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Quijote57 - Poll: Biden trumps Clinton in general election, Trump surges - Quincy, IL News -
They won't rip Biden since the media tends to like him, as opposed to anyone else in the Obama administration.
Quijote57 - Durham man shot by police - Quincy, IL News -
There is a strip mall along US61 that has a County Market, a Dollar General, an Orshclen (sp?), a Subway, and a couple of others. But don't you dare burn it down as it is the only grocery store between Keokuk and Palmyra outside of Quincy!
CordellWalker - Durham man shot by police - Quincy, IL News -
Bubble buster here - your 1st amendment rights do not apply to the comment section of a privately owned news web site. You can't tell "fire" in a movie theater and cry 1st amendment either.
ONCEMORE1 - Durham man shot by police - Quincy, IL News -
No Best Buy either---not worth the trouble. Don't know about likkah stores......
1950Brutus - Durham man shot by police - Quincy, IL News -
I think all Canton has is a C.

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Abbreviated pundit roundup: Trump continues to dominate the GOP primary

1 hour, 11 minutes ago by (Georgia Logothetis)

There's just no oxygen for other GOP candidates. Eugene Robinson analyzes the situation: The Republican establishment seems to be slowly going through Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief, with many politicians and pundits unable to get past the first: denial. When it became clear that Trump…
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Open thread for night owls: The Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, 10 years years after Katrina

9 hours, 45 minutes ago by (Meteor Blades)

Elements of a prefabricated house being put into place in the Lower Ninth Ward. Shelby Hartman at Vice writes The Lower Ninth Ward, Ten Years After Katrina: As the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, news outlets from around the country are descending upon New Orleans to find out how…
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Cartoon: Trumpacabra

14 hours, 54 minutes ago by (laloalcaraz)

There is a frightening creature roaming around your animal pen... It's the legendary bloody goatsucker Donald Trump! He attacks Latino voters constantly, but his diet includes women, immigrants, newscasters and prisoners of war. And he takes no prisoners! Beware, because the Trumpacabra is coming for…
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Am I wrong to yearn for a presidential candidate who doesn't need to be taught how to handle racism?

2 days, 19 hours ago by (Shaun King)

Assumed in all of the Black Lives Matter confrontations and interruptions that you've seen of Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, and Hillary Clinton is the reality that many African Americans believe that those candidates have the capacity to understand and care about racism, but must still be taught,…
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Two Seattle police officers fired after body camera worn by bus driver catches them in a huge lie

1 day, 22 hours ago by (Shaun King)

Maybe we all need to be wearing body cameras On November 14, 2014, Kelvin Kirkpatrick, an African-American Metro bus driver with over 20 years of experience in Seattle, requested that sheriff's officers remove sleeping homeless men from his bus, per company policy. The officers weren't helpful and even…
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Ben Carson thinks #BlackLivesMatter should blame Straight Outta Compton

1 day, 13 hours ago by (Frank Vyan Walton)

Y'know by now we all should be pretty used to Republicans saying crazy fracked-up crap.  Really fracked up.  I mean, that's what Trump's entire campaign is about.  Saying fracked- up crap, then attacking anyone who stops and says "Hey, that was fracked-up crap!," and then whining about "political correctness"…
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Target owes $2.8 million to rejected job applicants over hiring discrimination

2 days, 18 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Target is going to pay $2.8 million to be divided among more than 3,000 rejected job applicants under a discrimination settlement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The settlement goes to upper-level applicants who were subjected to a set of job screening tests Target has stopped using…
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How Bobby Jindal could take health care away from 5,200 people in a week

22 hours ago by (Joan McCarter)

Funding for Planned Parenthood's Gulf Coast affiliate in Lousiana could be cut off on September 2 if the organization does not prevail in the suit it filed earlier this week. The lawsuit spells out what is at stake for the women, men, and teens who use Planned Parenthood's services. Unless enjoined,…
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Business owners try to remove all voters from business district, but they forgot one college student

19 hours, 53 minutes ago by (Stephen Wolf)

