Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014
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1950Brutus - REBEL MEDIA: "Stay out!" - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
I bet Quinn learned this from Dick Durbin - another INTIMIDATOR.
QuincyJournal - REBEL MEDIA: "Stay out!" - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
Gov. Pat Quinn news conference, open to the public, Circle Interchange Intersection of W. Harrison St. & S. Des Plaines St., Chicago. BG
eaglebeaky - REBEL MEDIA: "Stay out!" - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
I'm curious, Mr Gough, what was this public event and where did it take place? The governor's overbearing security guy claims that "it's not a public event" (although it certainly seems like he is lying about that, since there are lots of people in the background -- and they're gathered on what appears to be a public sidewalk). Obviously, the security guy's statement in no…
pamarshall - Rauner calls for service tax - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
Quinn was re-elected running on higher taxes. It might work for Rauner.
qfingers - Strawman: Where Do You Weigh In On The Immigration Crisis? - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
They're estimating up to 97,000 by September. With that # that is $38,000 per child. How's this? Offer their parents $10,000 to come pick them up. We can save $2.7B and have them out of the country ASAP. Of course we DNA them so they can't get the $$ twice to the same family subject to a fraud charge. Then you have to lock down the border too.

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Kids Eat Right Month Spotlights 'Hungry-Overweight' Paradox

11 hours, 3 minutes ago by Illinois AgConnection

It may seem like a contradiction, but millions of American children are both hungry and overweight. During Kids Eat Right Month, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spotlights the "hungry yet overweight…

Farming in Illinois takes flight

1 day, 10 hours ago Public News Service

Drones save Illinois farmers time and money

Hometown university serves agriculture

2 days, 10 hours ago AgriNews

WIU is being nationally recognized in programs ranging from livestock to plant science

WIU's School of Ag greenhouse project underway

3 days, 10 hours ago From Illinois Ag Connection

New greenhouse facilities will extend research capabilities in the plant-science area

Decatur a finalist for national ag research center

4 days, 9 hours ago Associated Press

National Corn Growers Association wants to open facility
WIU School of Ag Prof & Family Sell Boar for Record $270K

WIU School of Ag Prof & Family Sell Boar for Record $270K

5 days, 11 hours ago by WIU News

A Yorkshire boar raised by Western Illinois University School of Agriculture Associate Professor Mark Hoge and his family sold for a world-record price of $270,000 at a National Swine Registry conference…

Heavy June rain washes livestock manure off farms

6 days, 10 hours ago from Associated Press

Manure flowing into streams makes it difficult for drinking water

Does American agriculture need ‘right to farm’ laws?

1 week, 1 day ago from cattlenetwork.com

There’s a new “freedom” that could soon be added to Missouri’s Constitution – the right to farm. According to the Associated Press, many in the state want to declare farming a “right” at the state…

Biting the hand that feeds you

1 week, 3 days ago Laura Mushrush, Assistant Editor, Drovers CattleNetwork

Why hating Monsanto won't put food on your table

Hillshire grants to help fight hunger and improve nutrition education

1 week, 4 days ago From Illinois Ag Connection

More than $700,000 was awarded in grants to over 30 organizations

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Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 1 hour, 18 minutes ago

@eyokley If Hillary doesn't run, there's a huge void and Nixon will have appeal. If she does, he has to be on the VP short list. #AmIWrong
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QuincyJournal 1 hour, 43 minutes ago

REBEL MEDIA: Stay out! - State employees removing people from public property...not cool http://t.co/zbWREuwpNx
QuincyJournal on Twitter

QuincyJournal 1 hour, 43 minutes ago

State appeals court upholds FutureGen power agreement http://t.co/184IZ5OmJL
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 1 hour, 55 minutes ago

RT @trscoop: ABC reporter HAMMERS White House over ‘no press allowed’ to Apollo 11 event; CBS reporter files formal complaint http://t.co/A…