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XBgCty - QPD nabs 66 in latest STEP detail - Quincy, IL News -
WOW-- so you give some links to stories of a few that acted incorrectly. Who arrested them, for them to plead guilty? POLICE Anyone can sue, rightly or wrongly, and big cities settle suits all the time, even those without a shred of merit. Police are human, and other police catch them and arrest them, or fire them. NYC has between 30.000 and 40,000 police, Chicago has between 8,000 and 13,500, LA…
CoolEdge - Strawman: A Society Out of Control........... - Quincy, IL News -
one case comes to mind, the woman was certifiable, manic, and frequently hitting. Once he said "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" ... hit back but didn't hurt. That was all she wrote ... as if she was ready and had a game plan. Ran out all histrionic, called cops, badda bing badda boom ... got her divorce, money, easy peasy for the lawyers. The fact she was manic, domineering,…
GuyFawkes10 - QPD nabs 66 in latest STEP detail - Quincy, IL News -
Read these for stories on the protect and serve crowd:
qfingers - QPD nabs 66 in latest STEP detail - Quincy, IL News -
If you mean you have no proof they pulled you over you're wrong. All stops are recorded video/audio as long as the lights are on. And if you ever get pulled over for no reason feel free to complain to the chief. If there's an officer doing that and multiple reports show up it will catch up to them.
ONCEMORE1 - Strawman: A Society Out of Control........... - Quincy, IL News -
Well, you'd better get used to that one: The woman slapping the hell outta the man and him going to jail for deflecting the blows. Not to say this is always, or even often the case, but it's worth considering.

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Daily Kos

Hypocrite Rick Snyder now touting Medicaid expansion he originally fought

1 day, 7 hours ago by (Joan McCarter)

Gov. Rick Snyder Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) takes the award for biggest Obamcare flip-flop among Republican governors. Just last year Snyder didn't think Medicaid expansion was going to be good for his state, with a bullshit line about how it would be taking people out of great emergency room care to…
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Daily Kos Elections ad roundup: Mike Rounds continues to act very defensive on EB-5

4 hours, 21 minutes ago by (Jeff Singer)

Leading Off: • SD-Sen: Either Republican Mike Rounds is a firm believer in rapid response, or he's worried about Democratic attacks on him. A few days ago, Every Voice Action accused Rounds of awarding EB-5 immigration visa cards to his corrupt allies in a $200,000 spot (David Montgomery of the Argus…
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Charles Krauthammer says Obama 'clearly a narcissist,' talks like 'Napoleon'

1 day, 7 hours ago by (Hunter)

Charles Krauthammer appeared on the radio-box again to say that while he has "foresworn" long-distance psychiatry he still thinks Barack Obama is a "narcissist" who "talks like the emperor, Napoleon" because he says "I" a lot, and remember that time he announced that American military forces had killed…
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Virginia Republicans rebuff voters, torpedo Medicaid expansion again

7 hours, 53 minutes ago by (Joan McCarter)

These Virginians will just to have to keep waiting for free clinics to get health care. Never mind that 61 percent of Virginia voters support Medicaid expansion in their state. Their Republican legislature refuses to give it to them. A special session called this week by Gov. Terry McAuliffe intended…
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Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Coke FRIDAY!

2 hours, 34 minutes ago by (Bill in Portland Maine)

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Late Night Snark...and a Bebbeh "In a recent interview, Texas Governor Rick Perry revealed that he has spent the last twenty months preparing to run for president. Then Hillary said, 'Call me when you’ve spent 67 years.'” ---Jimmy Fallon Clip of NBC reporter: [NFL player…
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Perdue slammed for heinous false ad linking Nunn to terrorism

1 day, 6 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

David Perdue, total slime and Republican for Senate In 2002's Georgia Senate race, Saxby Chambliss defeated then-Sen. Max Cleland after running a notorious ad linking him to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. In 2014's Georgia Senate race, David Perdue is taking a page out of Chambliss's playbook.…
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FCC Chairman Wheeler: Broadband reclassification 'very much on the table'

9 hours, 17 minutes ago by (Joan McCarter)

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Facing a House Small Business Committee focused on the Federal Communciations Commission's next moves on Wednesday, Chairman Tom Wheeler made encouraging noises about net neutrality. Wheeler spoke in front a committee during a session aimed at determining whether the FCC was…
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Now Rand Paul is plagiarizing Mitt Romney (or at least acting like him)

4 hours, 5 minutes ago by (Jed Lewison)

