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QuincyGuy - Shields leaves QND before even starting - Quincy, IL News -
Hey, Coach Andy Douglas has brothers who might coach them. Better yet, ask Eric Orne to step in.
QuincyGuy - Baltimore calls in federal agents to help homicide cops deal with spike in violence - Quincy, IL New
Baltimore officials are smarter than Chicago officials.
1950Brutus - White House insists tough new carbon restrictions are legal under Clean Air Act - Quincy, IL News -
Name calling isn't intended to advance the conversation. The purpose is to intimidate the other side of the conversation to withdraw from the debate. A tactic used most often by liberals when their talking points gun is out of bullets. This is why Eric Holder is wrong when he said we are afraid to have a conversation about race - fear has nothing to do with it - the liberal side runs out of bullets…
qtown1 - Shields leaves QND before even starting - Quincy, IL News -
Stay with the local guys like Bonness,Conover,Douglas,Kinscherf!!
qtown1 - Shields leaves QND before even starting - Quincy, IL News -
Where was this? was that 4 state titles?? A Health Teacher?? Still there after 30 years?? I dont believe this stuff!!!

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Shields leaves QND before even starting

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The American Spectator

The Biden Bull Market

1 hour, 22 minutes ago by Ross Kaminsky

The chattering class is all atwitter about the possibility of Vice President Joe Biden entering the Democratic presidential primary race. Whether or not it happens, the fact that (as Douglas Adams would have put it) “the slightest thought has begun to speculate about the merest possibility of crossing…
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The Age of Sentiment and Cruelty

1 hour, 22 minutes ago by George Neumayr

“Kimmel Chokes Up On Air Over Cecil the Lion,” read one headline last week. Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel has come a long way from the The Man Show. He used to skewer weepy, sentimental celebrities. Now he has become one of them.Kimmel joined a chorus of celebrities in denouncing a dentist for the…
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The Top Five Reasons Teachers Unions Need to Change

1 hour, 22 minutes ago by Heather Kays

A hundred years ago, teachers first formed unions in the U.S. At that time, too many teachers lost their jobs for reasons such as an unplanned pregnancy, or gaining too much weight. Wages and working conditions back then could often be, well, substandard.Today, by contrast, union-negotiated employment…
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The Bushioisie Is Wrong: Ross Perot Didn’t ‘Cost’ G.H.W. Bush the White House in 1992

1 hour, 22 minutes ago by Bill Pascoe

Just because a political maxim has been repeated ad nauseam for more than 20 years doesn’t make it so.Contrary to the two-decade-old insistence of the Bushioisie — GOP uberlobbyist Haley Barbour’s Sunday appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” being only the latest example — Ross Perot did not “cost”…
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Joe’s Last Race Is About to Begin

1 hour, 22 minutes ago by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

In addressing my old friend, Vice President Joe Biden, as he contemplates a run for the White House, I would ask him what him thinks of Hillary Clinton’s chances for the presidency? In fact, what does he think of her presidency in the unlikely event she is nominated and wins? Do I hear four more years…
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Ego Central

1 hour, 22 minutes ago by Aaron Goldstein

As Jon Stewart signs off later this week as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show after 16 years, the mainstream media is giving him the sort of reverence it normally reserves for President Obama.Steve Almond of writes, “[T]he consensus that has formed around him is that he’s a national hero,…
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No Friend to Lions

1 hour, 22 minutes ago by Debra J. Saunders

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition asking the White House to cooperate with efforts to “extradite Walter Palmer” — the Minneapolis-area dentist who killed Cecil the lion — “promptly at the Zimbabwe government’s request.” According to reports, Palmer and/or his hunting guides lured the beloved…
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Robert Conquest, R.I.P.

18 hours, 35 minutes ago by Aaron Goldstein

Historian and poet Robert Conquest has passed away of pneumonia at the age of 98.  Conquest is best known for his writings on Soviet history particularly where it concerned Joseph Stalin's brutality. In his 1968 book The Great Terror, it was Conquest who made the case that Stalin's regime was responsible…
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Detroit Tigers Release President & GM Dave Dombrowski; Could He Be Bound for Boston?

