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1950Brutus - Illinois State Fair officials busted for getting free beer tickets - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal
A promising career as a future IL gov down the commode.
qfingers - Schoenakase on WTAD\'s Mary Griffith Show - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
I think it's disgusting that we prohibit felons from municipal office by state law but then can have felons run for state office...and congress... Is that the Peter Principle in action or what?
onehawkfan - Back pay, OT pushes Illinois government’s ‘$100,000 club’ to 7,800 members - Quinc
Guess what happens to these large salaries? They turn into large pensions!
WarCry - Schoenakase on WTAD\'s Mary Griffith Show - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
The only prohibition I'm aware of for felons in politics here in IL is at the municipal level. From county on up, I don't believe there is any restriction. But if you decide to run, you better know that your past WILL come up, and if you don't want to talk about it, you might just want to stay home.
qfingers - Back pay, OT pushes Illinois government’s ‘$100,000 club’ to 7,800 members - Quinc
Of more interest to me are the 10 VA nurses making over $100,000 Wow....according to this the best-paid 10% made over $94,000 http://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/registe... So how many VA nurses are there in total in the county?

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Hungary limps toward fascism

1 hour ago

In a speech to his party’s faithful, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán seemed to signal a course that would not only make Hungary’s continued membership in the EU problematic but would result in a government that looked to Moscow for leadership rather than Brussels and one that would be ruled more…
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Mailbag: Who Will Speak for the SATANISTS?!

2 hours ago

RedState doesn’t shy away from religion when discussing politics. We understand that free people must be allowed to form their own opinions and that those opinions will likely be informed by their individual religious beliefs. Those of us on the Front Page of RedState also believe, to some degree or…
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2006 and the GOP’s attempt to flog impeachment as a base-motivation issue.

3 hours, 30 minutes ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!The post 2006 and the GOP’s attempt to flog impeachment as a base-motivation issue. appeared first on RedState.
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New CBS/NYT Poll Shows Possible GOP Senate Wave Forming

3 hours, 50 minutes ago

A new CBS/NYT poll has been released which is thus far the most exhaustive simultaneous battleground poll that has been taken this election season. It shows Republicans holding all their “close” seats, with McConnell leading Grimes 50-46 and Perdue leading Nunn 50-44. Obviously, these races are still…
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The Watercooler ~ State of the State (and a couple territories) Primaries

4 hours, 30 minutes ago

July has been a strange month politically. With virtually no primaries scheduled, we have been left with watching the debate over whether or not to begin impeachment proceedings for President Obama, lamenting over what to do with the current influx of illegal immigrants on the border, rooting for Israel…
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Mainstream Media “Fall Over Each Other to Support” Hamas Terrorist Propaganda

4 hours, 46 minutes ago

It has been well documented that Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, has been intentionally firing thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians while using Palestinian civilians as human shields, basing their attacks in hospitals, and hiding their rockets in schools. Despite these grave war crimes…
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Corruption at Export-Import Bank alleged

5 hours ago

There are days when it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed. This is one of those for the Export-Import Bank. The Bank is already in jeopardy of seeing its charter expire in September because of its record of corporate welfare, the top 10 clients of the Bank receive 93% of all the money it dishes out,…
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The Ridiculous Handwringing of the Overthinking GOP

5 hours, 30 minutes ago

Byron York tells us the GOP is worried they may get their strategy wrong in 2014. Back in 1998, you see, they made it about Bill Clinton and got spanked. They expected to pick up seats, but they lost seats. But in this entire piece from Byron, there is one word missing — “Gallup”. Republicans in 1998…
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Iranian General Wants to Annihilate Israel as Obama Works on Nuclear Deal

6 hours ago

As Obama continues to negotiate with Iran over the country's nuclear program, a prominent Iranian general wishes for Israel's destruction.The post Iranian General Wants to Annihilate Israel as Obama Works on Nuclear Deal appeared first on RedState.
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The Moronic “Inversions” Drumbeat Grows Louder

