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qfingers - GREDF supports Quincy School Building Referendum - Quincy, IL News -
Problem with all of these studies is a lack of strong scientific support in the conclusions. You can't control "for other variables" with any real chance of veracity. We will...on the other hand...have a small experiment here which should give a good indication of the truth of these ideas. Kids in the new schools should perform notably better (11%???) then the ones still stuck in the old ones.…
WarCry - GREDF supports Quincy School Building Referendum - Quincy, IL News - "A study of the District of Columbia school system found, after controlling for other variables such as a student's socioeconomic status, that students' standardized achievement scores were lower in schools with poor building conditions.…
pjohnf - Local unemployment rates drop - Quincy, IL News -
This means nothing unless it's the E6 number. If it's the E3 number it's a lie. The real unemployment number , E 6, nation wide is close to 12%.
Stupid_Dems - GREDF supports Quincy School Building Referendum - Quincy, IL News -
Hey simpleton! I got one thing to say to you: Audie Murphy. I'd rather be short physically than short mentally like you cry baby!
UrKidsWillPay - GREDF supports Quincy School Building Referendum - Quincy, IL News -
Short People got no reason Short People got no reason Short People got no reason To live They got little hands Little eyes They walk around Tellin' great big lies They got little noses And tiny little teeth They wear platform shoes On their nasty little feet Well, I don't want no Short People Don't want no Short People Don't want no Short People `Round here Short People got nobody…

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Ralph Nader urges Apple to reduce buybacks and raise wages: WSJ

15 minutes ago

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader sent a letter to Apple Inc Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook urging the company to reduce its spending on share buybacks and use the money to raise wages, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. The five-time presidential candidate wrote in a letter published by the...
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Ebola death toll tops 4,900 as virus spreads: WHO

23 minutes ago

The death toll from the Ebola epidemic rose to 4,922 out of 10,141 known cases in eight countries through Oct. 23, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday. The virus, which reached Mali through a two-year-old girl who died on Friday, now threatens Ivory Coast, having infected people...
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Google exec Alan Eustace makes record skydive from edge of space

4 hours, 53 minutes ago

A Google executive set a new record Friday by jumping successfully from near the top of the stratosphere — some 135,000 feet, or 41,000 meters high, his project website said. The record dive by 57-year-old Alan Eustace, who is a “senior vice president of knowledge” at Google, was...
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Grateful for US strikes, Syrian Kurds name baby ‘Obama’

4 hours, 58 minutes ago

Sultan Muslim, a Syrian Kurd, had no doubt what to name her seventh child when he was born, safely in Turkey, after a harrowing month-long flight from her home in Kobane: Obama. Desperate to flee the flashpoint Syrian border town, the heavily pregnant mother, her husband and six other children made...
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Israeli troops kill US-Palestinian teen in West Bank

5 hours ago

Washington confirmed that a Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli troops was a US citizen — the second time this week an American child has fallen victim to the ongoing conflict. The army said that the youth killed Friday had been about to hurl a petrol bomb at Israeli motorists near the...
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Iran hangs 26-year-old woman in defiance of international campaign to spare her life

5 hours, 6 minutes ago

Iran executed Saturday a 26-year-old woman who had spent five years on death row for the murder of a former intelligence official, defying international pressure to spare her life. Reyhaneh Jabbari was hanged at dawn, the official IRNA news agency quoted the Tehran prosecutor’s office as...
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PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk explains her ‘unique’ will: BBQ me and send my eyeballs to the EPA

8 hours, 43 minutes ago

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) president and co-founder Ingrid Newkirk is putting her life and death into activism—literally. On Wednesday afternoon, Newkirk published her “unique” last will and testament, where she has “divvied up the parts” of her own body to alleviate animal...
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Meet 5 kick-ass women advocating for abortion rights

8 hours, 47 minutes ago

Texas recently tried to shut down a majority of their abortion clinics when the Supreme Court was (sort-of) like, no. “The Supreme Court’s decision only temporarily and partially prevents the Texas law from going into effect while the 5th Circuit finishes hearing the case,” Casey Mattox,...
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Is Hulu silently advocating for Colorado’s scary ‘personhood’ amendment?

