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migraine_in_qcy - Quincy an All-America City finalist - Quincy, IL News -
Yep, businesses are going to ignore the anti-business tax climate of Illinois and line up to move to Quincy due to our All-America city status. If only that were true. Again with your slum-lords. Why don't you name one or give us an address so we can drive past and see what you're talking about?
migraine_in_qcy - Reward now offered for info on shooting of Quincy 12 yr old - Quincy, IL News -
You couldn't be more wrong, as usual. I own part of my home, and the bank owns the rest. Not a realtor, not a landlord. You said there was lack of police presence due to funding, and I asked what you meant by that. Are you saying that funding cuts have reduced police presence, or that you think there needs to be an increased presence, hence additional funding is required? It's pretty obvious…
christhepilot - Reward now offered for info on shooting of Quincy 12 yr old - Quincy, IL News -
HI sorry you didn't understand that landlords are responsible for the property, and I have a feeling by your input your a slum lord. The government put a lot of money into housing for lower income folks like the Hills and north 12th apartment complex and many others to help lower income families, they have to follow rules that keep the buildings in good shape and clean, rent is based off income.…
christhepilot - Quincy an All-America City finalist - Quincy, IL News -
This is great i'm so happy for Quincy, I hope this will mean more income for the city in the way of more business, so they can step up patrols on north end to end the violence, North end has three nursing homes and a growing hospital complex, Maybe even employ some officials to perform rental house inspections to put restrictions on slum lords. More business coming to Quincy shows a good possible…
GoSalukis - Unemployment down in Quincy, Adams Co - Quincy, IL News -
From After all, a business is only as good as its employees and a high quality of life leads to happy and productive employees. But it's hard to measure quality of life in data. Numbers don't tell you about community spirit. That's why we urge you to visit in person and experience for yourself…

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Task Force arrests five on drug charges

3 years, 2 months ago by Bob Gough

Multiple arrests for LSD, cocaine and meth

West Central Illinois Task Force has participated in the arrests of several individuals for various drug related charges.

Ian Vosse, Everett Humphrey, and Arron Augsburg were all arrested on warrants for unrelated offenses.

Nicholas Trenter and Melissa Tillquist were arrested on Meth Manufacturing charges after agents conducted a search warrant at 1301 Spring, Apt. D, Quincy, on January 18.

Tillquist was arrested on January 18 and Trenter on January 26.

Both Trenter and Tillquist were lodged at the Adams County Jail.

Ian A. Vosse,  3423 Lindell, Quincy

Age: 20 Gender: Male

Date & Time of Arrest:  01/25/2012  10:15 a.m.

Subject Charged With: Delivery Of A Controlled Substance (LSD)                                                               

Name:  Everett Humphrey, 111 N. 8th, Quincy

Age: 54 Gender: Male

Date & Time of Arrest: 01/25/2012 2:50 p.m.

Subject Charged With: 2 Counts Delivery Of A Controlled Substance (Cocaine)

 Name: Arron A. Augsburg

 Address: 2725 Kings Point, Quincy

Date & Time of Arrest: 01/25/2012  11:00  a.m.

Age:  23       Gender:  Male

Subject Charged With: 3 Counts Delivery Of A Controlled Substance (Methodone)

Name:  Nicholas L. Trenter

Address:  734 N. 4th St., Quincy

Age: 26 Gender: Male

Date & Time of Arrest: 01/26/2012  6:00 p.m.                        

Subject Charged With: Aggravated Participation In Meth Manufacturing

Name:   Melissa D. Tillquist

Address:  1301 Spring Apt. D, Quincy

Age: 23 Gender: Female

Date & Time of Arrest: 01/18/2012  6:30 p.m.                        

Subject Charged With: Aggravated Participation Meth Manufacturing

The West Central Task Force is comprised of officers from the Illinois State Police, Quincy Police Department, Adams County Sheriff’s Department, Brown County Sheriff’s Department, and the Pike County Sheriff’s Department. 

All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

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