19 hours, 13 minutes ago by Aaron Goldstein

In an unexpected move, Detroit Tigers owner Mike Ilitch released President and GM Dave Dombrowski from his contract which was due to expire at the end of the season. Ilitch, who is also the founder of the restaurant chain Little Caesar's, issued the following statement, "I have decided to release Dave…
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Potential Primary Voters Forced to Endure Chris Christie Birth Control Lecture

21 hours, 20 minutes ago by Emily Zanotti

Once upon a time, Chris Christie used birth control. The point of the speech was to discuss how that didn't make him a "bad Catholic" (or something), but it really ended up giving some prospective voters an education in parts of Christie's life that they were demonstrably uninterested in. Keep your eye…
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10th Place

23 hours, 4 minutes ago by Ross Kaminsky

The one bit of suspense when it came to who would participate in the prime time Fox News/Facebook Republican presidential debate was who would grab the 10th and final spot on the stage. Rick Perry had seemed likely to be there along with Chris Christie until Ohio Governor John Kasich's rapid rise --…
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Green Alarmism about Sunscreen Debunked

1 day ago by Angela Logomasini

Often spoon-fed alarmist hype by green activist groups, reporters rarely get the science right about the risks associated with trace chemicals found in consumer products. Accordingly, kudos go to the author of a piece published on Fox News (originally published on, which debunks activist-generatedmisinformation about…
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Thoughts on the Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse Against Former British PM Edward Heath

1 day ago by Aaron Goldstein

Four local police forces in Britain as well as the Independents Police Complaints Commission are investigating allegations of child sexual abuse by former British Prime Minister Edward Heath.Known as Ted Heath, he brought the Conservative Party to power in 1970 by defeating Harold Wilson’s Labour government.…
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Scientists Back Besieged Climate Researcher

1 day ago by H. Sterling Burnett

More than 500 scientists and colleagues of Willie Soon, Ph.D., signed and sent a letter, along with supporting documents, to the Smithsonian Institution’s Board of Regents.The letter and supporting materials defend the award-winning solar physicist against allegations he failed to disclose conflicts…
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New Planned Parenthood Video Shows Negotiations for "Intact Fetuses," Prompts TX Investigation

1 day, 2 hours ago by Emily Zanotti

The National Abortion Federation and StemExpress are still aggressively pursuing TROs on Center for Medical Progress, the former pushing a judge in California to extend their TRO until the end of the month pending a hearing on August 27th. The videos in question, however, don't feature Planned Parenthood's…
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NY Times Slights Biden’s Awkwardness

1 day, 3 hours ago by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

The other morning I was reading along in my New York Times and I came across these lines: Joe Biden’s “relationship with the Clintons has not been without awkwardness and slights.” Well, what were these slights and what was this awkwardness? There were none mentioned. Oh, to be sure there followed plenty…
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Mel Farr, R.I.P.

18 hours, 36 minutes ago by Aaron Goldstein

Video of YnesVqoOPwA Former Detroit Lions running back and entrepreneur Mel Farr died suddenly at the age of 70.Born in Beaumont, Texas, Farr was an outstanding all around athlete who would become a football star at UCLA. The Detroit Lions would select him as their first round draft pick in 1967. Farr…
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The Push Becomes a Shove

1 day, 1 hour ago by Scott McKay

It was always going to be an uphill fight for the Left to achieve a consensus for not just the acceptance of their theory of global warming but their prescriptions to fight it, and Monday’s announcement of draconian EPA rules assaulting the electric power industry is proof that they realize the battle…
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New York Cardinal Owes Donald Trump an Apology

1 day, 1 hour ago by Jeffrey Lord

Wow. The other day in the New York Daily News New York’s Timothy Cardinal Dolan wrote an astounding piece that was headlined this way: Nativism rears its big-haired head: Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric is a sad return to a terrible American tradition Among other things, the Cardinal said this: During…
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The Politics of Normality

1 day, 1 hour ago by William Murchison

Joe? For president?Yes, that Joe. As in, this weekend the New York Times ran an article with the headline: “Joe Biden Said to Be Taking New Look at Presidential Run.”Couldn’t be. No! But here comes the Times again: “Hillary Clinton Camp Weighs Implications of Potential Joe Biden Challenge.” A congruent…
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Lovelace attorneys want another trial delay - Hearing next Monday in Adams Co court
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Fall Sand Volleyball League Registration Is Open
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North Adams Home Youth Volunteers Present Summer Smoothies
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Annual Fried Chicken at Payson Old Settlers