Saturday, Nov 1, 2014
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1950Brutus - Mid-America Port Authority pledged $1.3 million from Illinois - Quincy, IL News -
I root for the Cleve Browns even though they have zero chance of winning the super bowl. Chance of winning doesn't come into play on this obsession - doesn't come into play when I vote either. I vote for what I want - I do not "settle"..
Givemeliberty - Mid-America Port Authority pledged $1.3 million from Illinois - Quincy, IL News -
The goal this year is not to win its to get 5% of the vote so ballot access is not an issue in four years. Right up until about a month and a half ago the Libertarians were doing little if any campaigning. They were fighting court battles the GOP brought against them. And it was the same with the Green and Constitution partys to get on the ballot. Its hard to fund raise when you can't campaign…
Stupid_Dems - Business owners split over minimum wage votes - Quincy, IL News -
Minimum wage it for minimum employees. A person should be able to work for any wage they want too without government interference.
Stupid_Dems - Votes for Republicans switched to Democrats in Moline - Quincy, IL News -
If the Dems contaminate the ballot box the only recourse is exactly the same as was give n the Crown!
qfingers - Mid-America Port Authority pledged $1.3 million from Illinois - Quincy, IL News -
What we need is a better voting the Borda method. Then the 3rd party candidate most assuredly would have a chance....but for just that reason you'll never see it....the controlling parties not wanting a 3rd party to have any chance. Plus it's a bit difficult to count unless you are computerized.

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Motorcyclist dies from Saturday crash

Mid-America Port Authority pledged $1.3 million from Illinois Video

Amazon to open facility in Illinois, hire 1,000

Quinn, Durbin to drop in Monday for Port Authority announcement

Baldwin School evacuated following smoke in building Updated

Everyone safe following plane crash near Quincy Regional Airport

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QHS Soccer ends season in Metro East again

Blue Devils have played their postseason there for seven straight seasons

QHS falls to Richwoods; Still makes playoffs

QND gets win, prepares for trip to Florida

QHS sweeps QND on the pitch

QHS holds off Alleman; Remains in first place in the WB6

Blue Devils win homecoming 9-7. 

QHS Soccer pounds Moline to take WB6 lead

Quincy beats Moline 4-0 in high school soccer action. 

QHS downs Manual

QHS rolls past Peoria Manual 34-12.

Click here for the game story.

Raiders defense stops Illini West

QND wins 19-8.

QHS Soccer drops first of the season

Quincy falls to Jefferson City 1-0 Wednesday night. 

QHS ends Rocky's WB6 win streak

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    RT @Illinois_Stage: Barnstorming Quinn announces another chunk of cash for a project in the Quad Cities
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    Dems dig deep to keep governor's office in their hands - Can't really say governor's mansion because Blagojevich a...
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    Trick or Treat TONIGHT at Central Fire Station
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    Illinois schools report has host of new features