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Stupid_Dems - City of Quincy to spend $342,000 on road salt - Quincy, IL News -
Difference is transportation cost
luanjo3 - Fast food workers vow civil disobedience - Quincy, IL News -
There is all kinds of assistance already out there for the single mothers that you speak of, and they take full advantage of it. I've heard of single mothers getting so much financial aid to go back to school that they have money left over. Then they drop out because hey, they didn't have to pay for it. Single moms who get so much EITC on their tax returns that they can go out and get…
pjohnf - White House Pressed to Keep RFS, Biodiesel Industries Strong - Quincy, IL News -
Franken and Senator just seem to me to be oxymoronic, they just don't go together.
gizzard93 - City of Quincy to spend $342,000 on road salt - Quincy, IL News -
sounds like double talk to me.
SeenTheLight1 - City of Quincy to spend $342,000 on road salt - Quincy, IL News -
Never heard of such a thing. Cities and counties along with townships submit their request, then CMS uses that total for their RFP. If a supplier cannot meet that total then I would guess some could be left off the RFP total, but have never heard of that. The other comment states " bids range from $70 to $140 per ton" so why is Quincy paying $95 per ton? Still I have never heard of CMS cutting off…

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A Middle Path Between Bush and Obama's Failures

3 hours, 48 minutes ago by George Will, NRO

George Will, NROWith metronomic regularity, there is a choreographed minuet of carnage. Israel is attacked. Israel defends itself. Perfunctory affirmations of Israel’s right of self-defense are quickly followed by accusations that Israel’s military measures are disproportionate. Then come demands for…
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Impeachment Talk Dumb for Republicans

3 hours, 37 minutes ago by Chris Cillizza, Washington Post

Chris Cillizza, Washington PostCongressional Republicans have spent the majority of 2014 doing very little even marginally controversial. They put talk of government shutdown showdowns to rest and avoided another stand-off over raising the debt ceiling. The goal was simple: Keep the focus on the unpopular…
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Boehner Is Right, Dems' Impeachment Talk Is a Scam

3 hours, 27 minutes ago by Charles Hurt, WT

Charles Hurt, WTSure, anybody can make a strong argument that President Obama is one of the worst presidents in modern history. All the hope and change he promised in 2008 have turned into bitter despair and misery.
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Why I Have Become More Pessimistic About Israel

3 hours, 14 minutes ago by Ezra Klein, Vox

Ezra Klein, Vox"I have become less pro-Israel," admits Jonathan Chait in a powerful piece for New York Magazine. But I don't think Chait has become less pro-Israel. I think he's become more pessimistic about Israeli policy. And so have I.
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Did Mean Israelis Hurt Kerry's Feelings?

3 hours, 4 minutes ago by John Podhoretz, New York Post

John Podhoretz, New York PostJohn Kerry fought in Vietnam, threw his medals away, served decades in the Senate, ran for president, did some windsurfing and then became secretary of state of the most powerful country on earth.
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Class of 2016 Looks Strong for Republicans

3 hours ago by John Dickerson, CBS News

John Dickerson, CBS NewsWhat if they held a presidential campaign and a think tank broke out? House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, who is considering running for president, offered his thoughts on poverty last week. Sen. Marco Rubio has been giving regular policy speeches on poverty, college loans,…
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Republicans' Problem w/Black People

2 hours, 58 minutes ago by Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post

Jonathan Capehart, Washington PostOverall, I agree with Ron Christie’s argument in the Daily Beast on “how to really empower black voters nationwide.” The former special assistant to President George W. Bush and deputy assistant to Vice President Dick Cheney says, “Republicans need a positive message…
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Ryan's Anti-Poverty Plan Sure Can't Hurt

2 hours, 51 minutes ago by Megan McArdle, Bloomberg

Megan McArdle, BloombergOver at Slate, both Jamelle Bouie and Jordan Weissmann argue against Representative Paul Ryan’s new anti-poverty plan on the grounds that it is unnecessarily concerned with the small percentage of the population that is chronically poor. Here’s Weissmann:
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NLRB Hands Fast-Food Workers a Victory