7 hours, 48 minutes ago

Somewhere in the bowels of the festering Democrat political machine, some focus group automaton has decided that “closing the inversions tax loophole” is a message that can save Democrats from destruction in 2014. By way of background, America has an astronomically high corporate taxation rate compared…
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The Hamas Tunnels and How They Sparked Conflict in Israel and Gaza

7 hours, 59 minutes ago

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Jim Phillips to discuss the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza, the tough PR challenge facing Israel and the complex network of underground tunnels built by Hamas.The post The Hamas Tunnels and How They Sparked Conflict in Israel and…
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Michelle Nunn: A Consultant’s Golem Coming for the Jews

12 hours, 30 minutes ago

A golem is a being of inanimate material magically given anthropomorphic abilities. Back when I was a political consultant I would tell candidates that they were lumps of clay to be molded. In a memo discovered by National Review, Michelle Nunn has all the makings of not being her own woman, but rather…
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Tech at Night: Just what are Snowden and Putin up to?

16 hours ago

Last time in Tech at Night I linked to stories about Edward Snowden and Russia in suspicious and/or hostile positions with respect to the Online Privacy crowd that celebrates Snowden. The hits just keep on coming though, so at this point we have to ask: Just what are Snowden and his paymaster Putin…
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50 Shades of Derp – Voxsplaining* Sure Beats Having To Think

19 hours, 30 minutes ago

Image Credit: Sam Tsang ”There’s an old Greek proverb. A fish rots from the head down.” – Former Governor Mike Dukakis. To Derp is to die. It’s really just that simple. The problem is that derps are even more simple. They are typically wonkish technocrats educated far beyond their intelligence or imagination…
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In which we revisit Rathergate, and the bad movie about to be made of it.

21 hours, 30 minutes ago

Hey, remember that stupid, incredibly ham-handed, and only-an-drooling-idiot-would-fall-for-it Rathergate scandal? The post In which we revisit Rathergate, and the bad movie about to be made of it. appeared first on RedState.
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Federal Highway Trust Fund Pays for Bike Paths in Wis.

1 day, 1 hour ago

A looming shortfall in the federal highway trust fund threatens to dramatically cut the amount of money states get from the federal government for road and highway maintenance. But even as some policymakers examine the possibility of raising taxes to boost revenues, a review of federally-funded transportation…
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US Chamber of Commerce is not winning

1 day, 1 hour ago

The US Chamber of Commerce has for years viewed the GOP as its personal political party. Sure they supported the now-extinct “Blue Dog Democrats” but when most of them disappeared in the maelstrom of 2010 they were left with GOP candidates and communists. Unfortunately for the Chamber, the GOP caucus…
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Nancy Pelosi’s Perversion of Piety: A Page Out of the Proof-texting Playbook

1 day, 1 hour ago

Nancy Pelosi's Biblical proof-texting reveals her inherent dishonesty and willingness to pervert piety for political ends. Her recent claims prevent non-Christians from knowing the Triune God and his redemptive plan outlined throughout Genesis to Revelation.The post Nancy Pelosi’s Perversion of Piety:…
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Michelle Nunn (D-GASen Candidate) Wants Jewish Donors, Gives to Hamas

1 day, 2 hours ago

Eliana Johnson broke news today with the release of a confidential campaign plan from Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn.  The campaign plan details the demographic models, special interest groups, donor targets, and the assumption in the campaign plan that Nunn will have a compliant media.…
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Will the Chamber of Commerce Back Democrat Mary Landrieu?

1 day, 5 hours ago

Avowed enemy of conservatives and champion of corporate welfare the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is reportedly contemplating backing Democrat Mary Landrieu over Bill Cassidy in the LA Senate race. Per the Hill, New York Times columnist Joe Nocera may have inadvertently leaked plans on the part of the Chamber…
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Newcomb, jobs topic of mayor's lunch - Moore holds second lunch of the summer in Washington Park http://t.co/r8GQFMiKrE
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@DOB23 @CoachBradHoyt @Ben_WGEM @BethWeasCash Where were you last year?
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Former Clark County Circuit Clerk charged with stealing http://t.co/nuQbEH5SMJ