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Stupid_Dems - Gervasi finalist for Pennsylvania job - Quincy, IL News -
Best thing that could happen to QU
qfingers - Kirk, Durbin praise Lynch\'s record after Senate vote - Quincy, IL News -
Unfortunately Durbin's comment that she's "one of the finest" he has voted for is only a testament to the poor quality that has come before. I'm reminded of this...."When he left company X for comkpnay Y the average IQ of both places went up".
XBgCty - Illinois House Passes Bill To Make Some Marijuana Possession Punishable By Ticket - Quincy, IL News
People drink in their homes. Pot users if they did the same would be treated equally. When they smoke in public or in the vehicle they get treated the same as alcohol, they get locked up. It is Illegal to have open alcohol container in vehicle, or drink in public. Can't smoke tobacco in most buildings or get ticketed or arrested, same a pot. So it is kind of treated the same. Pot users want to…
QuincyGuy - Taxpayer-Funded Video Promoting Eric Holder as ‘People’s Lawyer’ - Quincy, IL News
Not Eric. He wouldn't do anything corrupt. Just ask any Dimocrap and they'll tell you that. He is kind of like Robin Hood. He robs from the whites and gives to the blacks and his replacement will continue doing the same thing.
QuincyGuy - QPD Blotter for April 25, 2015 - Quincy, IL News -
I heard he was trying to impersonate a Heating & AC salesman. ūüėČ

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QPD Blotter for 2/7/13

2 years, 2 months ago by Denise Donley

Arrest / Lodged Johnathon Lee Probasco (26) of 318 Maiden Lane Apt. 205 was arrested for Domestic Battery at his residence on 2/6/13.  He was lodged in the Adam's County Jail.  

Arrest / Traffic Charles C. Davis (37) of 640 1/2 State was arrested for expired registration at 8th and Maine on 2/6/13.   

Arrest / Traffic James D. Johnson (22) of 201 Maple St. was arrested for operating uninsured vehicle at 9th and York on 2/5/13. 

Arrest/cash Kreagen M. Pray 28 of 1720 Wilmar Orchard for possession cannabis and drug paraphernalia at 11/State on 02-05.  

Arrest/NTA John R. McCartney 32 of 540 Grant Drive for uninsured vehicle at 8/RJ Peters on 02-04. 

Arrest/NTA Roxy Raylee Kitsmiller 20 of 823 N 12th #5 for stealing at 3322 Maine on 10-01-12.

Burglary John M. Schafer of 1116 Cherry reports that his garage door was damaged on 1/30/13.

Arrest Franklin D. Heck III, 38, 2835 Cabot Rd., for Speeding in a School Zone when Children are Present, at 32nd Maine at 1434 hrs of 01/23/13. Released on NTA. 

Arrest Dona R. Schneider, 50, 1218 Vermont, Apt. 1/2 and Brittany C. Schneider, 61, 1218 Vermont, Apt. 1/2, for Retail Theft at Kohl's, 6100 Broadway, at 1338 hrs of 01/28/13.  Released on cash bond. 

Arrest Howard Dedes 38,3728 Harbor Ln, arrested speeding on 2-6 Elmwood/Cherry Ln   nta

Arrest Nicole Lewis 49,3901 Deer Ridge Rd, arrested speeding on 2-6 Elmwood Cherry Ln  nta

Arrest Ronald E. Kinstle, 50, 829 S. Maine, #A, for a warrant for FTA-Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident, at 521 Vermont at 1148 hrs of 02/06/13.  Released on cash bond. 

Arrest William D. Marquart, 68, 2042 Broadway, for Peace Disturbance at his residence at 1540 hrs of 01/29/13.  Released on cash bond. 

Arrest Anne M. Stella, 18, 1810 York, for Speeding in a School Zone When Children are Present, at 32nd Maine at 1421 hrs of 01/23/13.  Released on NTA. 

Arrest Taten M. Griffith, 19, 811 Madison, was arrested on 02/06/13 for a Retail Theft which occurred at Walmart, 5211 Broadway, on 12/10/12 at 1627 hrs..  Released on NTA. 

