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ONCEMORE1 - Votes for Republicans switched to Democrats in Moline - Quincy, IL News -
This goes well beyond the "hanging chad" debacle, this is a deliberate effort to weight the results in favor of the Democrats. The size of the target on a touchscreen is easily manipulated so that if the D spot is half or most of the screen and the R spot is a tiny area of the actual "sweet spot", the results are controlled by the administrator and not the voter-------who just "happens" to be…
ONCEMORE1 - Mid-America Port Authority pledged $1.3 million from Illinois - Quincy, IL News -
If there was a chance in Hell your Third-Party candidate might actually win, I'd be right there with you, but you have to face the fact there ISN"T. Why is it that the typical Third Party frontrunner, usually Libertarian, shares many ideals with the Republican Party, siphons votes away from the Republicans and even receives support from the DNC and Unions to do so? The folly in…
qfingers - Business owners split over minimum wage votes - Quincy, IL News -
Jarosch above inadvertently elucidated the reason why minimum wage is BAD. He says people would leave his store to work somewhere with higher wage....but when everybody pays minimum wage there are no other high-paying jobs. If you get rid of minimum wage businesses would pay what people are willing to work for and wages would vary...some up...some down...and overall employment would increase.
Realist79 - Strawman: We\'re Looking at 2012 All Over Again...... - Quincy, IL News -
Who wants to be a part of anything negative? That's exactly why people don't care about who is elected. Because no matter who is in charge, people will bash them on here, on Fox News, on MSNBC and everywhere else. The worst thing that can happen to the average voter is to hear nothing but a one sided opinion.
qfingers - Strawman: We\'re Looking at 2012 All Over Again...... - Quincy, IL News -
Your "take a picture' idea isn't bad...except all the voting authorities would want lots of $$ to implement it. Though we might be getting close to having a website (like Facebook) who's already doing facial recognition and could offer a "recognize" function that you could put in surrounding zip codes or such and look for a match.

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New Private Home Tours a la carte

1 year, 11 months ago by

The Quincy Area Convention & Visitors Bureau announces the tours in conjunction with the established Private Home Tours program

The Quincy Area Convention & Visitors Bureau announces the launch of Private Home Tours a la carte, in conjunction with the established Private Home Tours program, which allows private homes to be available for group tours year-round. The program began three years ago and has brought 1,165 people from 48 groups to Quincy from 8 states and 2 countries.  The new a la carte program will showcase three homes twice a week at 1461 Maine, 1677 Maine and 1843 Grove for Saturday and Monday tours from November to January.

"The new a la carte program will now allow leisure visitors to experience what typically has only been offered to group tours with advance notice. Now during the winter months when several of our great museums are closed, these tours will be available several days a week on an individual basis. It's another example of the generosity and hospitality of the people of Quincy to open up their homes to the public," said Lori Tuttle, PR and Marketing Manager of the Bureau.

New a la carte tours will be available from 10am-3pm on Saturdays and Mondays at 1677 Maine. Tours at 1461 Maine will be given at 9am on Saturdays and from 10am-3pm on Mondays. Similar tours will be given at 1843 Grove on Saturdays at 1pm. All tours allow any size group to enjoy a custom tour for $5.00 per person per home.  Tickets will be available at the Quincy Area Convention & Visitors Bureau at 532 Gardner Expressway.

Local preservationist Fran Cook developed the Private Home Tour program with the Bureau and said, "We are pleased to showcase the interior designs of several of our architectural treasures in Quincy, with hopes of attracting new visitors to our city."

Private Home Tours a la carte will continue through January 26, 2013.  For more information or to schedule a tour in advance, contact the Quincy Area Convention & Visitors Bureau at 217-214-3700 or 1-800-978-4748.

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@thinkprogress Way to ignore most of the segment because that's not how it went at all.
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RT @Daniel M. Makarewicz: Still can't believe Paz is gone, but this is a nice touch by the Amboy community #RIP