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yesqcy - Firefighters and Bus Drivers contracts to go to City Council - Quincy, IL News -
Dave you are 100% wrong, there's always been someone in charge of employees. In not Spring fan by any stretch, but that's exactly what I mean when I say being blinded by one sided politics just opens you up to being screwed by a party you thought you could trust. Everyone needs to open their eyes and think independently. Unfortunately Moore pays the good ole boy system as well as the best…
AYHSMB - Firefighters and Bus Drivers contracts to go to City Council - Quincy, IL News -
To quote the first Chicago Mayor Daley, when confronted with accusations of nepotism; "What kind of man would I be if I didn't look out for my kin?"
AYHSMB - Voter rights, crime victim rights amendments set for fall ballot so far - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJo
With all due respect, this article has nothing to do with poor people with disabilities. It's about making a specific law, that will be called upon (by Democrats) every time voter "suppression", no matter how insignificant or innocent, occurs, and will be held up to show how Republicans and/or conservatives are trying to disenfranchise voters. All the while the illegal voting will continue, by…
AYHSMB - Voter rights, crime victim rights amendments set for fall ballot so far - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJo
beaky- I knew that! O.K. In the State of llinois, one is given the opportunity, FREELY, and FREE of charge, because of public education, to obtain a drivers license, by way of drivers education. ALL students are advised that this not only prepares them as a driver, but also allows then to REGISTER TO VOTE at the DMV when they turn 18, and to BECOME AN ORGAN DONOR. (Both of these are near and dear to…
gizzard93 - Illinois lawmakers to discuss money for Obama library - Quincy, IL News -
people wonder how our government has gotten in such bad shape, the answer is the same people that propose 100,000,000 for Obama's library are what is wrong with our government.

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Human Events

New York gun owners resist registry, thousands refuse to join Cuomo’s gun round-up prep

19 hours, 20 minutes ago

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a 2016 White House hopeful, plays games with gun registry numbers--echoes ObamaCare number games.
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Obama Administration delays Keystone XL again

1 day, 16 hours ago

Endangered Democrats put up a few token protests, but it's all just for show.
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Media swoons over royal Clinton birth announcement

1 day, 16 hours ago

The press disdains some political dynasties, but deeply loves others.
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Oliver North and ‘The Americans’

1 day, 20 hours ago

Liberals freak out after a TV show set in the 80s hires a very knowledgeable consultant for its Iran-Contra plotline.
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Korean ferry tragedy: survivor’s guilt claims a victim

1 day, 22 hours ago

High-school vice principal evidently hangs himself; hundreds of passengers missing as rescue hopes fade.
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If You’re Not PowerTalking, You’re More Than Missing out

2 days ago

There is another resource that most investors have available to them, but it’s surprising to me how few actually take the time to use it.
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Conservatives still don’t want you to get sick and die

2 days ago

If you don't support Obamacare, you are basically endorsing murder.
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What really happened at the Bay of Pigs

2 days ago

You rarely hear about the cause. 53 years ago this week, here it is.
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NED’s chickens come home to roost

2 days ago

Turnabout is fair play is an old American saying.
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Obama must defend NATO’s red lines from Putin’s aggression

2 days ago

Dismantling NATO would be the greatest geopolitical tragedy of this century.
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