2 hours, 44 minutes ago by Alec MacGillis, New Republic

Alec MacGillis, New RepublicThe news for America’s low-wage workers has been pretty bleak these past, oh, 30 or 40 years or so. Their pay has stagnated and their bargaining power has atrophied, even as their corporate overlords have seen their own profits and compensation soar. But there are signs of…
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Another Mom Arrested for Letting Kid Go to Park

2 hours, 36 minutes ago by Lenore Skenazy, Reason

Lenore Skenazy, ReasonA Port St. Lucie, Forida, mom has been arrested and charged with child neglect for daring to let her son, 7, play in the park half a mile from home. He was happily walking there when a busybody noticed him and asked where his mommy was. Then the busybody called the cops, since apparently…
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The Girls President Obama Forgot

3 hours, 25 minutes ago by Kimberle Crenshaw, New York Times

Kimberle Crenshaw, New York TimesLOS ANGELES — “ANYTHING that makes life harder for women makes life harder for families and makes life harder for children,” President Obama told an approving crowd last month, at a White House summit meeting on working families.
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Is Global Chaos the New Normal?

10 hours, 36 minutes ago by Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times

Doyle McManus, Los Angeles TimesIt's a chaotic world out there. But we'd better get used to it; this may be the new normal.The Middle East is in flames, not only Gaza but Syria, Iraq and Libya as well. Russia is massing troops on the border of Ukraine. Central Africa is a mess, as are Afghanistan and…
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Inside the White House-Israel Meltdown

10 hours, 34 minutes ago by Rogin & Lake, The Daily Beast

Rogin & Lake, The Daily BeastThe Secretary of State has been furiously working on a Mideast ceasefire, but his ad hoc efforts were dealt another blow Monday when Israel rejected his latest peacemaking plan.
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Races in N.C., Iowa, Colo. Could Impact 2016

13 hours, 7 minutes ago by Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP

Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCPThe short list of pivotal states in the race for control of the U.S. Senate invariably includes Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alaska. In this high-stakes election year, they are driving many of the key themes in play nationally: the power of family dynasties, President ObamaÂ’s…
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Obamacare's Scott Brown Moment Isn't Over

10 hours, 29 minutes ago by Noemie Emery, Examiner

Noemie Emery, Examiner"The Scott Brown Era lasted almost exactly three years," wrote Alec MacGillis in February 2013 — meaning the three years between Brown’s win in the special election in 2010 to fill the seat left by Ted Kennedy and his decision in 2013 not to run for the former seat of John Kerry.
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A Tea Party Tempest in Tennessee

10 hours, 27 minutes ago by Jon Meacham, Time

Jon Meacham, TimeI’ve always thought that Lamar Alexander’s Little Plaid Book, a collection of political wisdom gleaned from more than half a lifetime in the arena, is an underappreciated classic. (My favorite rule is #73, “Walk in Parades,” followed by #74: “If it is the Mule Day parade, walk at the…
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Liberals Love the "One Percent"

10 hours, 26 minutes ago by Ruchir Sharma, Wall Street Journal

Ruchir Sharma, Wall Street JournalFederal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has said the central bank's goal is "to help Main Street not Wall Street," and many liberal commentators seem convinced that she is advancing that goal. But talk to anyone on Wall Street. If they are being frank, they'll admit that…
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Secret Weapon to Win Over Voters: Authenticity

10 hours, 23 minutes ago by Josh Kraushaar, NJ

Josh Kraushaar, NJOne of the most underappreciated attributes in politics is a candidate's authenticity. In an era when politicians' talking points are scripted, and they worry about a gaffe going viral, the candidate who comes across as genuine holds a real advantage. It's one reason why Barack Obama…
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Absent on Immigration Reform

