Tuesday, Jun 30, 2015
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migraine_in_qcy - Illinois auto museum to keep General Lee with Confederate flag on display - Quincy, IL News - Quincy
If the only history people learn is what is spoon-fed in public school, they've probably missed out on the part where northern states would capture escaped slaves and send them back to their owners. They've probably missed how northern states that were supposedly "free" wouldn't allow blacks to live within their borders. Everyone wants to turn up their noses at the South, but if you're…
Loverofblues - Supreme Court extends gay marriage nation-wide - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
Benefits are being not equal.
Givemeliberty - Illinois auto museum to keep General Lee with Confederate flag on display - Quincy, IL News - Quincy
Keep it up people we are setting a precedent and its only as matter of time before the stars and stripes have to be removed/changed due to protest from native Americans, or Al Sharpton (lets be honest the north had slaves just like the south). After that its the Union Jack for centuries of persecution against the scots Irish, and on and on and on. Hell my mere existence as a white male could be offensive…
1950Brutus - Supreme Court extends gay marriage nation-wide - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
"I would want the age of consent to be a strict 18 years." Isn't this age discrimination??
1950Brutus - Lovelace hearing postponed - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
Maybe his lawyers are doing some sand bagging along the river.

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7 minutes ago Chicago Sun-Times

With the state just one day away from shutting down its services, legislative leaders — including Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan — failed to reach a compromise on Monday with Gov. Bruce Rauner over…

Rauner's business reforms request holds up budget

1 day ago Springfield State Journal-Register

Gov. Bruce Rauner has an answer to the state Capitol budget impasse: adopt five "structural reforms" that make it cheaper to do business in Illinois.

Month now officially the wettest in Illinois history

1 day ago St. Louis Post-Dispatch

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) — Illinois' wet June is now one for the record book.

SEIU Healthcare launches TV ads targeting Rauner's cuts

1 day ago Chicago Sun-Times

A health care workers union is spinning its online social media campaign into TV ads starting Monday. The ads take aim at Gov. Bruce Rauner’s proposed budget cuts.

No state budget yet, but largely business as usual

1 day, 23 hours ago Springfield State Journal-Register

With just three days left before the start of the state's new fiscal year, Illinois lawmakers and Gov. Bruce Rauner are fast running out of time to end their impasse and put a new state budget in place.

Volunteers needed for sandbag effort in Meredosia

3 days, 2 hours ago Springfield State Journal-Register

MEREDOSIA — Volunteers are needed here to fill and place sandbags in neighborhoods along the Illinois River.

Judge hears public vote arguments on St. Louis NFL stadium funding

3 days, 23 hours ago St. Louis Post-Dispatch

ST. LOUIS • Attorneys argued in court Thursday that the Edward Jones Dome authority could build its replacement stadium nearly anywhere — in Fenton, for example, 20 miles away — and still call it “adjacent”…

Obama: Health care law is here to stay

3 days, 23 hours ago Chicago Sun-Times

WASHINGTON — After a critical win in the Supreme Court Thursday, President Barack Obama said his signature health care law “is here to stay.” The president noted the multiple challenges to the law,…

Rauner vetoes Dems budget

3 days, 23 hours ago Chicago Sun-Times

With just six days remaining in the fiscal year, Gov. Bruce Rauner on Thursday vetoed the budget he received from a Democratic-controlled state Legislature, calling it out of balance and “unconstitutional.”

Rauner signs bill to increase funding for schools

4 days, 23 hours ago Belleville News-Democrat

CHICAGO Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has approved legislation to increase state funding for education, providing relief to tapped-out school districts across the state. The Republican signed a bill…

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