Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014
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UrKidsWillPay - City department heads justify budgets to aldermen - Quincy, IL News -
There ya go!
Righty1 - City department heads justify budgets to aldermen - Quincy, IL News -
How about "City department heads review their proposed budgets with aldermen who never have to justify their own budgets."
UrKidsWillPay - Voter rights, crime victim rights amendments set for fall ballot so far - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJo
The common sense solution would be to require finger prints on ballots which would be scanned and compared to all other finger prints affixed to other ballots. Any duplicate prints would invalidate both votes and subject the person to investigation/prosecution for vote fraud. Until votes are validated there would only be provisional winners.
UrKidsWillPay - City department heads justify budgets to aldermen - Quincy, IL News -
City Department Heads Present Budgets to Alderman.
ReardenShrugged - Petroleum Marketers, C-Stores, fight proposed Illinois gas tax hikes - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJourn
All business ownership is public record. Just search the Secretary of State business listings.

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Surprise: New Census Bureau changes to annual survey will obscure effects of ObamaCare

1 hour, 56 minutes ago

“We are expecting much lower numbers [of uninsured] just because of the questions and how they are asked.”
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Social Security suspends its ancient-debt collection efforts

4 hours, 36 minutes ago

Statute of public-relations limitations.
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Quotes of the day

15 hours, 17 minutes ago

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Yes, Democrat, there are happy transracial adoptive families in Alabama

16 hours, 36 minutes ago

"Mom, what about our family?"
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White House rejects meeting between survivors of 2009 Fort Hood massacre and Obama

19 hours, 56 minutes ago

"We wanted to meet with him face-to-face so he could look us in the eyes and see our pain."
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Video: Man forced to hold “I am a bully” sign for picking on disabled kids

22 hours, 36 minutes ago

“The judge destroyed me. This isn’t fair at all.”
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Oh my: Obama approval rating in MN 36/54

23 hours, 16 minutes ago

Victory laps.
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Woodward: There’s obviously something wrong at the IRS

23 hours, 56 minutes ago

"You need to find people who will talk..."
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Ukraine asks for UN peacekeepers in eastern provinces

1 day, 1 hour ago

Russian fighter jet buzzes US warship as White House mulls sanctions.
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QuincyJournal 2 hours, 18 minutes ago

QU offering two new Masters programs for education - This program will be offered in a blended format both online ...
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Bob Gough 3 hours, 4 minutes ago

@mthopf @DOB23 This came up at last month's curriculum meeting. I thought it was a joke...School Board will kill this. #maybe
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QuincyJournal 3 hours, 19 minutes ago

Culver-Stockton students recognized at state competition for student newspaper
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QuincyJournal 13 hours, 23 minutes ago

City department heads justify budgets to aldermen - City Council listens in budget hearings; Spending plan must be...