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harry114 - Child shot and killed in Quincy - Quincy, IL News -
What in the he## was a 12 yr old doing out that time of night?
UJacks1 - Quincy Meth Bust on N 10th - Quincy, IL News -
Does QPD now have a 'special vehicle' to transport the meth chemicals and equipment to the evidence lockup? How are such 'dangerous' chemicals, etc. stored ? What requirements does the city have for the property owner, renter, or landlord for the clean-up of meth infested areas? What about regulations regarding hotel and motel clean-up after a meth bust? I believe the state of IL…
UJacks1 - Schock says he leaves Congress with sadness, humility - Quincy, IL News -
His sadness comes from getting caught and having to leave Congress' bennie - no more no less.
UJacks1 - Apple CEO Tim Cook to donate his fortune - Quincy, IL News -
Maybe Illinois can file for a grant from Cook so IL can pay off its debt?? IL could add more to Medicaid, including that 100000 in Cook County alone. Cook - Cook County - there's the connection IL has been looking for - claim to be a relative, a nephew even.
Givemeliberty - Reform panel seeks 25 percent drop in prison population - Quincy, IL News -
Its seems like they should be able to move faster than a 2025 goal, but anywho lets start examining and releasing those imprisoned for victimless crimes, and set up a work release program for those who are capable to work a full wage private sector job paying back whoever they wronged, then putting the rest towards room and board. There are ways to pay for things without taxes.

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Schock says he leaves Congress with sadness, humility

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Pope Francis under pressure after appointing bishop suspected of protecting a pedofile priest

46 minutes ago

Pope Francis’s decision to appoint a Chilean bishop suspected of protecting a paedophile priest has alarmed the Vatican’s own child protection watchdog, its members told AFP. Several members of the new commission set up by the pope to stamp out child abuse in the Catholic Church...
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WATCH: Patrick Stewart’s new comedy series looks like brutal, hilarious O’Reilly takedown

1 hour, 14 minutes ago

This summer, the Starz network will begin airing Blunt Talk, a comedy series featuring Patrick Stewart as a cocaine-snorting, liquored-up cable news shouter who appears to be modeled on Fox News’ top talker Bill O’Reilly with maybe a bit of Piers Morgan stirred in for color. “Why...
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There’s a very good reason why black people despise mainstream media

1 hour, 34 minutes ago

New study shows how the media over-reports black crime and goes out of its way to hyper-criminalize us....
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Japanese whaling ships return home from Antarctic with no catch

2 hours, 8 minutes ago

Japanese whaling ships returned home from the Antarctic on Saturday for the first time in nearly 30 years with no catch onboard, after a UN court ordered an end to their annual hunt, local media reported. The two ships — the 724-ton Yushinmaru and the 747-ton Daini (No 2) Yushinmaru —...
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Here are 9 things many Americans just don’t understand — compared to the rest of the world

2 hours, 53 minutes ago

Americans' lack of worldliness clouds their views on everything from economics to sex to religion....
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Minnesota college cancels baseball season following hazing investigation

3 hours, 17 minutes ago

St. Olaf College in Minnesota has canceled the remainder of its baseball season following an investigation of hazing committed by players on the team, education officials said on Friday. The Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, a NCAA Division III league comprised of 13 private...
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Protecting parents over children: The shameless hypocrisy at the heart of right-wing Christianity

3 hours, 36 minutes ago

Why do the same people who fight against abortion argue that parents should have the right to beat their children and deny them medical care or education, as some conservative Republicans have done recently? How can someone oppose family planning because a pill or IUD might have the rare and...
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Colorado will defend marijuana law against lawsuit from Oklahoma and Nebraska

4 hours, 2 minutes ago

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman announced Friday that the state will defend its legalization of marijuana for sale medicinally and recreationally against a lawsuit filed by the attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma. Friday was the final day for Colorado to respond to the lawsuit,...
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Anti-austerity protest in Montreal declared Illegal

4 hours, 15 minutes ago

Thousands of Canadians continued an ongoing protest in downtown Montreal on Friday night against the Quebec government’s austerity programs for the city. The riot police declared the gathering illegal just one hour after protests began and bombarded the protesters with tear gas and stun grenades,...
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Ex-University of Mississippi student charged with hanging noose on statue of university’s first African American student

4 hours, 23 minutes ago

Federal civil rights charges have been brought against a former student of the University of Mississippi, accused of draping a noose and a flag with Confederate markings last year on a statue commemorating the start of racial integration on campus in the 1960s. The US Department of Justice...
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Sarah Palin: Americans who join ISIS should lose citizenship:

4 hours, 36 minutes ago

Message to would-be ISIS recruits: Sarah Palin doesn’t want you back. The former Alaska governor and current media firebrand said in a Facebook post Friday that Americans who leave the country to join a foreign terrorist organization should be stripped of their citizenship. “As crazy as it sounds,...
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Germanwings co-pilot told ex-girlfriend he wanted to be ‘remembered’: report

4 hours, 40 minutes ago

Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings co-pilot that authorities believe deliberately crashed a commercial airliner this week, killing himself and 149 others, told a former girlfriend that he wanted to do something spectacular that would “change the system” and make everyone remember him, according to an...
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What rising gay support means for France’s far-right National Front

4 hours, 45 minutes ago

Sebastien Chenu, a former gay activist, does not seem a typical member of France’s far-right National Front (FN), a party accused of deeply reactionary views with a history of homophobia. “The National Front is the only party whose leader is a woman and its deputy leader is gay,”...
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Joint US-Russian crew prepares for year-long stay on International Space Station

