Thursday, Jul 30, 2015
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QuincyGuy - GOP fundraiser calls for U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk to drop 2016 re-election bid, backtracks - Quincy, IL N
Keep in mind - this was one contributor - not the Republican Party.
pjohnf - Why won’t Illinois lawmakers reform their own pensions? - Quincy, IL News -
Why won't Illinois politicians reform their own pensions? That's a good question. They're eager to blame state employees and other government workers for Illinois's budget problems, yet they ignore their own bankrupt pension system, while the tax payers pay year after year to keep politicians in their Cadillac pensions. If Illinois pension reform is to happen then the corrupt politicians…
pjohnf - Madigan files, passes bill to nix lawmaker pay raises after blocking similar bill for weeks - Quincy
Madigan's bill was nothing more political grand standing and was designed to fool the foolish. He thinks the public is stupid, especially his supporters, but anybody with a brain can see through his subterfuge. Madigan and his co-conspirator Cullerton passed a continuing appropriation last year in the hopes of hiding the annual raises from the tax payers and not requiring a vote by the corrupt…
pjohnf - Jewish Democrats give John Kerry earful on Iran deal - Quincy, IL News -
He warned that walking away from the deal would isolate the United States from its international allies and Iran’s countdown to nuclear weapons “starts tomorrow.” Duh, our allies don't trust us anyway and our enemies don't fear us so what's to lose if we reject this bad deal? The countdown to Iran getting a nuclear bomb started a long time ago, Lurch. And Lurch actually said this, "“I…
Givemeliberty - Trash burner has residents seeing red - Quincy, IL News -
Government--Do as I say not as I do.

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Gear Test: Trijicon VCOG 1-6×24 mm

48 minutes ago

It's not cheap, but it is among the best optics available
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Democratic Rep. Fattah Charged In Racketeering Conspiracy

54 minutes ago

'The conduct that Congressman Fattah engaged in undermines public faith in government'
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Gun Test: Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander Pistol

1 hour, 16 minutes ago

Time to carry a .45 ACP
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I’m Proud To Be An [REDACTED], Where At Least I Know I’m Free

1 hour, 36 minutes ago

If you hate accuracy in language, you could have a rewarding career in academia. Universities are doing their best to protect their students from dangerous thoughts and ideas by controlling the words they use. Words like “American.” Eric Owens reports: The University of New Hampshire has issued a Bias-Free…
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The California Playbook For Fighting Uber Has Gone International

1 hour, 41 minutes ago

'A successful legal action against Uber could see substantial payouts for drivers, including compensation for past failures by the company to make appropriate payments to who we argue are their workers'
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Senior Clinton State Department Employee Pleads Guilty To Stalking

1 hour, 41 minutes ago

While on bail for soliciting a minor...
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Rubio: Forget Cecil The Lion. What About Planned Parenthood ‘Outrage’?

1 hour, 46 minutes ago

He's not the only one asking that...
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Trump Says Lawyer Lied, Wanted To Breast Pump In Front Of Him

1 hour, 48 minutes ago

'She's a vicious, horrible person'
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Nine More Undercover Videos Ready To Drop On Planned Parenthood

1 hour, 54 minutes ago

'We have close to 300 hours total of undercover video...'
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Union Boss: Anti-Women Extremists Want To Defund Planned Parenthood

2 hours, 1 minute ago

A top union official Tuesday condemned those that want to defund Planned Parenthood as anti-women extremists, despite revelations that the group harvests fetus organs.
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Feds Get New Help From GAO To Fight Fraud

2 hours, 13 minutes ago

Taxpayers saw more than one-quarter of last year's deficit spent on just one type of fraud
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Crunch Time For Uber In St. Louis: How It Might All Come Down To Fingerprints

2 hours, 27 minutes ago

'We believe the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission is on track to make the necessary code changes to allow Uber and other ride-hailing companies to operate in St. Louis at our July 29 meeting'
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NYC Pension Fund Divests From Gun Retailers

2 hours, 33 minutes ago

Gun companies too risky for NYC
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8-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Overcomes All Odds To Finish First Triathlon

2 hours, 34 minutes ago

He completed a 100-meter swim, 2.5 mile bike ride and a 1,300-meter run
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Trump Stands Up To The NFL On Deflategate

2 hours, 47 minutes ago

'It's as bad or worse than Ray Rice'
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The Hill’s 50 Really Honestly Not That Beautiful People List

3 hours, 6 minutes ago

We analyze so you don't have to.
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Players Union Condemns ‘Unjustified’ Decision To Suspend Tom Brady

3 hours, 19 minutes ago

The main union of NFL players promised Tuesday to fight the suspension of Tom Brady in court - noting faulty evidence connecting him to the deflated footballs.
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Trash burner has residents seeing red
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Ethanol to Help Fuel 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
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Feeding Damaged Wheat to Livestock
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EPA to Congress: Restoration Accelerates Great Lakes Cleanup