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qfingers - Quincy Fire Station #6 set to shut down - Quincy, IL News -
If I'm reading the budget correctly here it appears hydro is paid off this fiscal year. See page 185. Budget shows about $3.853M total debt service of which hydro is $1.458M. Our total debt at end of this year is such…
qfingers - Quincy Fire Station #6 set to shut down - Quincy, IL News -
#1 The total city council budget is $258,000. Cutting the entire budget would not even come close to funding 1 fire station. #2 The Mayor can't "take away" anything. The council would have to approve changes for subsequent members of the council as they can't change their own compensation (in either direction). And good luck getting them to decrease any such thing.
WarCry - Quincy Fire Station #6 set to shut down - Quincy, IL News -
Please look up the Quincy city municipal code and show me which passage allows the Mayor to "take away" anything from anyone. As you may (or may not, I suppose) have noticed, the entire city council had to vote on the budget cuts. The Mayor didn't make any cuts. He proposed a budget. Implying that the mayor made these changes demonstrates either 1) a lack of understanding of the city government…
OneMansPoison - Fire on North 27th - Quincy, IL News -
Okay, DMtnDew. So, when Mrs. Smith's toaster oven catches fire, by the time the FD gets there, it's the size of her TV. Whoa! Better hire more firefighters!
OneMansPoison - Quincy Fire Station #6 set to shut down - Quincy, IL News -
jungle, you seem to think the firemen are earning their pay by climbing skyscrapers, lunging head-long into burning buildings, rescuing your neighbor's cat, etc. Maybe the police are chasing perps down dark alleys, jumping fences with both guns blazing, all while making sure they don't infringe on folk's rights? The majority of their time is spent otherwise, really. They are good people,…

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Illlinois Dem leaders urge minimum wage hike

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Durbin, Quinn and Schakowsky push class warfare

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Illinois Democrats called for an increase in the minimum wage on Sunday and characterized the GOP candidates for governor and U.S. Senate as out-of-touch plutocrats.

“I am not envious of my opponent, who is a multimillionaire,” U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin said of state Sen. Jim Oberweis, a dairy magnate from Sugar Grove. “I’m only one Powerball ticket away from having the same amount of money.”

Standing before an array of TV cameras, Durbin, Gov. Pat Quinn and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky dished out plenty of populist red meat while kicking off the campaign for Quinn’s minimum wage ballot referendum. 

The measure is nonbinding, but proponents hope a “yes” vote will encourage the Legislature to increase the state’s $8.25 minimum wage to $10. 

Republicans have “forgotten” about “the folks who get up before the sun comes up and get on the buses and the CTA and head off for a long day of work at $8.25,” Durbin said. 

Schakowsky said she and her husband tried to live on $77 a week — and challenged Republicans to do the same.  

Meanwhile, Quinn criticized gubernatorial rival Bruce Rauner for shifting his stance on the minimum wage during the Republican primary.  

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