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CoolEdge - REBEL MEDIA: You\'re a grand old flag - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
Were you there after Katrina or some other hurricane? That was a rather unique situation, and many of those billions got poured into the wrong pockets. (and any comparison to the war and famine of Somalia is absurd) That is the problem with throwing ever more billions into education or welfare or any top down political solution. There are always many lined up for political payback, and another…
pjohnf - Amending Illinois Constitution a tough path for pension reform - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
Just because it's going to be hard to get done doesn't mean it shouldn't be attempted. Anything worth doing is going to be hard. The politicians need to stop worrying about their political futures and concentrate on doing what's right for Illinois and its citizens. Illinois politicians need to take care of the tax payers and quit kowtowing to government sector unions.
pjohnf - Quinn, Rauner use jobs claims as campaign weapons - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
Governments or Governors don't create jobs, they can only create an atmosphere for private sector job growth. That means a low tax rate for businesses and less onerous regulations for businesses. The one good thing I saw was a decline in government jobs which is good thing. The unemployment rate is a bogus number as it doesn't truly reflect how many people are really working. What we need…
CoolEdge - REBEL MEDIA: You\'re a grand old flag - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
thanks for the link Not sure why it doesn't come right up with Google. I have to put "qteaparty.com " in for Google to bring it up. Just Qteaparty works for Bing, or even "quincy tea party". Anyway, maybe everyone here can do the search on Google, so the name will start coming up more easily on Google. I'll make it to a meeting one day ... looks like you've had good speakers, but…
AYHSMB - REBEL MEDIA: You\'re a grand old flag - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
If you really think about it, the government must want it this way, otherwise, they would try to change it. Anyway, if you read the comment section of eaglebeaky's post, and mine, you'll see there is much disagreement on how the numbers and stats are figured.

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Money gap: Why don't women give?

2 hours, 55 minutes ago by Anna Palmer,Tarini Parti

Both parties are investing in efforts to get women, who donate less than men, to open their wallets.
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Issues pile up in Congress

12 hours, 51 minutes ago by Jake Sherman

A series of crises is forcing Washington to wake up and pay attention.
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… And Congress punts

12 hours, 50 minutes ago by Burgess Everett

Lawmakers may avoid making any decisions at all.
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Porat: 'The Most Powerful Woman on Wall Street'

2 hours, 54 minutes ago by Ben White

Porat encourages employees to find a satisfying "mix" of family and work in their lives.
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Georgia Senate runoff: 5 things to watch

2 hours, 54 minutes ago by James Hohmann

The winner of the GOP runoff faces Democrat Michelle Nunn this fall.
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Obama on crash: 'What exactly are they trying to hide?'

20 hours, 23 minutes ago by Jennifer Epstein

The president calls for "immediate and full access" to the crash site in Ukraine.
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Mikulski: Senate moving on border

12 hours, 18 minutes ago by Seung Min Kim,Burgess Everett

She declined to say if it will fully fund the request from Obama, totaling about $3.7 billion.
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A hell of a world

2 hours, 53 minutes ago by Roger Simon

If America is "indispensable," we had better start acting like it, Simon says.
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9/11 panel chairs slam 'dysfunction'

7 hours, 56 minutes ago by Philip Ewing

Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton say when it comes to making America safe, Congress is stuck in the mire.
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Bob Dole battles home-schoolers

7 hours, 41 minutes ago by Maggie Severns

He seeks to help pass an international treaty on rights for people with disabilities.
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Johnson's Obamacare suit tossed

12 hours, 7 minutes ago by Jennifer Haberkorn

It could prove ominous for House Republicans as they prepare to file suit against the White House.
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Stars may align on transparency

8 hours, 21 minutes ago by Josh Gerstein

House Republicans and Senate Democrats may finally get together and do something.
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Anger over narrow networks

7 hours, 48 minutes ago by Brett Norman

The issue has surfaced in some campaigns this year, including the New Hampshire Senate race.
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The FBI's phony war on terror

10 hours, 58 minutes ago by Andrea J. Prasow

Opinion: The bureau isn't nearly as successful as it claims.
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Progress on VA reform deal

12 hours, 50 minutes ago by Lauren French

Sen. Bernie Sanders says senators have agreed to offset portions of the legislation.
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POLITICO poll: Stay out of Ukraine

1 day, 2 hours ago by Alexander Burns

Americans are profoundly wary of getting involved.
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Castro: Perry 'militarizing' border

