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Peoplechamp31 - QPS Board approves higher 2014 tax levy - Quincy, IL News -
Oh I'm for getting read of these building just don't make it sound like the walls are coming down around them! Hell we still have kids in there so I know it isn't that bad!
Quijote57 - \'Interview\' pulled after threat; U.S. says North Korea behind Sony hack - Quincy, IL News - Quincy
I wasn't going to go to this movie, but I fear the cancellation is the beginning of the end of freedom of expression. Now any loser can hack into a business' computers to get them to stop selling something. Is this progress?
pjohnf - Gov. Quinn calls special session for comptroller election - Quincy, IL News -
Quinn should butt out and let Rauner appoint an interim comptroller and decide if an election is needed or even wanted by Illinois citizens. Why waste more tax payer dollars for a special session, especially if Rauner disagrees with Quinn's stance. The earliest election would be 2016, so what's the hurry Quinn? The special session is a total waste of tax payer dollars
migraine_in_qcy - Adams County Board to vote on quarter cent sales tax to build jail - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal
There are very few truly victimless crimes. If you look at Quincy, the arrests and names you see over and over again aren't usually getting picked up for smoking a joint, they're getting arrested for cooking and selling meth. Many times they're putting kids in danger, and the majority of the time they're also sucking from the public teat instead of cleaning up their act and getting…
UrKidsWillPay - QPS Board approves higher 2014 tax levy - Quincy, IL News -
Bud, to his credit, is one of the only board members that ever sets foot in the schools. During one of his visits, he found a book in a second grade classroom he took an interest in and asked the teacher if he could borrow it, bless his heart.

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Ebay joins other tech giants in dumping conservative lobbying group ALEC

19 minutes ago

Ebay Inc said on Thursday that it will end its association with the American Legislative Exchange Council, a political group that other tech companies dropped earlier this year due to its views on climate change. “After our annual review of eBay Inc’s memberships in trade associations...
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Lawsuit accuses Penn. cops of refusing to help dying suspect after shooting him 16 times

28 minutes ago

An $8 million federal civil rights lawsuit accused two Pennsylvania police officers of failing to help a suspect who was dying after being shot at least 16 times, the the York Dispatch reported. Footage of the encounter shows Cpl. Gregory Hadfield and Officer James Miller seemingly reassuring each...
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Sen. Marco Rubio: GOP will ‘look at all our options’ to block Obama’s new plan for U.S.-Cuba relations

1 hour, 53 minutes ago

Republicans in Congress searched on Thursday for a strategy to sink or at least slow President Barack Obama’s plan to normalize U.S. relations with Cuba, drawing a shrug from the White House. They floated ideas to fight the Democrat Obama’s moves to forge ties and expand commercial ties...
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Austin cop retires after ranting to reporter, ‘You act like a whore, you get treated like one’

2 hours, 10 minutes ago

A police officer in Austin, Texas left the department after finding out that his derogatory comments about women to a local reporter would be made public. KUT-FM reporter Joy Díaz said on Thursday that she was approached by Officer Andrew Petrowski while she was covering a police-related story and...
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Colorado braces for Supreme Court fight over legal marijuana after lawsuit from Nebraska and Oklahoma

3 hours, 2 minutes ago

Nebraska and Oklahoma challenged neighboring Colorado’s recreational marijuana laws in the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday amid complaints its pot was seeping across their borders, and Colorado vowed to defend its laws. Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning said he joined Oklahoma in filing...
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Researchers say Egyptian burial site contains more than 1 million mummies

3 hours, 20 minutes ago

Archaeologists at Brigham Young University said they are confident that a recently-discovered burial site in Egypt has more than 1 million mummies stored inside, Live Science reported. The 300-acre cemetery, named Fag el-Gamous (“Way of the Water Buffalo”) after a nearby road contains...
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Five common misconceptions about that flu you may — or may not — have

4 hours, 24 minutes ago

It’s that time of the year again. You probably think I mean Christmas, but as a virologist the sight of glitter, fairy lights and moulting pine trees immediately makes me think of the flu season. And if there’s one thing that can ruin your family’s Christmas, it’s the arrival of that particular...
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Fewer births and divorces, more violence: how the Great Recession affected the American family

