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QuincyGuy - Sheriff reveals attempted jailbreak - Quincy, IL News -
Dum, de dum dum
strasG - Kirk says some illegal immigrant children being sent to Illinois - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.c
Who is paying for these children to be flown to U.S.? As the passengers arrived at U.S. airports did they not have to pass through customs where passports and visas are examined? How did these groups of people get beyond these check points? Who are the people behind the scenes that are pulling some mighty long strings to get around security check points. Does the phrase "Follow the money" sound…
ONCEMORE1 - White House Pressed to Keep RFS, Biodiesel Industries Strong - Quincy, IL News -
Franken and Senator? Certainly moronic, for sure. Interesting question might be, if the United States is EXPORTING oil and petroleum products, as has been reported, why is there ANY "dependance" on foreign oil? Many reports have said that the Bakken Fields and fracking have shown the potential, at least, of more reserves than the Middle East has. Seems like something doesn't…
Stupid_Dems - City of Quincy to spend $342,000 on road salt - Quincy, IL News -
Difference is transportation cost
luanjo3 - Fast food workers vow civil disobedience - Quincy, IL News -
There is all kinds of assistance already out there for the single mothers that you speak of, and they take full advantage of it. I've heard of single mothers getting so much financial aid to go back to school that they have money left over. Then they drop out because hey, they didn't have to pay for it. Single moms who get so much EITC on their tax returns that they can go out and get…

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QPD Blotter for 7/29

2 years ago by Paige Traeder

Alexandra M. Massingill, 1102 Jersey Apt. B, for Driving While Suspended at 12th and Elm on 07-28-12 at 0909 hrs.  Released on Notice to Appear. 

Erica D. Valez, 2077 1/2 Broadway, for Driving While License Suspended and Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle, at 29th and Broaddway on 07-28-12 at 1053 hrs. Released on Notice to Appear.  Valez was lodged on an outstanding Adams County Warrant.   Vehicle was towed by Auto Salvage.   

Tevin Michael Coffman, 1508 Cherry St., for Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle, Operating a Vehicle with Suspeded Registration and Improper Use of Registration, at 7th and Payson on 07-28-12 at 1107 hrs.  Released on Notice to Appear.  

Amanda Ann Myers, Homeless, for Failure to Wear Seatbelt at 8th and Chestnut on 07-27-12 at 1037 hrs.  Released on Notice to Appear. 

Michael W. Lish, Homeless, for Failure to Wear a Seatbelt at 8th and Chestnut on 07-27-12 at 1037 hrs.  Released on Notice to Appear. 

Timothy I. Porter, 746 North 2650th Avenue, Ursa IL., for Speeding at 3rd and Cedar on 07-27-12 at 1323 hrs.  Released on Notice to Appear.  

Megan K. Matuszak, 1011 Washington, for Disobeying a Traffic Light at 8th and Maine on 07-28-12 at 0208 hrs.  Released on Drivers License.

Kevin W. Mohrling, 1524 Maple, for Domestic Battery at 1524 Maple on 07-28-12 at 1030 hrs.   Lodged.  

Trenton Paul Bundy, 649 1/2 Monroe, was arrested on a McDonough County FTA warrant.  Located at 124 North 5th on 07-28-12 at 0147 hrs.  Lodged. 

Katrina R. Denham, 842 Lind, was arrested on an Adams County FTA Warrant.  Located at 8th and Kentucky on 07-28-12 at 0012 hrs.  Lodged. 

Allan Jay Blaylock, 535 North 7th #2, for Failure to Signal, Driving While License Revoked and Driving Under the Influence, at 5th and Vermont on 07-28-12 at 0218 hrs.   Lodged. 

Travis M. Jansen of St. James School/Chruch, 1617 Madison, reports that sometime prior to 0830 hrs on 07-24-12 someone damaged a sign located on the property.  It appeared the sign had been set on fire.    

Todd M. Hendrickson, 522 Adams, reports that sometime between 1830 hrs and 2015 hrs on 07-23-12 someone took his black Apple Iphone 4gs, while he was on Quinsippi Island.  

Judith S. Reid, 933 Adams, reports that sometime between 2100 hrs on $500 07-21-12 and 2100 hrs on 07-22-12 someone took 2 solar landscaping lights from the southside of her residence.  

Ashley E. Sprinkle of 1517 Lind reports that some broke a window on her 2006 Suzuki and stole her purse sometime on 7/15/12.

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