Map of the new Community Improvement District in Columbia, Missouri Normally gerrymandering in a medium-sized town that doesn't even pertain to city council elections would be too down-in-the-weeds, but this story from the Columbia Tribune is too funny to ignore. Self-interested business owners successfully…
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The only thing worse for the GOP than nominating Trump... not nominating Trump

13 hours, 44 minutes ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

We found this little nugget buried in a PPP survey released Wednesday of the New Hampshire Senate contest between Republican Kelly Ayotte and Democrat Maggie Hassan. New Hampshire provides more evidence of what a disaster not nominating Trump could potentially be for the GOP. Running as an independent…
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Exposing a new type of payday predator targeting inner cities

1 day, 15 hours ago by (Shaun King)

Freddie Gray...alive. Terrence McCoy of the Washington Post has written one of the most important investigative journalism pieces of 2015. While I'd love to give you Cliff's Notes version of it, this is one of those times where you actually need to go read it, then come back and see my thoughts, or…
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Clinton PAC's first ad targets Latino voters, because Trump

20 hours, 57 minutes ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

Hillary Clinton's super PAC just released its first ad and it's little wonder that it's bilingual and clearly aimed at Latino voters. In case they have missed any of the hate-filled rhetoric Republicans are spewing about immigrants, this ad brings it home, tying all Republicans to The Donald with English-to-Spanish…
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Ten years after Katrina, black residents see significantly less improvement than whites

15 hours, 15 minutes ago by (Josie Duffy)

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, flooding streets and houses, destroying lives, and killing almost 2,000 people. The aftermath exposed the massive racial inequality that existed in New Orleans—black communities were hit the hardest by the storm and waited in vain for the same government…
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White House quietly working to get enough Senate votes to filibuster rejection of Iran nuclear pact

18 hours, 12 minutes ago by (Meteor Blades)

Sen. Dick Durbin is pressing for enough votes for a filibuster in the Senate so President Obama can avoid having to veto a rejection of the Iran nuclear agreement. Ever since last May when Congress authorized itself to review the Iran nuclear agreement with the Corker-Cardin bill—the Nuclear Agreement…
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Jorge Ramos: 'This is the first time in my life I have ever been ejected for asking a question'

19 hours, 17 minutes ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

The Washington Post interviewed Univision anchor Jorge Ramos about his Tuesday run-in with Donald Trump and Ramos filled in a bit of the back story. Univision has a goal of talking to every presidential candidate. They've conducted 10 interviews so far, but the Trump campaign has rejected every one of…
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Clinton calls GOP 'extreme' on women's issues, RNC demands apology. Fat chance.

17 hours, 47 minutes ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

Republicans are in a twit because Hillary Clinton called their stances on women's issues "extreme"—as in, if you want to completely defund an organization that provides health services to nearly three million American women a year—and shut down the government over it—that's extreme. Here's Clinton in…
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Rand Paul gets more cowardly on Black Lives Matter

17 hours, 15 minutes ago by (Josie Duffy)

Rand Paul is falling into the Trump trap. After expressing some relatively nuanced thoughts on Black Lives Matter—relative to the other GOP contenders, that is— Rand decided to slip back into completely and totally ignorant territory yesterday. During an appearance on Sean Hannity, Paul stated, "I think…
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Midday open thread: Petitioners hope to reverse NE death penalty repeal; D'Souza out-viles himself

17 hours, 45 minutes ago by (Meteor Blades)

Today's comic by Ruben Bolling is God-Man! (with minor character God-Girl): These Daily Kos community posts were the most shared on Facebook August 26: There is no "there" there: Clinton Email Scandal Falls Apart As State Says There Was No Policy, by Sassine Atlanta, GA Admits to Illegally Disenfranchising…
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Expert analysis finds Planned Parenthood videos and transcripts doctored by anti-choice group

20 hours, 34 minutes ago by (Joan McCarter)

Not that it will make a difference to these two. Here's a shock: the "sting" videos produced by the anti-choice extremist group posing as the Center for Medical Progress against Planned Parenthood were doctored, according to new analysis. WASHINGTON — Planned Parenthood on Thursday gave congressional…
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Scott Walker to give big foreign policy speech, possibly including actual foreign policy

