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1950Brutus - Fast food workers vow civil disobedience - Quincy, IL News -
It seems it would be difficult to pay "disorderly conduct" fines when making minimum wage. Or maybe there is a government program for this?? Comparing this movement to the civil rights movement is laughable. If they want to be taken seriously they need to drop this.
pullthisleg - Fast food workers vow civil disobedience - Quincy, IL News -
Nope it was always me who posted the original message. Any person that thinks a fast food worker should make $15 per hour can not be reasoned with or partake in any kind of logical conversation. Go ahead give them $15 an hour and see what happens. I'll give you a hint, the rich franchise owners will still be rich and all of the financial genius' that fought for this big raise will be unemployed…
ONCEMORE1 - Fast food workers vow civil disobedience - Quincy, IL News -
The problem here is they don't include smart phones, tattooes, gold chains, piercings, nose rings and other "necessities"........
WarCry - REBEL MEDIA: "Stay out!" - Quincy, IL News -
Exactly. I hate even suggesting that's the case when people want to rally around the "poor, helpless guy with the camera, being abused by the big, evil government flunky!", but I've seen it happen way, way to often to ignore the possibility.
WarCry - Fast food workers vow civil disobedience - Quincy, IL News -
Sorry for the confusion, I was typing fast. What I meant was the Cost of Living makes the $0.75 equivalent to $8.00 now (or $8.02, to be precise). What I meant about not keeping up is the federal minimum wage, which is $7.25/hour.

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Havermale discusses Ambulance Service, funding

1 year, 8 months ago by Denise Donley

3rd Ward Alderman Paul Havermale is on the Adams County Ambulance Board and discussed the issues on WTAD's Mary Griffith Show

At the November 13 Adams County Board meeting, $57,100 of funding was restored to the Adams County Ambulance Service’s budget.

A lot of discussion at the board meeting had to do with the addition of the sixth ambulance, as well as the deficit the Service has been running.

 3rd Ward Alderman Paul Havermale is on the Adams County Ambulance Board and discussed the Ambulance Services Wednesday morning on WTAD's Mary Griffith Show.

Response times are critical, and Havermale discussed the location of the ambulances.

“It may be more critical to have the ambulances out in the county, but if you put it on the business model, but you don’t put your lemonade stands on a non-busy corner,” said Havermale. “If you’re going to operate as a business, then the calls are in Quincy. The folks in the county have an ambulance line item on their property taxes just as I do as a city resident.”

The County Board also voted 11-9 for the Ambulance Service to increase the amount it could levy by $200,000 to $700,000.

When asked if Havermale favors a tax increase to keep funding this sixth ambulance and continuing to improve response standard, he said “I believe that the budget request we put in as a board and as a service is what we need to operate and nothing more. If the county board and the finance committee feel that the only way to fund that request is a tax levy increase then yes, I would have to support that. It could be we have a budget approval but no way to fund it.”

The County Board is voting on the proposed levy at their December meeting.

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