11 hours, 38 minutes ago

A Russian Soyuz rocket blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Friday, sending a U.S.-Russia crew to the International Space Station for a year-long flight, a NASA Television broadcast showed. The capsule holding NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, 51, and cosmonauts Mikhail Kornienko,...
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NYC Mayor de Blasio: Tapped gas line could have caused East Village explosion

11 hours, 48 minutes ago

NEW YORK — Someone may have improperly tapped a gas line before an explosion that leveled three apartment buildings and injured nearly two dozen people, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday as firefighters soaked the still-smoldering buildings and police searched for at least two missing people....
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Florist in Washington state fined for refusing to serve same-sex wedding

11 hours, 54 minutes ago

A judge in Washington state on Friday fined a florist $1,000 after she refused to sell flower arrangements for a gay couple’s wedding, officials said. Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who along with the couple — Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed — sued florist...
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Bill Maher dismantles Mike Huckabee’s platform: ‘This country is not Bubbaville anymore’

12 hours, 8 minutes ago

Real Time host Bill Maher challenged Mike Huckabee’s contention that “flyover country” is drastically different from New York or Los Angeles on Friday, pointing out that his stand-up appearances draw well in states where Huckabee is popular. “I think I know...
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Bill Maher and panelists slam Ted Cruz for claiming 9/11 made him a country music fan

12 hours, 57 minutes ago

Real Time host Bill Maher and his panelists on Friday laughed at Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) statement this week that he became a country music fan in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. “Ted Cruz’s mind goes, ‘Ooh, an opportunity to lie,’” Maher said. “It’s not...
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Benghazi committee chair accuses Hillary Clinton of cleaning out her email server

14 hours, 1 minute ago

The Republican chairman of a U.S. House of Representatives committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi attacks said on Friday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had failed to respond to the panel’s subpoena for documents in the case. Representative Trey Gowdy said Clinton had not...
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Meet ‘Yawunik kootenayi’: Researchers unearth 508-million-year-old sea creature’s fossil in Canada

14 hours, 20 minutes ago

A fossil site in the Canadian Rockies that provides a wondrous peek into life on Earth more than half a billion years ago has offered up the remains of an intriguing sea creature, a four-eyed arthropod predator that wielded a pair of spiky claws. Scientists said on Friday they unearthed nicely...
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White supremacist Frazier Glenn Cross pleads not guilty in Kansas Jewish center killings

14 hours, 29 minutes ago

A Missouri white supremacist charged with fatally shooting three people outside two Jewish centers in a Kansas City suburb last April and trying to kill others pleaded not guilty on Friday. Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., 74, a former senior member of the Ku Klux Klan who had expressed a hatred for Jews,...
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Italian Supreme Court overturns Amanda Knox’s murder conviction

15 hours, 18 minutes ago

Italy’s top court on Friday threw out Amanda Knox’s conviction for the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher, bringing a sensational end to an eight-year legal drama that has gripped a global audience. Judges at the Court of Cassation also quashed all charges against...
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‘Closed for business’: Arkansas’ Indiana-style anti-LGBT bill could spur massive tech boycott

15 hours, 35 minutes ago

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s (R) reported efforts to attract the tech industry to his state are at risk of being undermined by the advancement of a “religious freedom” bill. Talking Points Memo reported on Friday that Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized state House Bill 1228 online,...
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California Gov. Jerry Brown signs $1 billion emergency drought relief package

16 hours, 49 minutes ago

California Governor Jerry Brown signed emergency legislation on Friday that fast-tracks over $1 billion in funding for drought relief and water infrastructure within the parched state. California is in its fourth year of a record-breaking drought, prompting officials to issue strict statewide...
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Stephen King hammers Maine governor for doubling down: ‘He’s not man enough to admit he made a mistake’

17 hours, 1 minute ago

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) refused to back down in his dispute with author Stephen King, while also doubling down on his call to abolish the state income tax, the Bangor Daily News reported. “Just make me the villain of your next book and I won’t charge you royalties,” LePage said...
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Private emails reveal ex-Clinton aide’s secret spy network

17 hours, 16 minutes ago

This story was co-published with Gawker. Starting weeks before Islamic militants attacked the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, longtime Clinton family confidante Sidney Blumenthal supplied intelligence to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gathered by a secret network that included...
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No, things have not gotten tense between the sexes

17 hours, 23 minutes ago

Updated the headline, in which I dropped the word “not”, making this so confusing. So Esquire is doing a Women & Men issue. Most of the writers who contribute are smart, thoughtful people with nuanced takes, so this is not a slam on any of them. They are not to blame for the framing...
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Jury rules against Reddit interim CEO Ellen Pao in Silicon Valley gender bias case

18 hours, 30 minutes ago

A California jury cleared venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers of gender discrimination in a high profile lawsuit brought by female former partner Ellen Pao. The jury decided that gender was not the reason Kleiner did not promote Pao, and that it did not retaliate against her...
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Video shows Berkeley homeless man punched in the face by ‘hospitality ambassador’

20 hours, 9 minutes ago

Violent footage emerged on Thursday that appears to show a hospitality ambassador for a Berkeley downtown business association attacking a homeless man, who was blamed for the incident and later charged with a count of misdemeanor battery. John Caner, CEO of the Downtown Berkeley Association (DBA),...
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GOP congressman who criticized Ted Cruz inundated with ‘vulgar’ messages from his supporters

20 hours, 16 minutes ago

New York Representative Peter King (R) complained to The Washington Post today that since Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced he was running for the GOP presidential nomination, his followers have been leaving “vulgar” and “adolescent” messages. Earlier this week, King told CNN...
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Child shot and killed in Quincy - Police confirm incident happened Saturday morning
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Cubs crush four homers against former ace
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Kristol Podcast: Is Schumer Too Pro-Israel to Get Support of Senate Democrats for Leader?
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Reid picks Schumer over Durbin