19 hours, 5 minutes ago by (Hunter)

Big news from his royal Translucency: Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker says he'll finally, at long sodding last, be rolling out a "foreign policy." Walker is ready to roll out his foreign policy in a speech Friday at the Citadel in South Carolina, just a couple of weeks after Bush laid…
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CNN commentator: Jorge Ramos is like Dylann Roof because he talks about race

20 hours, 53 minutes ago by (Laura Clawson)

Talking about immigration makes you JUST like this guy. CNN likes to brand itself as "The Most Trusted Name in News." Usually that boils down to extreme blandness, but occasionally CNN tries to get in on the Fox News crazy game. If that's the intent in hiring political commentator Jeffrey Lord, well…
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Donald Trump on his racist supporters: 'Everybody likes me'

20 hours, 15 minutes ago by (Hunter)

Donald Trump has become the de facto candidate of white supremacist groups. He's got the blessing of David Duke, and his rallies continue to attract open racists. You might think this would bother Donald Trump—but only if you did not know Donald Trump. When asked how he felt about people like Duke backing…
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Trump: The opposite of coattails

21 hours, 10 minutes ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

Republicans are finally cluing into the fact that The Donald might be killing their chances of holding on to the Senate, not to mention the House, in 2016. Democrats only need four pick ups with Republicans defending 24 Senate seats while Dems defend 10. Enter, the Trump factor. Ben Kamisar reports: “I…
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Murdered reporter's father says stronger guns laws are now his 'mission in life'

21 hours, 49 minutes ago by (Laura Clawson)

The killing of Virginia reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward has created at least one new crusader for stronger gun laws: Parker's father Andy. Wednesday, the day his daughter was killed, Parker told Fox News' Megyn Kelly that "we’ve got to do something about crazy people getting guns." “My…
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Poll shows Hillary Clinton leading. Headlines show ... something else.

22 hours, 45 minutes ago by (Laura Clawson)

Another day, another round of breathless reporting over a seriously problematic presidential election poll. Up now, a Quinnipiac poll that shows any number of things—Donald Trump takes 28 percent in the Republican primary, more than twice the 12 percent of runner-up Ben Carson; Hillary Clinton has 45…
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Cartoon: God-Man! (with minor character God-Girl)

22 hours, 55 minutes ago by (RubenBolling)

FOLLOW @RubenBolling on Twitter and Facebook. And FURTHER, please join Tom the Dancing Bug's subscription club, the INNER HIVE for advance access to comics and more stuff. And OF COURSE PLEASE READ Ruben Bolling's new book, Alien Invasion in My Backyard: An EMU Club Adventure!  You can also pre-order…
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Morning Digest: Good riddance to a craptacular ex-Democrat (but maybe not)

1 day ago by (Daily Kos Elections)

Artur Davis (right) loses again Leading Off: • Montgomery Mayor: On Tuesday, Artur Davis' comeback attempt fizzled out. Davis, a former Democratic congressman who joined the GOP soon after Team Blue overwhelmingly rejected him in the 2010 gubernatorial primary, placed a distant second in the non-partisan…
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Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!

1 day ago by (David Waldman)

Wow, what a Wednesday. Glad that one's over. We'll try not to top yesterday with today's news. But, as always, we'll strive to bring you a better show than the day before. So in addition to our regular news roundup with Greg Dworkin, we'll try to connect with Arliss Bunny to address the question left…
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Cheers and Jeers: Thursday

1 day ago by (Bill in Portland Maine)

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Oh! More Things I Know: The steady drip…drip…drip of Democrats announcing they'll vote "Yes!" on the Iran nuclear agreement is working better from a P.R. standpoint than the Republican strategy of shouting "No!" all at once. Jeb Bush's shoulders are always slumping, and…
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Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: The Trump effect and GOP losers

1 day, 1 hour ago by (Greg Dworkin)

Greg Sargent: But [Megyn] Kelly is absolutely right to note, in the context of the birthright citizenship debate, that Trump has answered questions “explicitly,” while Cruz won’t. This illustrates, once again, that Trump’s immigration plan, if you can call it that, has had the effect of making GOP evasions…
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Open thread for night owls: Alabama already tried Trump-style immigration policy. It was a disaster.

