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eaglebeaky - Parolee arrested after trying to flee on a bike - Quincy, IL News -
Thank you, taxsanity! Your last sentence says it all. We all need to start looking at situations like this with some empathy.
1950Brutus - Strawman: The President Just Wants to Get Things Done......... - Quincy, IL News -
You would think Obama's skills as a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER could be very useful here.
1950Brutus - Strawman: The President Just Wants to Get Things Done......... - Quincy, IL News -
You would think Obama's skills as a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER could be very useful here. Also he doesn't want to go to the border because he would be a "distraction" - like he was when he came to Quincy to fill half a sand bag.
CordellWalker - Strawman: The President Just Wants to Get Things Done......... - Quincy, IL News -
One can not be considered a media source and then not take criticism of their work. One error fixed, still one more to go. You bought the wrong vowel.
Expatriate - REBEL MEDIA: Being Catholic - Quincy, IL News -
I can't really disagree with your assessment, in the sense that *I* think you are right here---that there's not anything to worry about. I guess working in retail has changed how I perceive the situation. A popular model is to put your customers first in everything you do. When you're going to have laity wondering whether or not their children are safe (*even if it's based on a…

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Spring says loss of PPRT funding would lead to massive public safety cuts

2 years, 1 month ago by Bob Gough, QuincyJournal

Mayor says 18 firefighters and seven police officers would be cut; Two fire stations would close if state cuts off funding


A bill that could divert $1.4 billion statewide from schools, cities and other local governments went nowhere in the Illinois General Assembly Wednesday.

House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, did not try to move his proposal to take money from corporate personal property replacement tax receipts and use it to fund the Teachers’ Retirement System. Money from that tax now goes to local governments and schools.

“It just wasn’t the time to call it,” said Madigan spokesman Steve Brown.

Quincy Mayor John Spring said it could be called today.

Click here for the update.


Quincy Mayor John Spring submitted written testimony to the State Legislature on Wednesday to detail his concerns over HB 3637, which would take PPRT funding away from local taxing bodies.

Click here for an explanation of the legislation, proposed by House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Spring went to Springfield in order to give testimony in front of a House committee, but the discussion ended up being delayed, so Spring merely submitted his testimony in writing.

The impact on the City of Quincy would mean an annual loss of revenue of $3 million.

“We have been balancing our budgets by taking this responsibility seriously,” Spring said. “Local governments have not created the State’s pension problems and it is wrong to take our revenues to solve a problem we did not create.”

Spring laid out a scenario of how a loss of $3 million, or 10 percent of the City’s budget would affect services. He said public safety would have to be impacted as the City has already cut 35 employees since 2009, down to 313.

In order to absorb that hit, Spring said the City would close two of its five fire stations after laying off 18 firefighters and cut seven police officers, which would save the City roughly $1.9 million.

Spring said other items on the table would include animal control, housing officers, crossing guards and school liaison officers.

Spring said if the City had to lay off workers, the money to pay their unemployment would still come from City coffers as the City is self-insured.

PPRT funding also contributes $416,000 the Fire Pension Fund (or 13.42% of it) and $288,920 (9.32%) to the Police Pension Fund and $340,000 to the Quincy Public Library.

If all Adams County taxing bodies lose their PPRT funding, it would mean a $10 million hit to them and the action would take effect July 1 if the Legislation passes.

House Bill 3637 is expected to be taken up before the Legislative session ends May 31.

Spring traveled to Springfield today with Director of Administrative Services Gary Sparks and Alderman Dan Brink (R-6th Ward).

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