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yesqcy - City/Firefighters labor contract must be voted on again - Quincy, IL News -
Is that the queue for circus music? Well it could happen to any of us I guess
yesqcy - Quincy City Budget hearings and Council meeting - Quincy, IL News -
No, really all I was saying is 1% sounded very reasonable. I didn't talk politics other than to ask what the no votes were based on and BG gave an answer. I think you and tdown are wanting to argue. I just want to understand, be realistic and express my pleasure that there wasn't a 5% increase
yesqcy - Quincy City Budget hearings and Council meeting - Quincy, IL News -
Ok, your income is increasing but not your employees. Then its your employees that may want to reconsider their career choice. All I was trying to say is anyone would desire to have their income increase and must everyones income does increase by more than 1% a year, that's just a fact unless you aren't a dedicated worker or you're a deadbeat, or in jail etc.
DRUM57IX - REBEL MEDIA: The REAL Peoria Mayor just...doesn\' - Quincy, IL News -
Hmm...I'll violate my constituents first and fourth amendment rights because they made fun of me online, and I'll blame the media for making me look bad...This guy isn't making many friends right now, is he
polkadot76 - Quincy City Budget hearings and Council meeting - Quincy, IL News -
I think he knows that. There was a point being made.

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State police prepping for concealed carry applications

4 months, 1 week ago Kurt Erickson, Times Bureau

Illinois officials launched a website Thursday designed to help people get ready to apply for permits

From Kurt Erickson, Times Bureau:

With the clock ticking down to a Jan. 5 start date, Illinois officials launched a website Thursday designed to help people get ready to apply for permits to carry loaded weapons in public.

The Illinois State Police website includes information about eligibility requirements, application fee costs, a list of qualified instructors and a link to help people obtain electronic fingerprints, which could make the approval process faster.

The site can be accessed online at Users can click on the "Concealed Carry" link on the right side of the page.

The aim of the new site is to help people collect the information they need in anticipation of the Jan. 5 launch of the concealed carry application process.

Illinois this year became the last state in the nation to legalize the concealed carry of weapons in public.

And estimated 300,000 people are expected to apply for licenses in the first year.

State Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said its unclear how many people might try to apply on the first day of the application period. But she said the computer system will be able to handle the load.

"I know we're planning for a significant number," Bond said. "I think we will have the capacity to be able to process the applications."

Along with undergoing the required 16 hours of training, applicants are urged to obtain a digital identification. Links to instructors and to the state agency overseeing digital IDs are included on the new site.

Although fingerprints are not required for an application, the State Police said background checks will be expedited for those individuals who submit fingerprints.

Other requirements include a passport-style electronic photograph taken within the past 30 days and proof of a person's past 10 years of residency. The cost of the application is $150.

The cost for out-of-state residents is $300.

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@ChrisDuerr I'd be fine with that.