Monday, Jan 26, 2015
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CoolEdge - Police-fire pensions to go up in smoke? - Quincy, IL News -
"I am not the one arguing against public care of government employees. You are, No ... maybe this is the crux. I'm saying everyone pays for themselves. You act like government employees deserve some special early retirement, open ended pension entitlement, while farmers and construction workers take more risk to feed and build, but must serve and bow to the "public servant/saint". …
CoolEdge - Police-fire pensions to go up in smoke? - Quincy, IL News -
I'm not sure if you were a cop in NYC or what ... the "war zones" are different environments, and the cop side is not all clean in the big cities either, you can't kid me on that. I was in New Orleans before some of the bad side was cleaned up .. was friends with some too, most were OK. They supposedly cleaned up much ... hopefully. But the small town municipalities where locals take…
logged_n_to - Police shooting, pursuit in Downtown Hannibal - Quincy, IL News -
Notice how they do not even mention a passenger until they refer to the gunshot wound? How about-it's not a good shoot if they have no idea who they are shooting at. Good Lord, there could have been a child in the car for all the police know. The passenger had no idea he was involved in anything until his friend jumped back in the car and took off. The passenger is in my family. He was shot…
XBgCty - Police-fire pensions to go up in smoke? - Quincy, IL News -
This is just to give you something to think about, also Cooledge: How would YOU feel if all of a sudden, you work and plan your entire life for retirement and then boom they take it away? Remember that all that money…
itsourlife8 - Police shooting, pursuit in Downtown Hannibal - Quincy, IL News -
Chris Rock's version of "How to Not Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police" would play well in this situation.

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One. Feeling. At a. Time.

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Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 2 hours, 14 minutes ago

RT @AtTheBuzzer: The @Patriots have 54 #SB49 game balls in their possession right now. Seriously. No joke. @MikePereira explains:
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 5 hours, 18 minutes ago

Murder trial Curtis Lovelace is delayed to June as the defense asks for more time. Lovelace is accused of killing his first wife in 2006.
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 7 hours, 49 minutes ago

RT @Renna: All you need to know about our media: the tea party is "extremist" but king abdullah was "moderate."
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 7 hours, 53 minutes ago

RT @PJ Media: Report: @BarackObama’s 2012 field campaign manager is running a campaign to defeat @netanyahu. #tcot