10 hours, 10 minutes ago by Eugene Robinson, Washington Post

Eugene Robinson, Washington PostWASHINGTON -- The Republican Party's paralysis on immigration is so complete -- and so utterly irresponsible -- that President Obama has no choice but to act on his own.Just say the word immigration and most GOP members of Congress either change the subject or scurry away.…
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Obama, Emanuel Need to Put Chicago's Kids First

10 hours, 17 minutes ago by John Kass, Chicago Trib

John Kass, Chicago TribIf you're from Chicago, you understand the politics too. It's about using the violence of Central America and the young refugees as a fulcrum so Obama can apply federal leverage, as Democrats tie up the Latino vote for generations.There is a ruthless logic to it. And Rahm's correct.…
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The Republican Occupation of Detroit

10 hours, 19 minutes ago by Sally Kohn, The Daily Beast

Sally Kohn, The Daily BeastJohn Kerry’s ceasefire proposal for Gaza has probably destroyed what remained of the United States’ influence in the Middle East, at least for the duration of this administration’s tenure.
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With Israel, Liberals Can't Handle the Truth

10 hours, 2 minutes ago by Peter Wehner, Commentary

Peter Wehner, Commentary
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Zionism and Its Discontents

2 hours, 31 minutes ago by Roger Cohen, New York Times

Roger Cohen, New York TimesMy great-grandfatherÂ’s brother, Michael Adler, was a distinguished rabbi who in 1916 compiled the “Prayer Book for Jewish Sailors and Soldiers” at the front during World War I. As “chaplain,” he toured battlefields administering last rites. At…
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US Mideast Policy: Malice or Incompetence?

10 hours, 7 minutes ago by Adam Garfinkle, Am. Interest

Adam Garfinkle, Am. InterestAfter a hectic day yesterday spent in large part seeing off my son, daughter-in-law, and two-year-old grandson on a two-year sojourn in Berlin, I hastened this morning to my keyboard to comment on perhaps the most noteworthy piece of U.S. diplomatic idiocy in the Middle East…
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Marijuana Prohibition Doesn't Work

10 hours, 22 minutes ago by Debra Saunders, SF Chronicle

Debra Saunders, SF ChronicleThe New York Times has seen the light. On Sunday, the paper editorialized in favor of an end to the federal ban on marijuana. According to Tony Newman of the Drug Policy Alliance, The Gray Lady has become the first major national newspaper to support legalizing marijuana.The…
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Introducing the National Soda Tax

9 hours, 55 minutes ago by Mark Bittman, New York Times

Mark Bittman, New York TimesGet this: Rosa DeLauro, the brave and beloved 12-term congresswoman from New Haven, will be introducing a bill in the House of Representatives Wednesday that would require a national tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.
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CBO's Enron-Style Accounting on Obamacare

9 hours, 52 minutes ago by Ben Domenech, Federalist

Ben Domenech, FederalistOne of the ongoing debates about policy formation in Washington which has become far more prominent since the passage of Obamacare is the role of the Congressional Budget Office, and the weight given its estimates and predictions for the ramifications of legislation. CBO has always…
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What Christie Can Teach Cuomo

9 hours, 58 minutes ago by Errol Louis, CNN

Errol Louis, CNN New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo went into hiding last week, canceling appearances and perhaps hoping that a blast of sharply negative press coverage -- triggered by a hard-hitting front-page New York Times story -- will somehow fade away.That was wishful thinking: The bad press isn't going…
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Cease-Fire Should Empower Moderate Palestinians

9 hours, 50 minutes ago by Washington Post

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The IRS's Foreign Policy

9 hours, 48 minutes ago by Wall Street Journal

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Stronger Sanctions on Russia, at Last

9 hours, 47 minutes ago by New York Times

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Risking Everything to Help Ebola Victims

9 hours, 45 minutes ago by Boston Globe

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Sheriff reveals attempted jailbreak - Three men tried to escape Sunday
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aaaand...On cue, Cards fans bemoaning giving up Ramsey for Masterson. #goodlordpeople