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Righty1 - DNC Chair Can\'t Describe difference between Democrat and Socialist - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJourna
There is no difference! They both enjoy taking money from people who work for it and giving it to the leeches. They also have no problem killing the unborn and selling their body parts. They are both selfish and lazy. Neither has any redeeming value in life. In the old days they would have all starved to death do to their failure to plant or harvest food for the winter.
eaglebeaky - Man jumps off Bayview Bridge - Quincy, IL News -
Actually, Hydro, you don't have "every right" to know who the deceased gentleman is (unless you're his next of kin). You merely paid your taxes; that one (insignificant) fact does not give you the "right" to know any darned thing about the man. (Using your logic, the identities and the home addresses of crime victims would be announced every night on the 10 o'clock news, simply to…
pjohnf - California college asks students to choose from SIX genders when filling out admissions forms - Quin
Somebody needs to tell UC Irvine that contrary to what they want to believe, there are only two genders in this world, you're either a male or a female and nature and God determine what you are not how you define yourself.
WarCry - Man jumps off Bayview Bridge - Quincy, IL News -
" tax dollar paid to scoop up his body so I have every right to know who it is." What an incredibly selfish, arrogant, and morbid thing to post. You don't have a RIGHT to know, you just WANT to know and you're making up BS excuses over it. You think you have a 'right" to know because you pay taxes. Guess what, there are a LOT of things like this you'll never know.…
pjohnf - Fuel on the Fire - Quincy, IL News -
I just shake my head when I look at Lurch Kerry's and Obama's naivety when dealing with Iran. Do these two actually believe Iran, as Iran's leaders shout death to America? The Iranian nuke deal is a farce and leaves the middle east and Israel in grave danger and Obama and Kerry don't see it. The Iran deal will be another of Obama's failures and it will have dire consequences…

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QPD Weekend Blotter for 4/22

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Krista L. Huffman, 41, of 1402 N. 12th for Failure to Wear a Seatbelt at 10th & Chestnut on 04-21-12 @ 1007 hours. Released on NTA.  -

Gwendolyn F. Gulley, 57, of 1303 Peachtree Lane for Speeding at 38th & Maine on 04-21-12 @ 1256 hours. Released on NTA.  

Daniel G. Harris, 29, of 2119 Ohio for Vandalism and Trespassing at 1834 Maine on 04-17-12 @ 1642 hours. Released on NTA.

Sharon C. Greving, 64, of 1503 N. 17th for Speeding in a School Zone with Children Present and Operation of an Uninsured Motor Vehicle at 21st & Chestnut on 04-17-12 @ 1439 hours. Released on NTA.  

Steven J. Thomas, 22, of 814 S. 13th for Failure to Yield - Private Drive on 5th, Jersey to York, on 04-17-12 @ 1709 hours. Released on NTA.

Anna Hoerr, 47, of 1529 Winsor Drive for Speeding in a School Zone with Children Present at 18th & College on 04-20-12 @ 0814 hours. Released on DL. 

Zachary J. Dyer, 21, of 1227 S. 22nd for Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident at 334 S. 36th on 04-20-12 @ 1459 hours. Released on NTA.

Ray Lee Rudicil (55) of Knox City MO was arrested for failure to reduce speed / accident and operating an uninsured vehicle in the 2400 block of Broadway on 4/19/12. 

Jasmine D. Forrest (20) of 202 Spruce was arrested at 634 Maine on 4/21/12 for FTA warrants for driving on a suspended license and battery.  She was lodged in the Adam's County Jail.

Jared T. Jung (20) of 321 Ponderosa St. Mendon, Il. For Expired Registration.  Released on D.L.

Erica N. Johnson of 334 S. 12th reports that between 2220 and 2300 on 4/12/12, the back window of her grey 1994 Chevrolet was broken out by a rock while parked at 501 N. 5th.

Gerald R. Williams of 2519 E. Valley View Rd. reports that between 1130-1530 hrs on 4/17/12, 3 bicycles were stolen from his yard.  One was a pink/white Mongoose, the second was a dark green Fracture brand bicycle, and the third was a blue/black/and silver bicycle.

Daniel L. Dunford, 22, of 1322 Oak for Theft Under $500 (Prior conviction) at 1517 College on 03-20-12. Dunford was located on 04-20-12 and lodged in the ACJ. 

Cassandra M. Cookson, 20, of 920 Maple for Shoplifting at 1400 Harrison (Hy-Vee) on 04-13-12 @ 0751 hours. Released on NTA. 

Beverly L. Dreyer, 40, of 1416 S. 7th for Shoplifting at 1400 Harrison (Hy-Vee) on 04-13-12 @ 0751 hours. Released on NTA. 

Fallon H. Woodmansee, 21, of 6814 Dale Ave. for Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident at 24th & State on 04-18-12 @ 1548 hours. Released on NTA. 

Scott M. Cookson, 37, of 3305 Dee Drive for Passing a Stopped School Bus while Loading Passengers at 18th & Melview Rd. on 04-18-12 @ 0753 hours. Released on NTA. 

Robert L. Hurst, 22, of 729 1/2 Monroe for Flight on Foot at 540 Harrison Drive on 04-19-12 @ 0103 hours. Released on NTA.

Janet M. Rossmiller, 63, of 2101 Hampshire for Improper Driving at 20th & Hampshire on 04-19-12 @ 1532 hours. Released on NTA.

David L. Dees, 50, of Barry, IL for Using a Cell Phone in a School Zone with Children Present at 30th & Maine on 04-20-12 @ 0809 hours. Released on NTA. 

Travis D. Gregg of 834 Lind reported that his 2004 Chevy Malibu was damaged while parked in the 800 block of Lind around 0400 hours on 04-13-12. Gregg stated that the front driver's side quarter panel was dented in. Gregg stated that he was told that two black females were fighting on or near his vehicle when the damage occurred. Investigation to continue.  

A black Hyper BMX style bike was recovered from 12th & Maine on 04-17-12 @ 0932 hours. Placed into the bicycle impound at QPD.  

A blue boy's XR25 Mongoose mountain bike was recovered from the rear of 1422 Maine on 04-12-12 @ 1225 hours. Placed into the bicycle impound at QPD.

Daniel Schneider  1017 Jersey #B reports and unknown person stole a  laptop computer from his residence on 03/30/12. 

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