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CordellWalker - And now it’s time to say goodbye - Quincy, IL News -
Quijote57 - And now it’s time to say goodbye - Quincy, IL News -
Will we need a new commenting account or will you still use IntenseDebate?
tpfaffe - Raiders and Blue Devils back in action tonight on QJTV - Quincy, IL News -
Is QHS being broadcasted tonight. It says channel 1 but there is no channel 1 on your site. Want to watch.
eaglebeaky - Man charged in death of 9-year-old girl in Ferguson - Quincy, IL News -
I'm so glad to hear that they caught somebody for this! Such a heartbreaking, senseless loss. :-( R.I.P. Jamyla.
eaglebeaky - Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at IL Vets Home - Quincy, IL News -
I also just wanted to add... I've got a family member residing at the Veterans' Home and thankfully, it seems that the facility IS taking this situation extremely seriously (along with the county Health Dept, and the state's Dept of Veterans' Affairs). I got an email from my brother late last night; he had been in touch with various staff and administrators at the Veterans'…

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23 Legionnaires’ cases now reported at IL Vets Home Updated

Durham man shot by police

No arrests days after fatal shooting of girl, 9, in Ferguson, Missouri Video

BG man arrested; broke man’s ankle w/car

And now it’s time to say goodbye

Real Estate Transfers August 17th thru 21st

Vester Lee Flanagan II, aka Bryce Williams, Named as Suspect in Live TV Shooting in Virginia Video

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Russian tech mogul Eugene Kaspersky threatened to ‘rub out’ rival antivirus maker

2 hours, 37 minutes ago

In 2009, Eugene Kaspersky, co-founder of one of the world’s top security companies, told some of his lieutenants that they should attack rival antivirus software maker AVG Technologies N.V. by “rubbing them out in the outhouse,” one of several previously undisclosed emails shows....
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Los Angeles effort to host 2024 Summer Olympics gets a boost ahead of City Council vote

2 hours, 43 minutes ago

A committee of the Los Angeles City Council voted on Friday to support an effort to bring the 2024 Summer Olympics to Los Angeles, ahead of a deadline next month for U.S. Olympic organizers to decide on an American city to bid for the games. The U.S. Olympic Committee has turned to Los Angeles...
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New Mexico’s Republican secretary of state charged with embezzlement and fraud

2 hours, 51 minutes ago

New Mexico’s Democratic attorney general filed a 64-count criminal case against Republican Secretary of State Dianna Duran on Friday, accusing her of embezzlement, money-laundering, campaign finance violations and other offenses, his office said. A spokesman for Attorney General Hector...
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Bill Maher tells Josh Duggar: It’s not a porn addiction — ‘Dude, you’re just horny’

3 hours, 1 minute ago

Bill Maher closed Real Time on Friday by questioning both the “female Viagra” and the push to put unnatural boundaries on peoples’ sex drive — which brought him to Josh Duggar and his two accounts on the affair match-making site Ashley Madison. “He was seeking tall...
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Sarah Palin and Trump complain about ‘gotcha questions’ after he can’t name favorite Bible verse

3 hours, 39 minutes ago

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Donald Trump shared gripes on Friday over what Palin has characterized as an unfair question — which verse from the Bible Trump likes the most. “I listened to that going, ‘Do they ask Hilary that? What does it have to do with running for the...
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Sweden and Ecuador will discuss letting prosecutors question Julian Assange on rape allegations

4 hours, 33 minutes ago

Swedish officials will meet their Ecuadorian counterparts on Monday to find a way for Swedish prosecutors to question WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over a rape allegation. “It is the first time that we are going to meet and we will discuss a general agreement for judicial cooperation...
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Tropical Storm Erica threatens Haiti after killing at least 12 in Dominican Republic

4 hours, 39 minutes ago

Tropical Storm Erika left at least 12 people dead when it swept over the island of Dominica on Friday before rolling on to pummel the Dominican Republic and menace Haiti. While crews rushed to search for survivors and clean up scenes of chaos on Caribbean islands, Haitian authorities issued travel...
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Federal trade commission clears Microsoft of patent infringement accusations