4 hours, 30 minutes ago

Observers may be quick to declare social trends “good” or “bad” for families, but such conclusions are rarely justified. What’s good for one family – or group of families – may be bad for another. And within families, interests do not always align. Divorce is “bad” for a family in the sense of...
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Microbes played a significant role in human evolution, study says

5 hours, 5 minutes ago

Chuck Bednar for – Your Universe Online Human children remain dependent on their parents far longer than other animals, and elderly people live a comparably long time after their reproductive cycles have come to an end. What causes this unusual phenomenon? Researchers from New York...
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Jefferson historian condemns Nativity displays: ‘Religious freedom is not a matter of majority vote’

5 hours, 56 minutes ago

A historian who specializes in religious freedom and Thomas Jefferson this week tried to set the record straight for Christians who were upset because Satanists intended to put up a holiday display at the Michigan Capitol. After learning that an out-of-state Christian group had withdrawn its...
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WATCH: The 10 best moments from The Colbert Report

6 hours ago

From ‘truthiness’ to the rally to restore sanity and/or fear, Stephen Colbert, whose show ends tonight, created some of the sharpest political satire TV has seen Stephen Colbert is dead . Well, I should say that “Stephen Colbert,” the dim-witted egomaniac played by Stephen Colbert on The Colbert...
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Fakeup: How female prisoners in the US ‘ad-lib’ their cosmetics

6 hours, 16 minutes ago

In US prisons, women have limited access to cosmetics and hair products. Their only option is to improvise, leading to a phenomenon called ‘fakeup’. Writer Simone Weichselbaum, who originally reported on the story, explains more Orange is the New Black, the women’s prison drama based on a true...
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Rikers Island prison faces federal lawsuit over ‘culture of violence’ against teens

6 hours, 22 minutes ago

New York mayor announces end to solitary confinement of adolescents as filing slams ‘rampant unnecessary force’, little staff accountability Federal prosecutors sued the city of New York on Thursday over what a Justice Department investigation called a “pervasive and deep-seated culture of...
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Iowa candidate running to replace Joni Ernst charged with sexual assault in Nebraska

7 hours ago

A candidate who is running to replace U.S. Senator-elect Joni Ernst (R) in the Iowa state Senate has been charged with sexual assault in Nebraska. Donald Brantz, a 69-year-old Libertarian candidate, was charged with “third-degree sexual assault, third-degree assault, disturbing the peace and...
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Brad Pitt ‘too distracting’ to serve on Los Angeles jury

7 hours, 6 minutes ago

Brad Pitt has been turned down for jury duty in Los Angeles after being deemed too much of a distraction. The 51-year-old actor and producer turned up to the Los Angeles criminal court on 11 December after receiving a summons, reports MailOnline . He was interviewed, along with a number of other...
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White House says officials considering response to cyber attack on Sony

7 hours, 8 minutes ago

The White House said on Thursday that U.S. officials were treating a cyber attack on Sony Pictures as a serious national security matter and that President Barack Obama’s National Security Council was considering a proportionate response. Obama’s top national security officials have met...
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Obama will sign Russia sanctions bill without imposing new penalties: White House

7 hours, 9 minutes ago

U.S. President Barack Obama will sign a Russian sanctions bill passed by the U.S. Congress but will not yet use the legislation to impose new penalties on Moscow, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Thursday. Earnest, briefing reporters, reiterated that the United States is prepared to roll...
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Michele Bachmann: I destroyed liberal arguments with my superior logic

7 hours, 15 minutes ago

As she nears the end of her tenure in Congress, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) reflected back on her adversarial relationship with liberals. “Well, telling the truth bothers them,” Bachmann said. “They don’t like to have the truth told about them, and that’s really what it is. I didn’t fear the left....
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Reza Aslan explains why conservatives think Obama is a Muslim

7 hours, 26 minutes ago

Conservatives who claim that Barack Obama is really a Muslim don’t actually think the president is a follower of Islam, according to religious scholar Reza Aslan. They are just using the label to “otherize” him. “Islam has become the by-word for whatever is foreign and...
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Atheist Sam Harris rips the head of the National Institute of Health for pushing religious ‘bullsh*t’