9 hours, 1 minute ago

As Americans gear up to cast their votes in this year’s midterm elections, political ads are saturating their experiences on every media outlet they choose. But not all platforms are giving each side equal airtime. Hulu, the popular online video-streaming service owned by 21st Century Fox, the Walt...
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Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker based ‘living wage’ ruling on restaurant industry study

9 hours, 6 minutes ago

Under pressure to raise the state’s minimum wage, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker confidently declared that there was no need. Low-wage workers had filed a complaint charging that the state’s minimum wage — $7.25 — did not constitute a “living wage” as mandated by...
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Watch: Louis CK crashes Brad Pitt’s hilariously awkward ‘Between Two Ferns’ interview

9 hours, 47 minutes ago

In a hilarious turn, Brad Pitt appeared on Zach Galifianakis’s send-up interview show ‘Between Two Ferns,’ and true to form, the host hurled one insulting question after another at Pitt (or Bradley Pitts, as Galifiniakis introduced him.) In the middle of this excruciatingly...
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Maher shreds Gov. Brownback: ‘Zombie lie’ of trickle-down has driven KS into financial ruin

10 hours, 13 minutes ago

Real Time host Bill Maher blasted Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) on Friday for dragging his state into financial ruin through the “zombie lie” of trickle-down economics and using a trumped-up “scandal” to distract voters. “Even Dorothy doesn’t want to go home to...
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Cornel West battles Bill Maher: Don’t judge all of Islam as ‘right-wing’

10 hours, 41 minutes ago

Activist Cornel West pushed back against Real Time host Bill Maher’s criticisms of Islam on Friday, arguing that Maher should not treat it as a cultural monolith. “Based on brother Bill’s argument, the history of Christianity killing Jews, or the history of American Christians...
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‘Some sh*ts gonna go down’: Wash. HS shooter expressed anger and sadness online

12 hours, 20 minutes ago

A high school student believed to have shot to death a classmate and wounded four others on Friday at his campus north of Seattle was a popular homecoming prince but appeared on social media as a heart broken and sometimes angry adolescent. Police offered no motive for why Jaylen Fryberg, a...
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Fox contributor Pastor Robert Jeffress tells O’Reilly: ‘Islam is a false religion’

12 hours, 38 minutes ago

Fox News contributor Pastor Robert Jeffress insisted on Friday that he “prayed” for individual Muslims while denouncing their religion as a whole in an interview with host Bill O’Reilly. “You have to tell the truth, Bill,” Jeffress said. “And the truth is, Islam...
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Stephen Hawking comes to Facebook, urges fans: ‘Be curious, I know I will forever be’

13 hours, 23 minutes ago

Author and cosmologist Stephen Hawking addressed the more than 1 million fans of his Facebook page on Friday, Mashable reported. “I have always wondered what makes the universe exist. Time and space may forever be a mystery, but that has not stopped my pursuit,” Hawking’s post...
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Autopsy reveals St. Louis officer shot 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers seven times

14 hours, 10 minutes ago

A white off-duty St. Louis police officer shot a black teenager six times in the back of the legs and once in the side of the head in what was likely a fatal wound, a doctor who performed a private autopsy for the teen’s family said on Friday. The shooting of Vonderrit Myers, 18, in a St....
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Mississippi Supreme Court rejects Chris McDaniel’s Senate election challenge

14 hours, 45 minutes ago

The Mississippi Supreme Court on Friday rejected former U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel’s election challenge in which he alleged incumbent U.S. Senator Thad Cochran stole the Republican primary vote. In a split decision, justices affirmed a lower court ruling dismissing McDaniel’s case, saying...
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Wash. state school shooting suspect identified as popular freshman athlete

14 hours, 58 minutes ago

A student fatally shot one classmate and wounded four others when he opened fire in the cafeteria of his Washington state high school on Friday, following a fight with fellow students, authorities said. The shooter took his own life as Marysville-Pilchuck High School students scrambled to safety in...
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‘This is just bullsh*t’: Texas woman says state trooper harassed her over getting voter ID