Arrest/Lodged :Phillip R. Beavers, 22, 835 Valley St., Community Residential Facility, Burlington, IA., for a warrant from the Iowa Department of Corrections at 612 Maple at 0803 hrs of 02/06/13.  Lodged in the Adams Co. Jail. 

Arrest/lodged Richard J Walker Jr. 23, 2830 Hampshire for violation of sex offender registration act at his residence on 2/6.

Attempted Burglary Tommy E. Magee, Jr., 1312 Holly St., Gloster, MS., reported someone forced open a window and cut the screen of his 09 Heartland Northtrail camper while it was parked at Driftwood Campground, 2300 Bonansinga Drive during the past five weeks. 

Burglary to vehicle Jessica Bliven 2625 Brook Dr. reports her husbands vehicle was entered between 1/12 and 1/13 while parked at the residence.  A wallet was taken.

Criminal Damage Ray J. Sertuche Jr., owner of Ray's Auto Repair, 2001 College reported someone tipped over the dumpster and ran over a bush on the parking lot of his business between 0000 hrs of 02/02/13 and 1000 hrs of 02/03/13. 

Criminal Damage Carl Muehring 77,2525 Oak reported between 2100,2-2 to 0730,2-3 Property unk person drove through his yard and knocked down his flag pole   no suspects

Criminal Damage to Vehicle Austin L. Bent, 2712 Lind, reported someone shattered his driver's side mirror of his 82 Mercury between 2345 hrs of 02/02/13 and 1045 hrs of 02/03/13 while it was parked across from his residence. 

Criminal Damage to Vehicle Carla M. Passini, 2015 College, reported someone broke off the passenger side mirror on her 05 Pontiac while it was parked at 20th College between 0000 hrs of 02/02/13 and 1616 hrs of 02/03/13.  172

Criminal Damage to Vehicle Megan M. Klodt, 2924 Lind, reported broke off both side mirrors off of her 98 Chevrolet while it was parked in front of her residence between 0000 hrs of 02/02/13 and 1200 hrs of 02/03/13. 

Criminal Damage to Vehicle Shannon N. Donley, 2017 Cherry, reported someone broke off the driver's side mirror of his 00 Ford while it was parked in front of his residence between 0200/0945 hrs of 02/03/13. 

Criminal Damage to Vehicle Lindsey D. Niekamp, 2828 Lind, reported someone jumped several times on the roof of her 06 Toyota, denting the roof, while it was parked in front of her residence between 1800 hrs of 02/02/13 and 1000 hrs of 02/03/13. 

Criminal Damage to Vehicle Robert DeWitt, 2607 Elm, reported someone broke off both side mirrors of his 03 Ford while it was parked in front of his residence between 0400 hrs of 02/02/13 and 1000 hrs of 02/03/13. 

Criminal Damage to Vehicle Krista Duknoski 35,728 So 8th reported between 1000-1115 on 1-13 the vehicle she was driving had the hood keyed while parked in front of courthouse no suspects

Criminal Damage to Residence Page J. Jett, 1338 N. 11th, reported someone shot a hole in his window with a bb gun sometime between 0800 hrs of 01/31/12 and 1800 hrs of 02/01/13. 

Hit and Run Charles O'Donnell of Mendon reports his vehicle was hit and run while parked at 2507 Locust on 1/18 between 1230 and 1300 hrs.   

Lost Property Mary Spurlock 76,2204 Cherry Ln Est W,lost her purse on 2-1,1230hrs between front door and her car at Hy-Vee 1400 Harrison may have left it in shopping cart

Residential Burglary Angela Terwelp 1026 N 25th reports her residence was entered on 1/18 between 1330 and 1700 hrs.  Alcohol and a bracelet were stolen. 

Theft Derrick W. Bibbs, 2100 State, reported someone stole a rim and tire stolen from behind his residence between 1600 hrs of 01/31/13 and 1600 hrs of 02/01/13. 

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