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MountainMan - Rauner to make Quincy stop on Saturday - Quincy, IL News -
This man is a Chicago gangster politician just like the rest of em, looks like he is gonna have trouble coming up for sending armed thugs to the homes of people who signed a petition to get a Libertarian on the ballot (Chad Grimm) If we support this man we are no better than Blago.
qfingers - Lovelace\'s first court appearance tentatively scheduled - Quincy, IL News -
Hmmm....if you've ever had your wife mad at you it more-than-likely was for more than a moment :-) Premeditation to me means doing something else. Like leave the room to do something other than get the gun. And it's not reactive. Some people are slow to boil. Question is...who gets to define that? Does each state define what it means very specifically?
pjohnf - Fracking industry officials donating to Rauner - Quincy, IL News -
And of Quinn's top ten donors, 7 are unions.
qfingers - City of Quincy looking to buy new garbage and recycle fleet - Quincy, IL News -
The service was NOT provided through property taxes (which only pay for pensions). Did you do the math on your water bill? People tend to use approximately the same amount of water per person (yes...some more than others). So it's more of a per-person charge than anything else and that is pretty much directly related to how much trash you generate similar to the sticker program. What most cities…
MrAverageGuy - Quincy Police Blotter for August 27, 2014 - Quincy, IL News -
You can complain about people being ticketed for this, but it is a law that saves lives. If these people that are ticketed start wearing seatbelts, it could save their lives later on in a traffic accident. stop whining and keep wearing your seatbelt.

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The Gateway Pundit

Washington Post: Ferguson Isn’t About Black Rage Against Cops, It’s About White Rage

8 hours, 19 minutes ago

Yeah, run with that, Washington Post… This is an actual headline on the Washington Post opinion page: “Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress” Carol Anderson is the latest angry and deluded African American studies … Continue reading →
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Jew-Hater George Galloway Suffers Injuries After Beatdown in Notting Hill

11 hours, 45 minutes ago

In March 2009, British Lawmaker and Jew-hater George Galloway kissed the ground in Gaza before he handed over thousands of pounds to the Hamas leadership. In August, George Galloway declared Bradford an “Israel Free Zone.” Galloway has a long history … Continue reading →
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BREAKING: IMMINENT TERROR THREAT AT SOUTHERN US BORDER – Authorities on Alert …Update: Meeting Held in New Mexico

13 hours, 15 minutes ago

Terror threat at the southern US border. Authorities have been notified. FLASHBACK: WSB Actiion 2 News out of Atlanta aired a report back in 2010 on Islamic terrorists sneaking into the US through Mexico. Border patrol agents picked up 77 … Continue reading →
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Obama to Supporters: The World Looks ‘Messy’… “Because of Social Media”

14 hours, 9 minutes ago

It’s social media’s fault. Barack Obama blames the world’s “messy” problems on social media. Via Breitbart: At a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in New York Friday, President Obama attributed people’s pervasive sense the world is falling apart to “social media.” … Continue reading →
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ISIS Threatens Pope Francis – Italy On Alert

15 hours, 27 minutes ago

Earlier this month Pope Francis cautiously approved action to stop ISIS in Iraq-Syria. Today there are reports that ISIS is targeting Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church. CBS Local reported: A new report claims that the Islamic State … Continue reading →
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TERRORIST THREAT At Southern US Border Near Three Prominent Military Bases

17 hours, 50 minutes ago

A warning bulletin for an imminent terror attack on the border was issued to federal law enforcement and intelligence sources Friday. Judicial Watch reported Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and planning to … Continue reading →
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LAVROV: Those Satellite Images of Russian Tanks Are From “COMPUTER GAMES” (Video)

20 hours, 1 minute ago

RUSSIA PUSHES THE RESET BUTTON– …Back to the Cold War days. Computer games. Russian military units moving in a convoy formation with self-propelled artillery in Ukraine, in this satellite image captured on Aug. 21 and released by NATO. (NBC) Today … Continue reading →
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Breaking: St. Louis Post-Dispatch Also Files Lawsuit for Michael Brown’s Arrest Records (Update)

20 hours, 17 minutes ago

St. Louis Post-Dispatch also files suit for Michael Brown’s arrest records. The last video of 18 year-old Michael Brown shows the Normandy High School graduate robbing a local convenience store. Last week a lawsuit was filed seeking the release of … Continue reading →
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Despite Threats – QuikTrip Has No Plans To Rebuild in #Ferguson

22 hours, 2 minutes ago

On August 10, 2014, the Ferguson, Missouri, the local QuikTrip was looted and torched during riots over the shooting death of 18 year-old Michael Brown. The QuikTrip was completely destroyed during the Ferguson riots. Ferguson protesters later warned local business … Continue reading →
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Millenneals Are Obsessed With Living in 200 Square Foot Mini-Homes

22 hours, 30 minutes ago

Skyline, one of the most popular tiny homes at Caravan, has curb appeal with a shed roof, metal-and-shingle siding and twinkle lights. It’s an Obama world… Five years after the great recession millennials are obsessed with living in 200 square … Continue reading →
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Quincy Police Blotter for August 30, 2014
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New Web-Based Decision Tools for Dairy Producers
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Fracking industry officials donating to Rauner - Many frustrated with the slow process of implementing rules
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Bridge the Gap to Health race presents $42K check - Money goes to Quincy Catholic Charities Medassist program