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pjohnf - Strawman: Eric Holder To The Rescue..... - Quincy, IL News -
If he wasn't so dangerous this would be funny, Holder couldn't solve a children's jig saw puzzle. The progressives will lie, distort and falsify evidence to get this cop no matter what. The race baiter's need and want their pound of flesh. Holder should have brought along the Nobel Peace prize winner, who got the prize before he even did anything. No matter the truth, justice will…
convoy32 - REBEL MEDIA: What are we doing here? - Quincy, IL News -
Privitizing is not the most cost effecient solution keeping the system as is and enforce the city ordinance that keeps the city as the SOUL provider of residential pickup is the by far the best and most efficient solution by just. enforcing ordinance you increase. your revenue from 600000 to. 900000 then raise stickers to. 1.00. and now you have. 1800000.00 annually now raise. stickers…
AYHSMB - Gems sale still not final - Quincy, IL News -
I wonder if the new owners are from around here? Possibly related to the Oakleys?
gizzard93 - Six Quincy property owners face deadline - Quincy, IL News -
I never understand why the Quincy building inspector never mentions that building that houses Bayview Building supply. It is in worse shape than some of the fix or flatten property's and there are people going in and out every day buying building supplies. It is on 630 n 2nd, go down by the bay and look to the east.
Stupid_Dems - Six Quincy property owners face deadline - Quincy, IL News -
These are "elected officials" not employees. They are not entitled to heath insurance in my thinking based on the hours they work. I do realize they put in more time than the council meeting. But they are still a long way from being full time. Why are city taxpayers being burdened with the cost of their heath care when the county and the school board do not feed at the trough? The total cost for the…

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QPD Blotter for 1/6

2 years, 7 months ago by Bob Gough

Kevin W. Mohrling, 1524 Maple for Operation of Uninsured Vehicle at 15th & Locust on 1/5/12 at 2254 hrs.  Mohrling was released on NTA. 

Chevey L. Wierschem, 420 Spring for DUI, Operation of Uninsured vehicle, Sreeding and Stop Light Violation at 5th & Maine on 12/29/11 at 0122 hrs.  Wierschem was released on D L and cash. 

Barnell J. Trass, 649 Washington for Driving while License Revoked at 18th & State on 1/4/12 at 1818 hrs.  Trass was released on cash bond.

Angela R. Shaffer, 401 Cherry for Permitting Unauthorized Person to Drive at 18th & State on 1/04/12 at 1818 hrs.  Shaffer was released on D. L. 

Anthony J. Gilker of 532 Payson was arrested for felony criminal damage which occurred at 600 payson on 01/05/12.  He was lodged in the Adam's County Jail.

Krista K. Viehl of 2913 Riverside Terrace for Speeding at 18th & Seminary Rd. on 01-04-12 @ 1406 hours. Released on NTA.
Stephanie A. Sohn of 2805 Riverside Terrace for Speeding at 12th & Westwood Drive on 01-04-12 @ 1536 hours. Released on DL.
Jesse F. Job of Canton, MO for Speeding at 3rd & College on 01-04-12 @ 1616 hours. Released on PTC. 
Dale C. Young of 5128 E. Paradise Lane for Improper Lane Usage at 36th & Broadway on 01-05-12 @ 1200 hours. Released on NTA. 
Mary M. Logsdon of 2016 Chestnut for Operation of an Uninsured Motor Vehicle at 6th & Broadway on 01-04-12 @ 1419 hours. Released on NTA.  -
Jimmy L. Richeson, Jr. of 515 Adams for No Valid Registration and Operation of an Uninsured Motor Vehicle at 8th & Kentucky on 01-04-12 @ 1251 hours. Released on NTA.   -
Donald D. Tournear of 704 N. 4th for Operation of an Uninsured Motor Vehicle at 5th & Jersey on 01-04-12 @ 1111 hours. Released on DL. 
Jessica Del-Carmen Davis of 923 N. 36th for DWLS, Uninsured Motor Vehicle, and Expired Registration at 22nd & State on 01-05-12 @ 0817 hours. Released on cash bond. 
Debra R. Mutz of 721 S. 17th for Operation of an Uninsured Motor Vehicle at 6th & Jefferson on 01-05-12 @ 1002 hours. Released on NTA. 
Mildred K Bradley, 4313 Harvey St. arrested for No Proof of Insurance. D/L
Karen Golay 1523 Jefferson, reports her purse was stolen from her unlocked 2005 Chevrolet Impala while parked in front of 826 S. 15th, sometime 0045 hrs & 0200 hrs on 12/31/11.  
Kory A. Hollensteiner of 1418 Oak reported that his unlocked 2001 Honda was entered while parked behind his residence. Hollensteiner stated that numerous pieces of sports equipment and two passports were stolen from his vehicle sometime between 1830 hours
Karen Golay 1523 Jefferson, reports her purse was stolen from her unlocked 2005 Chevrolet Impala while parked in front of 826 S. 15th, sometime 0045 hrs & 0200 hrs on 12/31/11. 
Jason Carl Bryan, 1424 Oak, stated sometime between 1930 hrs 12/31/11 & 1400 hrs on 01/01/12 someone kicked in the front door to his residence. 
On 01/01/12, Steven John Peters was arrested and lodged for criminal damage to vehicle, in the driveway to 709 S. 5th. 
Amanda K. Nunn of 1231 Werner St. reported that the passenger side tires on her 2004 Chevrolet had been cut sometime between 2030 hours on 12-31-11 and 1315 hours on 01-01-12.  -
On 01/01/12 Jenna N. Riggs of 1025 Ohio, was arrested & lodged in the Adams County Jail for Domestic Battery
Richard R.Rife, 1624 Curtis Creek, arrested and lodged in the Adams County Jail, for Theft Over $500.00 which occurred on 10/26/11  
Theresa Marie McEwen, employee at Members First Credit Union, 1201 Nth 24th, reports sometime between 12/24 1200 hrs & 12/27 0800 hrs, someone removed the rear taillight from the 2004 Chrysler van the bank had for sale on their parking lot, 
Jeannie Marie Reddick, 534 HWY 57, Quincy, reports on 12/19/11 between 1057 hrs & 1300 hrs, her coat was taken from a coat rack in the lobby of the Quincy Senior Center at 639 York. No suspects.  

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RT @czechov: The chief law enforcement officer of the United States flew to Ferguson to side with people opposing law enforcement. Think …
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Ferguson police officer was badly beaten before shooting Michael Brown