Saturday, Apr 25, 2015
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GoQuincy - QPD Blotter for April 25, 2015 - Quincy, IL News -
I wonder who he was trying to impersonate???
yesqcy - Bruce Rauner\'s budget cuts slash social services - Quincy, IL News -
Again with the crazy talk..... The working person is the blame? And what do you mean not his budget? You read the short article right?
chebby79 - QPD Blotter for April 25, 2015 - Quincy, IL News -
Brian...everybody knows who you are.
chebby79 - Yard waste stickers a no-go - Quincy, IL News -
it would not have generated $500k anyway. at $2.50 a sticker, folks would change what they do. either haul it down there themselves, or mulch, or compost piles. I recently mowed and had 4 barrels of grass x $2.50 = $10 x 4 weeks = $40 a month. for $40 a month I would change what I do. I'm close enuf tho, so I hauled it to Radio Road site. perhaps, raise the garbage stickers. double the price.…
pjohnf - Illinois House Passes Bill To Make Some Marijuana Possession Punishable By Ticket - Quincy, IL News
Good idea, we waste way too much time and resources chasing pot users. Our court systems and law enforcement are tied up in enforcing pot laws when they could be spending their time and resources on real crime. Pot use is no worse than the use of alcohol so we should treat pot the same as we treat alcohol use.

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9 months ago from Illinois Ag Connection

There were 6 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday

There were 6.0 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday. Statewide precipitation averaged 0.52 inches, 0.36 inches below normal. Average temperature was 67.5 degrees, 9.4 degrees below normal.

Wheat harvest reached 95 percent complete.

Corn silking reached 82 percent, ahead of the 5-year average of 70 percent. Corn condition was rated at 81 percent good to excellent.

Soybean blooming was at 69 percent, ahead of the 5-year average of 55 percent. Soybean condition was rated at 77 percent good to excellent.

Sorghum headed and oats headed reached 29 and 96 percent complete respectively.

Pasture condition was rated at 1 percent very poor, 2 percent poor, 25 percent fair, 54 percent good, and 18 percent excellent.

Topsoil moisture supply was rated at 9 percent short, 83 percent adequate, and 8 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supply was rated at 1 percent very short, 14 percent short, 80 percent adequate, and 5 percent surplus.

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