23 hours, 56 minutes ago by Jonathan Topaz

The operation could cost Texas $5 million a week.
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RNC presses voters to fire Reid

2 hours, 53 minutes ago by Burgess Everett

The committee hopes to make the Senate majority leader's race a referendum on his leadership.
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Christie: RGA won't 'invest in lost causes'

10 hours, 21 minutes ago by Maggie Haberman

He was answering questions about the lack of support for New York candidate Rob Astorino.
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Clinton defends Israel on Gaza

8 hours, 56 minutes ago by Katie Glueck

Hillary Clinton repeatedly stressed that Israel was "provoked" by Hamas.
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Political shakeup looms in California

1 day, 14 hours ago by Alexander Burns

California's leadership looks much the same as it did decades ago. That may change.
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Akin Gump now largest lobbying firm

13 hours, 14 minutes ago by Byron Tau

The group overtakes struggling Squire Patton Boggs in quarterly revenues.
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Obama signs LGBT executive order

20 hours, 54 minutes ago by Jennifer Epstein

The order aims to protect federal workers from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
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Book: Clintons wanted Shuster out

16 hours, 43 minutes ago by HADAS GOLD

Daniel Halper's book claims they lobbied GE to fire the MSNBC journalist for remarks on Chelsea.
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Hill staffer denies guilt in gun case

1 day ago by Associated Press

A lawyer for U.S. Rep. Tom Marino's press secretary calls the gun incident unintentional.
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DSCC going up on Iowa airwaves

10 hours, 52 minutes ago by James Hohmann

"Joni Ernst -- her ideas are just too extreme for Iowa," an ad says about the Senate candidate.
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IRS official: Lerner email could exist

18 hours, 4 minutes ago by Rachael Bade

An agency official suggests new information has emerged regarding the missing documents.
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Earnest slams anonymous sourcing

15 hours, 51 minutes ago by DYLAN BYERS

The White House press secretary criticizes the Washington Post for a story on the border crisis.
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Obama on D.C. statehood: 'I'm for it'

15 hours, 29 minutes ago by Lucy McCalmont

But the president also says "the politics of it end up being difficult to get it through Congress."
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Maya Wiley's push for civil rights

1 day, 1 hour ago by Maggie Haberman

The renowned civil rights attorney joins Bill de Blasio's administration as the Counsel to the Mayor.
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Obama: 2016 could be 'undignifying'

23 hours, 15 minutes ago by Jonathan Topaz

The president discusses talk of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden running in 2016.
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Fight over emails in libel case

12 hours, 36 minutes ago by JOSH GERSTEIN

The White House wants emails detailing its involvement in Shirley Sherrod's firing kept secret.
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Biden urges Hill on VA: 'Get it done'

17 hours, 6 minutes ago by Jonathan Topaz

The vice president tells Congress to "stop fooling around" and pass reforms to the department.
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New Yorker profile: 15 Bidenisms

22 hours, 10 minutes ago by Jonathan Topaz

"I can die a happy man not being president," he tells journalist Evan Osnos.
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Murdoch still wants Time Warner

22 hours, 12 minutes ago by DYLAN BYERS

He is continuing his pursuit even after the company rejected his $80 billion offer.
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Campaign ad makers: Keep it real

19 hours, 2 minutes ago by Kendall Breitman

Experts on the Campaign Pro Lulncheon panel agree that authenticity is crucial to a good ad.
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Moran: 'The problem is Europe'

21 hours, 52 minutes ago by Sarah Smith

The Virginia Democrat says Congress wants a much stronger response against Russia.
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Warren, Cruz sway limited

1 day, 2 hours ago by Maggie Haberman

POLITICO poll: Their endorsements aren't as significant as those from Obama and Romney.
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Time for the Dutch to man up

1 day, 10 hours ago by Bas Heijne

Opinion: After the MH17 tragedy, we've got to stop dancing with the dictator in Moscow.
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Poroshenko: Downed plane like 9/11

19 hours, 22 minutes ago by Lucy McCalmont

"This is a danger for the whole world," Ukraine's president says.
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Toomey: No Putin 'peaceful' retiring

22 hours, 37 minutes ago by Kendall Breitman

The Republican senator says he does not see a "peaceful retirement" in Putin's future.
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On open mic, Kerry talks Israel

1 day, 22 hours ago by BYRON TAU

He is caught speaking candidly about Gaza.
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