7 hours, 42 minutes ago

Neuroscientist Sam Harris had some harsh words for one of the nation’s top scientists during a recent podcast. The outspoken atheist said that Francis Collins, the current head of the National Institute of Health and the former director of the international Human Genome Project, was an...
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Bill O’Reilly tells Martin Luther King III: Blacks should be wearing ‘Don’t Get Pregnant at 14′ shirts

8 hours, 5 minutes ago

On last night’s episode of The O’Reilly Factor, the Fox host told Martin Luther King III — the eldest son of the slain Civil Rights leader — that instead of wearing “I Can’t Breathe” shirts, those protesting police brutality should instead wear ones that...
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Kansas mom stabs son to death while he sleeps: It’s ‘better for him to go to heaven tonight’

8 hours, 30 minutes ago

A Kansas mother has been charged with the chilling death of her 10-year-old son, who she allegedly stabbed to death while he was sleeping because she thought he would be better off in heaven. In a Sunday night 911 call to Wellington police, 33-year-old Lindsey Nicole Blansett explained to...
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Fact-checkers tear apart Dick Cheney’s pro-torture interviews

8 hours, 42 minutes ago

Former Vice President Dick Cheney (R) did a short press junket earlier this month to defend his administration’s actions regarding the CIA’s “Enhanced Interrogation” programs, which a Senate report characterized as torture. On Thursday, Mediaite reported that multiple...
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Religion’s universality doesn’t make it true

9 hours, 1 minute ago

It’ll make them fussy to point this out, but it’s true: Whenever a conservative Christian claims that “God” says something, he’s speaking for himself. “God wants women to be housewives”, for instance, means, “I, the conservative Christian douchebag,...
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Pair charged in rape of Texas girl whose assault was mocked on social media

9 hours, 3 minutes ago

Two suspects have been charged in the gang rape of a teenage Texas girl who discovered videos and images of the attack on social media. Prosecutors said 19-year-old Clinton Onyeahialam and a 16-year-old boy sexually assaulted the girl known as Jada, who spoke out publicly about the experience. The...
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South Carolina Tea Party invites opponent of interracial marriage to speak at its convention

9 hours, 9 minutes ago

The South Carolina Tea Party Coalition has scheduled a white nationalist — and self-described “Confederate Cuban” — to speak at its convention in January, the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights (IREHR) reports. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center,...
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Clinton and Bush, again? Is US democracy a family affair?

9 hours, 31 minutes ago

Jeb Bush has announced he will run for president, and Hillary Clinton is expected to do the same soon. In 2016, the race to the White House could be a family affair. This kind of thing is nothing new in the United States. Examples abound of political dynasties, particularly in Congress. The Kennedy...
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US jobless claims fall for fourth week in row

9 hours, 35 minutes ago

New claims for US unemployment insurance benefits fell last week, sticking to a downward trend as the labor market strengthens. Initial jobless claims, a sign of the pace of layoffs, totaled 289,000 in the week ending December 13, down by 6,000 from the previous week, according to government...
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Putin insists his grip on power is firm and economy will rebound

9 hours, 37 minutes ago

President Vladimir Putin vowed on Thursday that Russia would rapidly recover from its financial crisis and said his grip on power was firm, even as new Western sanctions and a run on the ruble pile on the pressure. The Russian leader, who is locked in a confrontation with the West, showed no...
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Ohio police use pepper spray on crowd lined up for Air Jordans

9 hours, 40 minutes ago

Police used pepper spray on Wednesday to disperse an unruly crowd of about 300 people lined up at a mall in Toledo, Ohio for a chance to buy new Air Jordan sneakers. People began lining up in front of Franklin Park Mall around 3:30 a.m. for tickets passed out by employees of Finish Line, a national...
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Congressman Schock gets a hug.
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Gov. Quinn calls special session for comptroller election
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RT @Neil Irwin: "I am writing sentences about this game because our word processing system doesn't have poop emoji"
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