1 day, 9 hours ago by (Hunter)

Lost in the raw spectacle of Donald Trump's xenophobia-riddled Alabama appearance: Alabama, the state, has already had a very real go-round with the sort of hard-right anti-immigrant proposals that Trump has made the cornerstone of his impromptu presidential bid. In 2011 the Republican-led state passed…
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Prairie View, Texas, city council votes to name street where she was arrested Sandra Bland Parkway

1 day, 20 hours ago by (Shaun King)

Sandra Bland ... alive and well. On Tuesday, the Prairie View City Council voted to rename the street where Sandra Bland was originally arrested right outside of Prairie View A&M University, Sandra Bland Parkway. I understand and even appreciate the gesture, but it's haunting for at least three reasons. First,…
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Maine Gov. Paul LePage again contemplates a run for the Senate

1 day, 10 hours ago by (Hunter)

Sure, why not. If Ted Cruz can be a senator, surely the craziest man in political office deserves the same chance. [Maine] Gov. Paul LePage has again told a Boston radio host that he is considering a run for the U.S. Senate in 2018 against incumbent Angus King. [...] “I am thinking about it very strongly,…
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GOP a threat to U.S. economy, say economists

3 days, 18 hours ago by (Jon Perr)

While all eyes have been focused on the worldwide stock market plunge, a recent survey of economists by the Wall Street Journal identified a different threat to the vitality of the U.S. economy. But it's not the instability of Chinese stock prices, the devaluation of our currency, the Eurozone's Greek…
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Chris Christie wants a line-item veto on his kids' college tuition

3 days, 18 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Apparently this is the kind of bold policy idea Chris Christie thinks could revive his limp presidential hopes: I just paid the bills, I’ve got two in college. Between Princeton and Notre Dame this year it’s $122,000 for the two of them. Secondly, here’s what I’ve suggested out there that we need to…
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Iranian dissidents video their support for nuclear pact as members of Congress choose sides

1 day, 20 hours ago by (Meteor Blades)

Iranians in Tehran celebrate announcement of nuclear agreement in July. When the Iran nuclear agreement was announced July 14, thousands of Iranians took to the streets in celebration. Since then, as backers and foes have lobbied members of the U.S. Congress to approve or reject the agreement, some…
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New non-lethal weapons a step but not a solution

1 day, 12 hours ago by (Josie Duffy)

Engineers have created a new weapon that has the potential to reduce the injury and death caused by law enforcement, and it’s already getting some traction with police departments in cities across America. Blunt impact projectiles (BIPs) allow police to incapacitate a person if necessary, while significantly…
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Here's what happens when Democrats go along with relaxing campaign finance rules

1 day, 18 hours ago by (Joan McCarter)

Remarkably, he makes a point. Last year, in the waning days of the Senate Democratic majority, Democrats in Congress agreed with Republicans to include a weakening of campaign finance limits to the party national committees in a spending bill. The result: According to filings last week, the Republican…
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Military's ban on transgender service set to end next May

1 day, 17 hours ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

Couldn't come too soon. The Pentagon’s ban on transgender troops would end May 27 under a draft timeline on repeal of the policy that affects about 12,000 troops, according to a document obtained by USA TODAY. The memo, circulated last week among top personnel and medical officials, lays out the road…
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Spotlight on green news & views: Wildfires; First Nations battle Chevron; cow power; the Black Hills

1 day, 14 hours ago by (Meteor Blades)

See RockyMtnHigh's post. The Green Spotlight will not appear Saturday, Aug. 29. Environmentally oriented diaries published between now and then will be included in the Spotlight published Wednesday, Sept. 2. Spotlight on Green News & Views (previously known as the Green Diary Rescue) appears twice a…
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Hundreds of bogus charges filed against Ferguson protestors almost a year later

