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1950Brutus - Illinois State Fair officials busted for getting free beer tickets - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal
A promising career as a future IL gov down the commode.
qfingers - Schoenakase on WTAD\'s Mary Griffith Show - Quincy, IL News -
I think it's disgusting that we prohibit felons from municipal office by state law but then can have felons run for state office...and congress... Is that the Peter Principle in action or what?
onehawkfan - Back pay, OT pushes Illinois government’s ‘$100,000 club’ to 7,800 members - Quinc
Guess what happens to these large salaries? They turn into large pensions!
WarCry - Schoenakase on WTAD\'s Mary Griffith Show - Quincy, IL News -
The only prohibition I'm aware of for felons in politics here in IL is at the municipal level. From county on up, I don't believe there is any restriction. But if you decide to run, you better know that your past WILL come up, and if you don't want to talk about it, you might just want to stay home.
qfingers - Back pay, OT pushes Illinois government’s ‘$100,000 club’ to 7,800 members - Quinc
Of more interest to me are the 10 VA nurses making over $100,000 Wow....according to this the best-paid 10% made over $94,000 So how many VA nurses are there in total in the county?

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Ready for Anything

26 minutes ago

Hillary Clinton’s face looms over the offices of Correct the Record—in a friendly way. The young PR operation’s 18 workers do their typing and designing and debunking next to a blown-up version of that 2011 photo in which the former secretary of state is checking her BlackBerry on a flight from Malta…
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Sympathy for the Overdog

27 minutes ago

It sounds like the plot of an uplifting PG–rated family comedy: A dastardly board of directors pushes out a beloved CEO, whose loyal workers rally in support of the man who’s treated them fairly. That’s the story of Market Basket, the low-priced grocery chain of 71 stores with some 25,000 employees throughout…
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The Siberian Craters

1 hour, 9 minutes ago

Two more mysterious craters have been discovered in Siberia, and local researchers are beginning to form a theory on them.
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“We’re Not Leaving. We’re Never Leaving.”

2 hours, 29 minutes ago

This month, the scrupulously curated Criterion Collection released a new transfer of Robert Bresson’s balletic crime drama Pickpocket as well as a new American edition of the acclaimed Scandinavian noir Insomnia. Conspicuously nestled in the midst of these highbrow titles is The Big Chill, Lawrence Kasdan’s…
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General Motors Is Broken

3 hours, 35 minutes ago

The recent Senate committee hearing on how General Motors dealt with its deadly ignition switch defect provides the latest glimpse into the crisis of inattention, deferral of responsibility, and lack of accountability that permeate America’s largest automaker. GM acknowledges, so far, that 13 people…
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Is Fruity Beer Girly? 

5 hours, 13 minutes ago

Last Friday night, amid a tour of the world of fruit beer, I larked into a gas station convenience store. Beyond the dewy doors of its refrigerated merchandisers, I spotted Great South Bay’s Blood Orange Pale Ale (with its nice bitter nose), and a little way over I glimpsed Coney Island Brewing’s Tunnel…
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Boom and Bust

6 hours, 50 minutes ago

There were strange and menacing forces at work in Oklahoma City during 1964.
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John Oliver’s #Longrants

7 hours, 8 minutes ago

On the second episode of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, which premiered at the end of April, the show’s host, John Oliver, introduced a segment about the death penalty on a slightly apologetic note. “I know what you’re thinking,” he said in advance of the 12-minute piece. “You’re not really going to do a comic…
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Is Religion Good for Children?

7 hours, 23 minutes ago

In the United States, conventional wisdom holds that you should raise your child to be religious. Taking the kids to church is the default; leaving them home requires justification. Push parents to explain why they should pass on their religion—apart from a principled urge to keep the faith—and they’re…
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The Great J-School Debate

7 hours, 28 minutes ago

Jennifer Lai, Slate Plus: Chad, Chris, Dee, and Bryan—all four of you have gone to journalism school. So I’d like to ask you the same question that many aspiring journalists (including you, at some point!) have asked themselves: Is journalism school worth it? There are many pros: J-school gives students…
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QuincyJournal 26 minutes ago

Newcomb, jobs topic of mayor's lunch - Moore holds second lunch of the summer in Washington Park
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Bob Gough 54 minutes ago

@DOB23 @CoachBradHoyt @Ben_WGEM @BethWeasCash Where were you last year?
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Former Clark County Circuit Clerk charged with stealing