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eaglebeaky - Susan Rice Flashback: Bergdahl Served ‘With Honor and Distinction’ - Quincy, IL News - Q
I'm not "playing devils advocate"... The fact of the matter is, as of right now Bergdahl has not been convicted of treason, and we don't try people in absentia. Personally, I do think he's (more than likely) guilty of the crimes that he has been charged with... And actually as far as I'm concerned that's all the MORE reason that we DID need to get him back, so that he WILL…
GuyFawkes10 - Parents want ability to opt kids out of state tests - Quincy, IL News -
We have a winner.
eaglebeaky - Susan Rice Flashback: Bergdahl Served ‘With Honor and Distinction’ - Quincy, IL News - Q
OK, that's fair. But then what's the answer? ( I personally think he's guilty, but that's neither here nor there.) If we leave him there, we're breaking a very important promise that we make to everyone who enlists -- not to leave our own people behind. But if he's guilty, and you're saying we should've left him there? Where is his accountability (and the…
migraine_in_qcy - Susan Rice Flashback: Bergdahl Served ‘With Honor and Distinction’ - Quincy, IL News - Q
If Bergdahl were convicted of treason, would we still be obligated to get him back? What if he publicly renounced his citizenship? What if he were captured on camera shooting at American troops? At what point in your mind does America no longer owe him? Do you really think there are innocents being held in Gitmo? Just random Afghani's that were minding their own business herding goats or something,…
pjohnf - Illinois bill would bar public funds for graduation speakers - Quincy, IL News -
Welch, D-Hillside, criticized the proposal, saying it's "micromanaging." Call it whatever you want Welch, apparently the legislature isn't providing enough oversight on university budgets since they waste tax dollars on commencement speakers. It's a good bill and should be passed to help rein in wasteful government spending.

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Time to start planning for a successful Fall garden

7 months, 1 week ago From missouriagconnection

Some of the best quality garden vegetables are produced and harvested during the fall season when warm, sunny days are followed by cool, humid nights.

However, there are also problems with getting a fall garden started according to Patrick Byers, a horticulture specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

"August brings with it high soil temperatures, high light intensity and rapid soil drying. These factors present real problems with getting uniform stand of plants," said Byers.

In August, the surface of the soil can become very warm and dry out quickly.

"The weather combined with the fact that vegetable seeds should not be planted any deeper than three times the diameter of the seed, makes planting depth and protection for the seed crucial," said Byers.

Byers recommends applying a light layer of mulch over the row of newly planted seeds to retain moisture. Gardeners can also try screen wire strips, shade cloth, or boards to cover the row from the intense heat.

"This will moderate both soil temperature and soil moisture, but you need to remember to remove coverings after seedling emerges," said Byers.

When it comes to seeds, Byers says it is fine to use seeds left from the Spring planting.

""If the seeds were stored in a cool and dry place they should be good for planting. Seeds stored in the freezer properly should remain viable for several years," said Byers.

Soak seeds overnight before planting (except beans and peas). This will hasten germination and seedlings emergence when soil drying is most critical to plant growth.

Short season warm vegetables like beans can still be planted for a fall harvest. Cool season veggies like beets, turnips, lettuce, spinach, and radish can be direct seeded.

The timing of the planting is crucial and can be determined based on the average frost date in the area where the garden is being planned.

"The average first frost date for the fall in the Springfield area is Oct. 17. Check your seed packet for the days to harvest and count back from the frost date to determine the best time to plant," said Byers.

Byers says it is a good idea to supplement rainfall with trickle irrigation to get early established growth. Soaker hoses are good sources. Cover seeded rows with mulch to reduce soil temperature and premature drying.

For additional information on fall planting dates, visit your local University of Missouri Extension center and request Guide 6201, "Vegetable Planting Calendar." The guide is also available online at

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Illinois Senate passes plan to fix budget hole - Vote was 32-26; All 20 GOP Senators voted yes
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Illinois bill would bar public funds for graduation speakers
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