4 hours, 48 minutes ago

Microsoft Corp avoided a potentially costly setback to its mobile phone business on Friday as the U.S. International Trade Commission declined to block the import of its devices in a longstanding patent dispute. The decision rejected a ruling in April by a U.S. trade judge who found that Microsoft...
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Oath Keepers and Tea Partiers want to turn upstate New York into ‘New Amsterdam’

5 hours, 23 minutes ago

A coalition of groups including members of the Tea Party and the Oath Keepers are planning a rally on Sunday in support of their plan to split New York state into two “autonomous regions,” Gawker reported. The “Let My People Go” event, as it has been dubbed, will call for...
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Why you shouldn’t believe that coworker who says they are ‘immune to hangovers’

7 hours, 26 minutes ago

Going into work after a night of heavy drinking is always difficult, and having to sit next to that one coworker who brags about “never getting hangovers” doesn’t make things much better. If you’ve ever questioned the validity of that claim, you’re not alone. Recently, a...
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Baptist college president’s affair revealed in shocking video shot by his son

7 hours, 35 minutes ago

A video posted this week shows the former president of a Baptist college in South Carolina caught during a rendezvous with a woman who is not his wife, the Greenvile News reported. The footage shows a man identified as Paul Epting telling his father, Jimmy Epting, “It’s over dad. This...
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Oregon priest flees for the Philippines after being accused of hiding camera in mens’ bathroom

8 hours, 8 minutes ago

Authorities in the Philippines are searching for a Catholic priest from Oregon who went missing while facing criminal charges for allegedly hiding a camera in a church bathroom, officials with the Archdiocese of Portland said on Friday. Father Ysrael Bien is accused of personal invasion of privacy,...
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NASA prepares for yearlong six-person isolation experiment in Hawaii

8 hours, 18 minutes ago

Six people are about to shut themselves inside a dome in Hawaii for a year, in the longest US isolation experiment yet aimed at helping NASA prepare for a pioneering journey to Mars. The crew includes a French astrobiologist, a German physicist and four Americans — a pilot, an architect, a...
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Columbia Univ. pushes to stop lawsuit by student accused of raping Emma Sulkowicz

8 hours, 39 minutes ago

Columbia University on Friday asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit by a recent graduate who said it allowed a student who accused him of rape to harass him by carrying a mattress around campus in protest, even though the school had cleared him of the allegation. In a filing in Manhattan...
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Rebekah Brooks will return as CEO for British division of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp

8 hours, 53 minutes ago

British former tabloid news editor Rebekah Brooks is to return to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp as chief executive of its UK division, the Financial Times reported on Friday. Brooks, who formerly edited The Sun and The News of the World, resigned as chief executive in 2011 at the height of a...
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BUSTED: Colorado cops caught obsessing over reporter’s ‘giant boobs’

9 hours, 15 minutes ago

A deputy police sergeant in Durango, Colorado and two unidentified officers could face an investigation after they were caught insulting a local reporter’s body and background on her voicemail, Jezebel reported. The recording captures the sergeant, Zach Farnam, and the officers demeaning...
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WATCH: Bernie Sanders opens can of whoop-ass on Wall Street and ‘billionaire class’ in fiery DNC speech

10 hours, 3 minutes ago

Appearing at the Democratic National Committee summer meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Independent Senator Bernie Sanders delivered a blistering speech hammering income inequality in America and stating that the Democrats will not hold the White House if they continue to deliver...
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Vatican scrambles after Pope Francis offers blessing to lesbian childrens’ book author

10 hours, 4 minutes ago

Pope Francis has sent his blessing to a lesbian author of children’s books dealing with same-sex families, wishing her and her wife well in their work, it emerged on Friday. As Vatican officials scrambled to clarify that the message was simply a standard courtesy which did not signal any...
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Alabama governor who called marriage equality a ‘social experiment’ slapped with divorce papers

