Friday, Oct 31, 2014
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WarCry - Baldwin School evacuated following smoke in building - Quincy, IL News -
Aside from completely missing that Bob was joking, you're making the same fallacious argument I've already seen. Yes, a home may be older than the schools. But a 120 year old home MIGHT have a few hundred people go through it over the course of that lifespan. They also have owners that don't have to go to their neighbors and say "please, sir, may I have some more" in order to effect…
1950Brutus - Votes for Republicans switched to Democrats in Moline - Quincy, IL News -
Why haven't we heard complaints from Democratic voters about votes being switched to Republicans. Because "There is nothing wrong in this office," Kinney, a Democrat, said afterward. Calibration errors are the new "hanging chads".
QuincyJournal - Baldwin School evacuated following smoke in building - Quincy, IL News -
From Joel Murphy, QPS Business Manager: The issue this morning was a simple overheating of some electrical components with in a heating unit. The components overheated, then melted causing smoke from the unit. Things were exasperated by the fact that the heater's blower was still operating and pushed the smoke out into the hallways. The staff and students did exactly what they have prepared…
1950Brutus - Amazon to open facility in Illinois, hire 1,000 - Quincy, IL News -
The point still stands that you do not know if he paid the tax and just doesn't know it.
ONCEMORE1 - Baldwin School evacuated following smoke in building - Quincy, IL News -
Smokin' in the Boy's Room?

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The Daily Caller

FBI Says Cybercriminals Keep Getting Away, Need Unprecedented Authority

37 minutes ago

'Possibly the broadest expansion of extraterritorial surveillance power'
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The NRA Gay App Ad Is A Hoax

38 minutes ago

'Forensic evidence of photo altering'
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Pennsylvania: Governor Tom Corbett Signs Firearms Preemption Legislation Into Law

54 minutes ago

Big gun law win in Keystone State (Liberals will whine in 3...2...1)
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Gone With The Wind: Resistance To Bird-Killing Turbines Grows

1 hour, 1 minute ago

Taxpayers are rejecting the wind farms their money helps pay for.
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Just How Low Will These Ladies’ Tops Go? [PHOTOS]

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Stars take the plunge at red carpet event
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Taxi Association President Says UberX Is Just Like ISIS

1 hour, 35 minutes ago

'It is exactly the same menace'
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Study: Yes, Sen. Udall DID Vote With Obama 99 Percent Of The Time

1 hour, 35 minutes ago

And so did other senators struggling to keep their jobs
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HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ Web Producer Thinks Twice About Insulting Dead Mayor

2 hours, 2 minutes ago

Nothing like kicking a man after he's passed away
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Jaw-Dropping Jack-O-Lanterns [SLIDESHOW]

2 hours, 8 minutes ago

Some people get really into the candy-craving, pumpkin-carving holiday.
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DOJ Won’t Charge Cops For Shooting At Homeless Man 46 Times

2 hours, 9 minutes ago

'His blood running down the street like water'
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Rikk Wilde Blows World Series MVP Presentation [VIDEO]

2 hours, 16 minutes ago

More awkward than Salvador Perez at the plate
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Jonathan Chait Does Not Want A Republican Marrying His Daughter

2 hours, 31 minutes ago

'Those people live in a different moral universe than I do'
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Number Of Americans Who Want Universal Government Health Care Has Plunged

2 hours, 33 minutes ago

Obamacare isn't helping the cause
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Check Out The Intense Trailer For ‘Ex Machina,’ An AI Thriller From The Writer Of ’28 Days Later’ [VIDEO]

2 hours, 55 minutes ago

'One day the AIs are going to look back on us the same way we look at fossils'
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There’s A ‘Crisis’ Between President Obama And Israel Because The President Is Wrong

3 hours, 3 minutes ago

The anonymous staffer's comments just show how out of touch it is.
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As Election Looms, Advocates Push For More Natural Gas Exports

3 hours, 7 minutes ago

'The U.S. is now blessed with a surplus of natural gas and crude oil'
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Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 33 minutes ago

RT @Phil LeBeau: Exposure like this has pushed value of #ChevyGuy to $3.84 Million. RT @KeithOlbermann: At 5:.. Chevy cashes in on "technology and stuff."
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 6 hours, 2 minutes ago

RT @ILWDRadio: Pro-tip. When your boss is under fed investigation, don't ask "Is it a crime?" @ILWDRadio #twill
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 6 hours, 11 minutes ago

RT @Jason McIntyre: Video! What does Michael Jordan think of President @BarackObama's golf game? "Hack. Shitty golfer."
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 6 hours, 18 minutes ago

@JPosnanski @WhitlockJason You don't know that at all.