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SeenTheLight1 - Despite record yields for farmers, Titan\'s Taylor sees down year for tires in 2015 - Quincy, IL New
Please re-read the article... it said a FLAT year. That means no expected growth and no expected losses.So spectulating and crying doom is very premature.
ONCEMORE1 - Illinois Early Voting starts: Cook County ballot box tries to cast GOP votes for Democrats - Quincy,
"After extensive testing, the machine was found to be performing as intended", Scalzitti went on to say..........;)
1950Brutus - Despite record yields for farmers, Titan\'s Taylor sees down year for tires in 2015 - Quincy, IL New
Layoffs probably inevitable but speculating on a move out of state or country is premature. As for your other questions I would refer you to Rosanne Rosanadanna - her first response would be "You sure ask a lot of questions for somebody from New Jersey". Sorry to the youngens out these who weren't exposed to Rosanne - very funny stuff.
Stupid_Dems - Strawman: I Trusted The President...... - Quincy, IL News -
Seriously? This article is like saying the sun will come up in the morning! Hell yes he's a liar. End of discussion! Move along nothing to see!
ONCEMORE1 - Illinois Early Voting starts: Cook County ballot box tries to cast GOP votes for Democrats - Quincy,
Yep, calibration----that's what it is. Calibrated to elect the Dimmokrat NO MATTER WHAT!!

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Despite record yields for farmers, Titan's Taylor sees down year for tires in 2015

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The Gateway Pundit

Ottawa Shooting Victim: Reservist With Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

50 minutes ago

The soldier who was shot today at the National War Memorial was a reservist from Hamilton and a member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. The soldier received CPR at Canadian War Memorial on Parliament Hill after he was shot. … Continue reading →
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TERROR ATTACK IN JERUSALEM! Eight Hurt As Car Rams Pedestrians – Baby Killed …Update: Americans Injured

3 hours, 21 minutes ago

Arab driver rams his car into civilians near light rail station by AmmunitionHill in #Jerusalem.Driver shot by police — James J. Marlow (@James_J_Marlow) October 22, 2014 Eight people were injured today and one baby was killed when a Palestinian … Continue reading →
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AWESOME! Canadian Parliament’s Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers Takes Out Gunman

3 hours, 45 minutes ago

Kevin Vickers, Sergeant-At-Arms, reportedly shot the gunman outside a parliament meeting this morning. This is Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers who reportedly shot a gunman inside Centre Block. FOX News reported: The gunmen then ran to the Parliament building, where witnesses later … Continue reading →
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Aussie Family of Redhead ISIS Fighter: “Ginger Jihadist a Stupid Idiot”

4 hours, 10 minutes ago

The Australian family of an ISIS teen terrorist who appeared in a recent propaganda video says he’s a “stupid idiot.” Abdullah Elmir threatened Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Barack Obama in the video. He told his family he was going … Continue reading →
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Shock Video: James O’Keefe Exposes Democratic Voter Fraud in Colorado

4 hours, 55 minutes ago

James O’Keefe Exposes Democratic Voter Fraud in Colorado James O’Keefe sported a mustache for the undercover voter fraud video. It worked. Mark Udall supporters condone voter fraud in Colorado saying: “That’s not even like lying or stealing.” John Fund reported … Continue reading →
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BREAKING VIDEO: SHOOTINGS At CANADIAN PARLIAMENT, CENTRE MALL & War Memorial – Soldier Down — Two Shooters? (Photos)

6 hours, 17 minutes ago

SHOOTING AT CANADIAN PARLIAMENT & WAR MEMORIAL 50 SHOTS FIRED!!! Suspect was wearing a scarf. May have hijacked a car to parliament building. According to CBC the hijacked car belonged to a minister! MUST SEE– SHOOTING VIDEO INSIDE PARLIAMENT BUILDING!!!! … Continue reading →
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Shock Report: US Spends 30 Times More on Welfare Benefits Per Person Than Communist China

6 hours, 21 minutes ago

Guest post by Joe Hoft When Deng Xiaoping took over China in the late 1970’s, China was a very poor country.  One of the first things that Deng did was to allow individuals to acquire and maintain property.  This capitalistic approach started … Continue reading →
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Oops! White House Screws Up Again – Says Bruce Braley Is Running for “Governor” in Iowa

6 hours, 41 minutes ago

Oops! Michelle Obama forgot who she was campaigning for in Iowa earlier this month. Michelle confused the Iowa Senatorial candidate Bruce Braley with “Bruce Bailey.” Michelle Obama also said Braley served as a Marine. However, Braley never served in the … Continue reading →
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California Churches Forced to Cover Abortion For Employees

7 hours, 13 minutes ago

A formal complaint was filed with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services over the California Department of Managed Health Care’s decision to force all employers, including churches, to pay for elective abortions in their health insurance plans. Life … Continue reading →
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ISIS Advances on Yazidi Minority Trapped on Sinjar Mountain

7 hours, 34 minutes ago

ISIS reportedly slaughtered 500 members of Iraq’s Yazidi minority during their offensive in northern Iraq in August. A Sunni lawmaker said the victims were buried alive. August 5, 2014: Displaced families from the minority Yazidi sect, fleeing the violence, walk … Continue reading →
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Bob Gough 22 minutes ago

RT @robneyer: Wait, someone's surprised that Randy Choate is highly specialized and pitches just 36 innings per season?…
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Postseason high school soccer TONIGHT on QJTV - QHS travels to Edwardsville to take on Alton
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Quincy School Bond referendum videos
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Illinois Early Voting starts: Cook County ballot box tries to cast GOP votes for Democrats