10 hours, 12 minutes ago

The governor of Alabama, who is an advocate of “traditional marriage” and has been vocally against same-sex unions, is getting a divorce. Gov. Robert Bentley’s wife on Friday filed for divorce, citing incompatibility of temperament, according to local ABC33. The filing states that...
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Obama insists US-Israel relationship is ‘sacrosanct and non-partisan’

10 hours, 32 minutes ago

President Barack Obama reassured U.S. Jewish groups on Friday that the U.S.-Israel relationship is strong, despite differences over the nuclear deal with Iran, and called for more talks between the two governments on security cooperation. “As soon as this particular debate is over, my hope is...
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New York TSA agent charged with molesting traveler in bogus search

10 hours, 42 minutes ago

A Transportation Security Administration agent at New York’s LaGuardia Airport was arrested after being accused of luring a woman to an airport bathroom under the pretense of a security search and molesting her, authorities said on Friday. The suspect, identified by officials as Maxie...
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Chicago school closure battle intensifies with hunger strike

11 hours, 6 minutes ago

A long-standing battle between activists and the City of Chicago over school closures in minority neighborhoods has intensified with a dozen protesters entering their twelfth day of a hunger strike on Friday over a shuttered high school. Camped out on the lawn in front of Dyett High School in South...
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Planned Parenthood goes to court to fight funding cuts in Alabama

11 hours, 15 minutes ago

Planned Parenthood filed a complaint in Alabama federal on Friday seeking to stop the state from defunding its health clinics after the release of covertly recorded videos attacking the organization’s handling of aborted fetal tissue. The reproductive-health organization took similar legal...
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Lesbian comedian has a dream: ‘I want Bill Cosby to kill himself on live national television’

11 hours, 27 minutes ago

Julie Goldman is just a self-described  “butch lez” comedian with a dream. And that dream is that Bill Cosby kills himself on live national television. Julie, who is currently on tour, has, herself been on television, appearing on shows like The Sopranos, The Mindy Project,...
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Democratic support for Clinton at lowest since 2012: Reuters poll

11 hours, 36 minutes ago

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s support among Democrats has dropped to its lowest point since Reuters/Ipsos began polling on her chances of winning the party’s nomination for the 2016 election almost three years ago. But the former secretary of state still has a lead of more...
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Trump denies he wants to buy Pope’s favorite football team

11 hours, 56 minutes ago

It seems not even bombastic billionaire Donald Trump would go so far as to snatch something so close to the heart of Pope Francis. The combative White House candidate denied on Friday a tabloid story that he was looking to buy the pope’s favorite football club, San Lorenzo in Argentina. Even...
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Former anti-LGBT activist explains why the ‘family values’ crowd is full of hypocrites like Josh Duggar

12 hours, 10 minutes ago

A former anti-gay activist and analyst with the Family Research Council, an extreme Christian organization once associated with Josh Duggar, has blasted Duggar in a Friday op-ed for Yvette Schneider, who is herself a lesbian, has renounced the anti-LGBT movement after...
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American Apocalypse: Millions of right-wing Christians trust ‘End Times’ pastors with their politics — here’s why

12 hours, 23 minutes ago

Would you take advice on politics from a man who believes the end of the world is nigh? The answer for millions of people in the US is yes...
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Virginia governor calls for gun controls after journalists shot

12 hours, 37 minutes ago

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe on Friday vowed to press for gun control reforms following the deaths of two television journalists by a former station employee in an on-air shooting. The pledge by McAuliffe, a Democrat, came as more details emerged about the Wednesday shooting of the journalists...
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Former New Hampshire prep school student Owen Labrie found not guilty of rape

12 hours, 43 minutes ago

A former student of an elite New Hampshire prep school was found not guilty on Friday of raping a 15-year-old girl days before graduation last year in a case that has shone a harsh spotlight on the school’s culture. Owen Labrie, 19, was found not guilty of three felony counts of raping a...
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