15 hours, 46 minutes ago

A Texas woman was harassed by a state trooper while attempting to obtain the special ID required for voters, MSNBC reported on Friday. “I’m 62 years old,” Lynne Messinger said about the encounter. “I’ve been voting for a long time, and this is just bullsh*t.”...
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Deputy gravely wounded, three others hurt in California shooting spree

16 hours, 37 minutes ago

A California sheriff’s deputy is in grave condition and three others were wounded in a shooting spree that started in a motel parking lot in Sacramento on Friday, authorities said. The incident began on Friday morning in the parking lot of a Motel 6 when a deputy approached a vehicle...
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Utah man shot and killed by SWAT team after calling suicide hotline

17 hours, 25 minutes ago

Authorities in Roy, Utah are investigating a 35-year-old man’s shooting death at the hands of a police SWAT team hours after he phoned a suicide prevention hotline seeking help. KTVX-TV reported that Jose Calzada called the hotline around 4 a.m. on Tuesday threatening to kill himself inside...
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WATCH: Bystanders at Dallas Airport stop antigay attack by piling on drunk bully

18 hours, 17 minutes ago

In the video embedded below, an apparently intoxicated man attacks another passenger who he believes is gay. Within seconds, a number of bystanders leap into action to take the attacker down and hold him until police can handcuff him and lead him away. The video is dated Thursday, October 23, and...
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Texas man charged with raping two girls, ages 2 and 14, infecting them with HIV

18 hours, 27 minutes ago

A Houston man has been arrested on charges of sexually assaulting two girls, ages 14 and 2, and infecting them with sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, police said on Friday. The man admitted to sexually assaulting the teenage victim multiple times, police said in a statement. A lawyer for...
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Annie Lennox avoids talking about lynching while talking about a song about lynching

18 hours, 57 minutes ago

Appearing on Tavis Talks with host Tavis Smiley, popular singer Annie Lennox gave a long and rambling description of the Billie Holiday classic Strange Fruit, while avoiding  mentioning the specific  topic of the song; the lynching of African-Americans in the old south. Lennox is currently...
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US seeking to confirm if Islamic State militants used chlorine gas

19 hours, 20 minutes ago

Washington is seeking more information on reports that Islamic State militants used chlorine gas against Iraqi police officers last month, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday. The top US diplomat told reporters he could not confirm the reports, but said the United States took all such...
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Obama to meet with Texas nurse cured of Ebola

19 hours, 24 minutes ago

President Barack Obama will meet Friday with Nina Pham, one of two US nurses who has been cured of Ebola, the White House said. The meeting will take place in the Oval Office at 1:30 pm (1730 GMT), the White House said shortly after the National Institutes of Health held a news conference with Pham...
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Breitbart’s Gamergate defender: The Internet is in no way ‘specifically hostile’ to women

19 hours, 33 minutes ago

During an at-times contentious discussion on Thursday’s edition of NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook, “Gamergate” writer and associate editor Milo Yiannopoulos argued that the gaming community is being attacked from the outside by “feminist bullies”...
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Plants can tell when they’re being eaten, and they don’t like it

19 hours, 56 minutes ago

Plants can sense when a predator is eating their leaves, and they take steps to stop it. Researchers at the University of Missouri conducted a study using thale cress, which is closely related to broccoli, kale, mustard greens, and cabbage, reported Modern Farmer. The plant, which is known by the...
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Two dead, six injured after shooter opens fire at Washington state high school

19 hours, 57 minutes ago

A shooting at the Marysville-Pilchuck High School left the school in lockdown, The Seattle Times reports. At least 20 police cars and multiple ambulances responded to the scene, where authorities believe at least 6 people have been injured and two students killed. Witnesses say that the shootings...
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QuincyJournal 19 minutes ago

Kahn named to QU Board of Trustees
QuincyJournal on Twitter

QuincyJournal 19 minutes ago

Quinn, Durbin to drop in Monday for Port Authority announcement
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 11 hours, 15 minutes ago

RT @williamfleitch: You know, for living in such a cool, diverse city, San Franciscans sure do lose their sh-t when they see Steve Perry or…
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 11 hours, 16 minutes ago

RT @SharylAttkisson: wonder why pres. obama would exert exec. privilege to keep secret their emails about my news reports and FOI requests?