Rand Paul might not be literally plagiarizing Mitt Romney's words—he generally leaves plagiarizing to his ghostwriters—but he is doing a mighty fine impression of Mitt's willingness to say whatever he thinks is most politically expedient instead of what he actually believes. Just watch the video at the…
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Dark money spending in 2014 set to eclipse all previous levels

1 day, 4 hours ago by (Joan McCarter)

David Koch By late August, dark-money groups had spent more than $50 million on the 2014 election. This was a new record and seven times the amount of dark money spent by the same point on House and Senate elections in 2010. And this week, dark-money spending for the 2014 cycle reached $63 million—just…
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Republicans are on the news more because why, now?

8 hours, 28 minutes ago by (Hunter)

Yes, conservative lawmakers appear more often on your teevee than liberal ones do. And yes, this is good news for John McCain! Senators and representatives from the conservative end of the ideological spectrum have made 57 percent of the appearances, compared with 42 percent for liberals, according to…
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What makes a right-wing 'champion of the worker'? Votes against minimum wage and Paycheck Fairness

8 hours, 21 minutes ago by (Laura Clawson)

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) Sen. Pat Roberts is bragging about being named a "Champion of the Worker." The Virginia-dwelling, Kansas-representing Republican was so dubbed by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. So what's the Competitive Enterprise Institute and exactly what does it think makes a legislator…
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Worst secretary of state in the nation hits a federal bump in the road in Kansas

7 hours ago by (Jen Hayden)

It's been a bad week for Kansas's Kris Kobach—worst secretary of state in the nation. The Kansas Supreme Court ruled against him and ordered Democrat Chad Taylor off the ballot in the U.S. Senate race. Now he's announced that overseas military ballots, which were supposed to go out on September 20, wouldn't…
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Republican chair says party just needs to better explain things to the womenfolks

8 hours ago by (Hunter)

"I see, so taking away your health insurance will increase American freedoms by 2.7 percent. Well, I'm convinced." These people are adorable. Republicans “still have work to do” appealing to women voters, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden said Friday. [...] When asked…
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Midday open thread: Candidate's racial slurs catch up with him, leading economic indicators rise

7 hours, 5 minutes ago by (Meteor Blades)

Today's comic by Mark Fiore is The Beheading Coalition: Please join us today at noon PT when Markos hosts the latest episode of Ask Me Anything (about Daily Kos). What's coming up on Sunday Kos ... The father I might have been, by Steven Payne 'The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making…
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Administration announces 7.3 million paid Obamacare enrollments, Republicans whine

11 hours, 11 minutes ago by (Joan McCarter)

Issa preparing to eat some well-deserved crow. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa held yet another "oversight" hearing on Thursday, trying to find something, anything that smelled like an Obamacare scandal. Instead, he got the gut-punch of finding out that there are…
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Republicans don't vote early because they're patriots says Republican encouraging them to vote early

8 hours ago by (Jed Lewison)

How patriotic would they be if they had these lines to deal with? When a reporter from the Wall Street Journal asked Jeff Kauffman, the chairman of Iowa's Republican Party, about the challenges he faces with his party's push to get Republicans to vote earlier—particularly the fact that twice as many…
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Republicans angry they're going to lose the Kansas Senate seat

10 hours, 11 minutes ago by (kos)

"So tell me, Sen. Roberts, how the hell are you about to lose a Senate race IN KANSAS?" The irony of Democrats potentially holding the Senate because of Kansas is so delicious, it already has Republicans losing their heads. Particularly since the Kansas Supreme Court told über-wingnut Kris Kobach to…
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Andrew Cuomo wants to endorse a Republican, of course

9 hours, 30 minutes ago by (kos)

WFP Gov. Andrew Cuomo, still voting for Republicans. Remember all the promises NY Working Families Party Gov. Andrew Cuomo made to the WFP in order to become their man? Well ... ha ha ha ha ha! Gov. Cuomo says he's still considering backing Republican Sen. Mark Grisanti Cuomo has worked hard to keep…
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Lindsey Graham agrees with John McCain even more than McCain does

9 hours, 35 minutes ago by (Jed Lewison)

If only John McCan were as agreeable as Lindsey Graham Behold Sen. John McCain, bellyaching about President Obama saying that he will not use ground forces to attack ISIS: Why does the president insist on continuing to tell the enemy what he will not do? Why does the president keep telling the people…
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Twenty-six senators sign letter to People's Climate March organizers praising their effort