1 day, 14 hours ago by (Josie Duffy)

Last August, in Ferguson, Missouri, an unarmed black teenager named Mike Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer, his dead body left in the street for four hours. Over the following days and weeks, people came from all over the country to protest, march, and show solidarity for Mike Brown.…
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Ted Cruz smears Megyn Kelly as a 'mainstream media liberal journalist' cuz she asked him a question

1 day, 19 hours ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

If you don't stop asking questions, I won't let you interview me. In another entry in the 2016 annals of "If Trump's doing it, me too," Ted Cruz went after Fox News host Megyn Kelly after she dared to ask him a question on whether he would deport citizen children born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrants.…
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Politico really wants you to believe Obama called Iran deal opponents 'crazies'

1 day, 21 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Politico had quite the bombshell Monday night ... until it turned out to be total BS, anyway. According to the Politico headline on Edward-Isaac Dovere's story, "Barack Obama calls opponents of Iran deal 'the crazies.'" Wow, I mean, opponents of the Iran deal include not just Ted Cruz and Scott Walker…
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White House: Charles Koch's whining is either 'remarkably rich or utterly predictable'

1 day, 17 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Uh-oh. Charles Koch's fee fees are hurt that the president would dare criticize him for lobbying against clean energy subsidies, but even though Koch went forth—as a powerful billionaire accustomed to getting his way—and told Politico that he did not think the president should criticize him, the president…
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Stung by 'clown show,' Republicans pin their hopes on ... Joe Biden?

1 day, 16 hours ago by (Hunter)

The Republican Party, their presidential clown car now so overstocked with clowns that the wheels have been replaced by clowns, and the door handles have been replaced by clowns, and the radiator, fan belt and every cylinder have been replaced by clowns, really wants current Vice President Joe Biden…
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Republicans trotting out old 'weak on defense' ploy against Democrats who back Iran pact

1 day, 18 hours ago by (Meteor Blades)

The unfinished nuclear reactor at Arak must be reconfigured to comply with the Iran nuclear agreement. Shocking, I'm sure you'll agree, is the news that Republicans are using the Iran nuclear agreement to paint Democrats as weak on defense. That, of course, has been a steady theme since the GOP's "Who…
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Midday open thread: Traffic back to pre-recession 'normal'; U.S. Navy investing in giant solar farm

1 day, 17 hours ago by (Meteor Blades)

Today's comic by Matt Bors is The joys of summer: These Daily Kos community posts were the most shared on Facebook August 25: Road name changed! "President Barack Obama Hwy" replaces "Old Dixie Hwy" (and this is in Florida!), by EyesBright BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Grassroots Planning Huge March on…
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Hillary Clinton's poll numbers haven't dropped at all—and this one chart proves it

1 day, 18 hours ago by (David Nir)

(click to enlarge) It's been inescapable for weeks: Beltway hacks have been braying about Hillary Clinton's "falling poll numbers," eager to fan the flames of Democratic discord and generate column-inches about intra-party conflict where none exists. What's most pathetic about this latest anti-Clinton…
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President Obama and Harry Reid have hurt Charles Koch's fee-fees

1 day, 20 hours ago by (Joan McCarter)

Who knew he was so sensitive. Leave the Koch brothers alooooone!!!! says Charles Koch. President Obama and Harry Reid are just meanies, the billionaire who arguably has controlling interest of the Republican party, whined to Politico. Charles Koch hit back at criticism of “the Koch brothers” during…
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Trump still sucking among Latinos

2 days, 16 hours ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

Gallup's daily tracking poll finds Donald Trump is doing unbelievably awful among Latino voters, with 65 percent viewing him unfavorably and 14 percent favorably for a net favorable score of -51. (Not to worry, The Donald's presser last night is sure to turn that trend around.) On the GOP side, Jeb!…
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Governor signs legislation requiring CO detectors in schools
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Federal Court blocks EPAs Clean Water rule from taking effect on August 28, 2015
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