading video was released recently by the terror group. Egypt’s most dangerous terrorist group, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, which operates largely in the … Continue reading →
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Bob Gough 4 hours, 34 minutes ago

RT @chicagotribune: With Western Illinois in town, Pat Fitzgerald says NU taking on "a damn good football team" http…
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One year after concealed carry, Chicago homicide rate plunges
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QuincyJournal 9 hours, 23 minutes ago

Illinois General Assembly exempts itself from spending cuts, appropriations process
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Bob Gough 17 hours, 45 minutes ago

@DOB23 He put the leadoff batter on...again. #badbaseball