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GoQuincy - Former Alderman to run in Quincy\'s 3rd Ward - Quincy, IL News -
Bob is a very nice guy and served well before but I think it is time for some new blood. I think this "appointment" is old school politics as usual. Must have been some give and take associated with it.
GoQuincy - Hearing Aid Volume Control: There’s an app for that - Quincy, IL News -
There are a lot of other hearing aids on the market other than the "extreme" and very expensive type mentioned in the above article. Those others are even offered by QMG such as the ones I have for each ear. Hearing aids are like any other digital, electronic device and are always being updated as technology advances. They like anything else and range in price.
WarCry - Lovelace back in court Monday - Quincy, IL News -
In 2010, Philip Diaz was held on a murder charge with a $1,000,000 bond. This one is more, obviously, but it doesn't really matter when you're talking about that big of a number. But for argument's sake, you have to consider the nature of the crime. Diaz shot and killed someone in a moment of anger and passion, a person he probably didn't know all that well. Mr. Lovelace is accused…
AYHSMB - Council tables insurance vote - Quincy, IL News -
Convoy> It's too bad some of you union boys just don't have any integrity when it comes to jobs. Take the best paying whether you're qualified or not. Kind of like cheating, isn't it? Wait, it is cheating! I guess cheaters think everyone else is a cheater. You should also learn the difference between jealousy and contempt.
QuincyGuy - Sheffield steps down at QND basketball coach - Quincy, IL News -
Eric Orne - Are you ready? Opportunity is knocking. Not too many, if any, have won state championships in both girls and boys. You can do it. Tom Lepper might be another candidate but his brother-in-law is principal.

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Rushville Treatment and Detention Facility targeted for $13 million expansion

1 year, 11 months ago by Bob Gough

The Rushville TDF is the only facility in the state that houses residents classified as Sexually Violent Persons, and is currently over capacity

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Department of Human Services Treatment and Detention Facility (TDF) in Rushville is about to undergo a $13 million expansion to alleviate overcrowding and bring new jobs to central Illinois.

The Rushville TDF is the only facility in the state that houses residents classified as Sexually Violent Persons, and is currently over capacity. It was designed to house 482 detainees and is now housing 507. The first phase of the construction project, which is set to begin in late February or early March, will add rooms for 96 residents. In addition to easing overcrowding, the expansion will create new construction jobs.

Funding for the first phase of the expansion exists in previous capitol funding, and the construction is slated for completion by August. A second phase of construction will provide facilities for an additional 192 detainees, once funds and contracts are secured.

“The state’s facilities in Rushville are in desperate need of expansion, and the jobs created by a construction project like this will undoubtedly help the region’s economy,” Senator John Sullivan (D-Rushville) said.

Sullivan introduced legislation to help facilitate this expansion by allowing for the transfer and temporary housing of TDF resident during construction. Senate Bill 93, as introduced, will allow the DHS to house Sexually Violent Persons in the Chester Mental Health Center, during the Rushville construction project. If passed, DHS will set aside a section of the Chester facility for the TDF residents.

The Chester Mental Health Center is the State's maximum-security mental health center. It houses criminal defendants who were found not guilty by reason of insanity or are mentally unfit to stand trial. The Chester facility was chosen because it can meet residents’ care and security needs until construction is complete. While housed in the Chester Mental Health Center, the TDF residents will be segregated from the rest of the population.

“During construction of the Rushville TDF we need to ensure the safety and treatment of residents and employees while at the same time protect the communities that house them,” Sullivan said.

A Sexually Violent Person is someone convicted of a violent sex crime and who has been found to have a mental disorder.

Senate Bill 93 has been referred to the Senate Human Services Committee.

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The District honors businesses at annual meeting
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Former Alderman to run in Quincy's 3rd Ward - Democrat Bob Klingele is appointed to fill the ballot vacancy
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Sheffield steps down at QND basketball coach
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Bob Sheffield has just resigned as QND basketball coach. More to come on Quincy Journal.