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XBgCty - How the SSM “anti-polygamy” movement turned into Animal Farm - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJ
I did NOT say not to issue Marriage licenses to same sex couples-- THAT is now the law of the land. This argument is about POLYGAMY. The court opened it up. It's anything goes, so Polygamy is a more natural marriage them same sex. So there should be NO Restrictions on marriage, consenting adults after all. Otherwise it's discrimination and if you disagree your a BIGOT. And wait until the…
Expatriate - How the SSM “anti-polygamy” movement turned into Animal Farm - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJ
It's quite possible. Genes do not always inevitably have their effect. The effect could depend upon the environment. I could be carrying and pass along whatever gene(s) necessary for homosexuality to my children even though I'm straight.
Sam_Sam_Iam - How the SSM “anti-polygamy” movement turned into Animal Farm - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJ
So, it is my OPINION that this is wrong in your eyes. Everyone has an opinion and has the freedom to voice their ideas and concerns. You won't see me getting bent out of shape when you express yours, just have the courtesy and freedom to allow me to express mine. There are verifiable instances where scenarios already exists, or have been tried, just look them up. Just saying that a plural marriage…
Expatriate - How the SSM “anti-polygamy” movement turned into Animal Farm - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJ
What's the compelling state interest for not issuing licenses to same-sex couples, and why do you think it's necessary to achieve that interest?
qfingers - How the SSM “anti-polygamy” movement turned into Animal Farm - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJ
I don't there is a religion that condones "anything goes". Kind of defeats the purpose. So "condoning freedom" is not the goal of most any religion.

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Greece Faces Weighty Vote Amid Chaos

44 minutes ago by John Kass, Chicago Tribune

John Kass, Chicago TribuneThe politicians and economists have many fine theories about what's happening in Greece, and what will happen after Sunday's big vote.Will there be more chaos? A failed state that can't pay its debts, left on its own to offer cut-rate vacations to the rest of Europe, its people…
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What Did Lincoln Really Think of Jefferson?

42 minutes ago by Allen Guelzo, NY Times

Allen Guelzo, NY Times“Lincoln hated Thomas Jefferson.” That is not exactly what we expect to hear about the president who spoke of “malice toward none,” referring to the president who wrote that “all men are created equal.”
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What Makes Me Proud to Be an American

36 minutes ago by Dana Perino, FOX News

Dana Perino, FOX NewsMy fellow Americans – welcome to the best Fourth of July celebration in the United States of America.There is no place I’d rather be than with you here at Patriots Point as we remember that on this day in 1776 our nation adopted the Declaration of Independence. Upon their signatures…
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The American Revolution Was a Mistake

39 minutes ago by Dylan Matthews, Vox

Dylan Matthews, VoxThis July 4th, I'm celebrating by taking a plane from the US to the United Kingdom. The timing wasn't intentional, but I embrace the symbolism. American independence in 1776 was a monumental mistake. We should be mourning the fact that we left the United Kingdom, not cheering it.
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The Wrinkle in the Obamacare Decision

41 minutes ago by George Will, Washington Post

George Will, Washington Post“What chumps!” — Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., June 29, 2015.
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A Win on Marriage--Now Protect Faith

35 minutes ago by William Galston, Wall St. Journal

William Galston, Wall St. JournalFor those of us who support both same-sex marriage and a robust conception of religious free exercise, this is the moment of truth. One path leads to decades of bitter battles between progressives and traditionalists, the other to mutual accommodation and an honorable…
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What Planet Is Chris Christie Living On?

32 minutes ago by John Cassidy, The New Yorker

John Cassidy, The New YorkerChris Christie can yak; we all know that. At one point during the Bridgegate scandal, which derailed his Presidential hopes, he stood at the podium for what seemed like an entire morning answering questions, until, finally, the Trenton press corps ran out of things to ask.
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Clinton's Emails: A Revealing Dispatch

32 minutes ago by Matthew Continetti, Free Beacon

Matthew Continetti, Free BeaconSo she doesn’t know how to use a fax machine. Big whoop. If there is a “smoking gun” in the 3,000 pages of Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department this week, it’s not in her technological ineptitude, or her calling her hairdresser “Santa,” or her continuing…
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Republicans Have a Donald Trump Problem

29 minutes ago by Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph

Tim Stanley, Daily TelegraphBillionaire Donald Trump has entered the Republican presidential field with all guns blazing. One of them is aimed at his own head. The campaign is only two weeks old and already he has declared war on Mexican immigrants.
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Clinton, Obama on Wrong Side of History

27 minutes ago by Dana Milbank, Washington Post

Dana Milbank, Washington PostScenes from an insurrection:In Madison, Wis., on Wednesday, 10,000 people show up to rally for long-shot presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — giving the self-declared “democratic socialist” the largest crowd any candidate has had in this election cycle. Sanders, running…
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The Central Inclusiveness Agency

25 minutes ago by Gabriel Schoenfeld, Wall Street Journal

Gabriel Schoenfeld, Wall Street JournalThe Central Intelligence Agency is once again mired in crisis. CIA Director John Brennan finds himself “deeply concerned.” The spy agency he runs suffers from an affliction that he says has “persisted despite repeated efforts by Agency leaders to address it.”
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Richard Nixon Was Not Misunderstood

23 minutes ago by Elizabeth Drew, The Atlantic

Elizabeth Drew, The AtlanticEvery once in a while someone writes a book arguing that Richard Nixon has been misunderstood. These authors tend to focus on some particular aspect of his presidency that, the argument goes, is more important than that Watergate business.
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Where Are the Workers?

21 minutes ago by Stephen Moore, New York Sun

Stephen Moore, New York SunWhat ever happened to the old-fashioned American work ethic? I ask this because Thursday’s Labor Department report for June found yet another 430,000 Americans of working age (16+) dropped out of the workforce.
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Greece's Sorry Reckoning

2 hours, 51 minutes ago by Nikos Konstandaras, New York Times

Nikos Konstandaras, New York Times
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ISIS Opens New Front in Egypt

56 minutes ago by Noah Rothman, Commentary

Noah Rothman, Commentary
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How Islamist Extremists Warp the Fatwa

56 minutes ago by Shawki Allam, Wall St. Journal

Shawki Allam, Wall St. Journal
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Independence for All

2 hours, 45 minutes ago by Colbert King, Washington Post

Colbert King, Washington Post
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Making Independence Work

1 hour, 31 minutes ago by Washington Post

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Americans Can Celebrate Freedom to Disagree

1 hour, 29 minutes ago by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Why Another Look at Affirmative Action?

1 hour, 29 minutes ago by Los Angeles Times

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Religious Bigotry in Colorado

1 hour, 32 minutes ago by Wall Street Journal

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