10 hours, 5 minutes ago by (Meteor Blades)

The People's Climate March got some unusual support Friday. Twenty-six senators signed a letter praising the march's organizers and participants for their call to action on global warming this coming Sunday in New York City. Led by the Committee on Environment and Public Works chairwoman Barbara Boxer…
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Boehner: Jobless Americans would 'just rather sit around'

10 hours, 48 minutes ago by (Laura Clawson)

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) House Speaker John Boehner had some harsh words for jobless Americans Thursday. In response to a question at the end of a speech to a conservative audience: Boehner then lamented "this idea that has been born, maybe out of the economy over the last couple years, that you…
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'It's on us' to fight campus sexual assault, says new White House campaign

11 hours, 46 minutes ago by (Laura Clawson)

The White House is launching a major campaign against sexual assault on college campuses. Tagged "It's on us," the campaign "seeks to engage college students and all members of campus communities in preventing sexual assault in the first place," and will draw on the cultural clout of partners like video…
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Worst secretary of state in the nation won't let up in Kansas

11 hours, 41 minutes ago by (Jen Hayden)

Late yesterday afternoon, the Kansas Supreme Court dealt a blow to Kris Kobach–the worst secretary of state in the nation–by ruling that Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Chad Taylor's name must be removed from the ballot. Even though the court's decision was a strong rebuke of Kobach's hyper-partisan…
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Cartoon: The Beheading Coalition

12 hours, 15 minutes ago by (Mark Fiore)

Now that the United States is forming another military coalition to combat evil in the Middle East, maybe we should pause to take a closer look at the members of this coalition. Sure, ISIS is terrible and does awful things like behead people, but they’ve got nothing on Saudi Arabia, which beheads people…
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Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: The state of play in the House grows clearer (by being unclear)

13 hours, 35 minutes ago by (Steve Singiser)

Two polls this week give Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) a narrow lead in a must-win rematch. With the control of the chamber very much on the edge, it is no surprise that the battle for the majority of the U.S. Senate has received the bulk of the attention in the conversations about the 2014 election…
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Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Chad Taylor is off the ballot, but the legal fight continues

14 hours, 5 minutes ago by (David Nir)

Republican Sen. Pat Roberts Leading Off: • KS-Sen: A few months ago if anyone had suggested that Kansas would host the most nation's craziest general election they'd have been laughed out of the room, but that's exactly what's happening. While absentee Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is incredibly unpopular,…
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Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9am ET!

13 hours, 35 minutes ago by (David Waldman)

Happy Friday! Well, I guess Scotland is still part of the UK. So, that happened. We've had a productive week in terms of emptying stories out of Pocket, and there's still much more to go. Stories so diverse, it's hardly worth trying to describe the direction we're likely to take. Which I hope is the…
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Abbreviated pundit roundup: Climate change, foreign policy, and more

14 hours, 19 minutes ago by (Georgia Logothetis)

We begin today with Paul Krugman who analyzes the economics of fighting climate change: This just in: Saving the planet would be cheap; it might even be free. But will anyone believe the good news? I’ve just been reading two new reports on the economics of fighting climate change: a big study by a blue-ribbon…
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Open thread for night owls. Civil rights hero's advice to global warming activists: Don't stop.

23 hours, 5 minutes ago by (Meteor Blades)

Brentin Mock at Grist, as part of a series initiated by the Pulitzer-winning investigative site Pro-Publica, writes—Civil rights heroes offer climate marchers a little wisdom: What can organizers of the upcoming People’s Climate March learn from organizers of some of the earlier, broad-scale demonstrations…
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Stephen Colbert blasts the militarization of ... our SCHOOLS?!

1 day, 13 hours ago by (Michael Langenmayr)

The stupid. It burns. Last night, Stephen blasted programs giving military surplus like MRAPs and grenade launchers to school districts across the country. I kid you not. This one is a must see. Full video after the jump.
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Marriott will encourage guests to tip housekeepers. Um, yay?

3 days, 13 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Here's a mixed blessing for you: Marriott International will be encouraging guests in its hotels to tip the housekeepers by leaving envelopes for that purpose in rooms. Which ... on the one hand, anything that improves low levels of tipping for this group of overwhelmingly female, mostly low-paid workers…
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A look at the Arkansas and Vermont legislatures, with interactive maps and new election data

1 day, 7 hours ago by (Jeff Singer)

Arkansas State Senate Today, Daily Kos Election's President-by-Legislative District project ventures to two very different states, Arkansas and Vermont. President-by-LD is our ongoing project to provide election results by legislative and congressional district for every state in the nation. You can…
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Can Democrats flip the Pennsylvania Senate? A look at the 2014 playing field, with maps and new data

3 days, 10 hours ago by (Jeff Singer)

Pennsylvania State Senate While Pennsylvania has proven to be stubbornly Democratic in presidential contests, its state legislature is another story entirely. Republicans have held the State Senate since 1994; the State House has been a little more volatile, but Republicans have controlled it for most…
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Daily Kos Elections ad roundup: Democrats may be smelling blood in South Dakota's Senate race

1 day, 3 hours ago by (Jeff Singer)

Leading Off: • SD-Sen: There has been very little significant outside spending in this contest, but that may be starting to change. Every Voice Action is now attacking Republican Mike Rounds for allegedly being part of a corrupt scene to award EB-5 immigration cards to help his cronies. David Montgomery…
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Virginia voters support Medicaid expansion

1 day, 11 hours ago by (Joan McCarter)

Gov. Terry McAuliffe After a tumultuous year of fighting over Medicaid expansion, Virginia lawmakers will meet again in special session Thursday to try to resolve the issue. Gov. Terry McAuliffe called the session after concluding that he could not legally expand the program through executive action,…
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Oregon's Republican physician Senate candidate plagiarized Rove's healthcare plan

2 days, 5 hours ago by (Joan McCarter)

She might be a doctor, but that doesn't mean she has any ideas about health care. You would think a high-profile physician—a brain surgeon, no less—and high-profile Senate candidate would have some thoughts on what has been the hot-button political issue for the past five years, especially when that…
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Walmart finds a new way to exploit workers with a new dress code

2 days, 9 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Walmart may have stirred up a little more publicity than it expected when it changed its "dress code" for employees recently. The low-paid workers are not happy that they'll be expected to buy the new clothes they're required to wear to work, and they've been making themselves heard. But wait. Federal…
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Seriously? Republicans accuse Mark Begich of not really riding a snowmobile

2 days, 5 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Alaska's Senate race has produced a contender for stupidest political attack of the campaign cycle: Republicans are suggesting that Begich didn't really ride a snowmobile (or "snow machine," as Alaskans insist on calling them) in a campaign ad: “I’m Cory Davis. As a four time X-Games medalist, I know…
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New solar, efficiency programs will curb millions of tons of emissions and save billions of dollars

1 day, 5 hours ago by (Meteor Blades)

Proposed efficiency rule on new commercial air-conditioning units will cut their energy usage in half. The Obama administration took several small steps in the right direction on energy policy Thursday when it announced the Department of Energy's proposed new standard for commercial air-conditioning…
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Cartoon: What does the fox say....?

1 day, 4 hours ago by (MattWuerker)

(Click for larger image)
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Court: Chad Taylor's name is off the Kansas ballot

1 day, 4 hours ago by (Taniel)

Republican Sen. Pat Roberts The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Thursday afternoon that Democrat Chad Taylor’s name should be removed from the November ballot in the state’s Senate race. The decision comes as a rebuke to Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s efforts to keep Taylor’s name on the ballot. More importantly,…
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Scott Brown spent how much on makeup and grooming?

2 days, 7 hours ago by (Joan McCarter)

Those all-American good looks don't come cheap. Now this is how you effectively troll Scott Brown. A Democratic group is asking the IRS to investigate New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown for deducting thousands of dollars of makeup and grooming expenses on his taxes. “Grooming expenses,…
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GOP congressional candidate endorses going to war with Mexico over undocumented immigrants

1 day, 5 hours ago by (Hunter)

Where do Republicans find these people, and why won't they stop? The latest candidate to sign up for the hard-fought America's Dumbest Congressman competition is Republican Mark Walker, who's running for North Carolina's deep-red 6th Congressional district. Walker is the one who previously vowed that…
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House GOP has first #Benghazi hearing, dooming Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign (per Dick Morris)

1 day, 5 hours ago by (Jed Lewison)

Hillary better start polishing her resume if she wants a job after 2016, says this guy Well, it's over—the House GOP's #Benghazi select committee has held its first hearing, and there really weren't fireworks: The special House committee investigating the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi debuted Wednesday…
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Media ignores minimum wage, assumes voters are doing the same

2 days, 11 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

The media may love Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, but that doesn't mean voters agree with them. Democrats have a full set of economic priorities they're pushing in the run-up to November's elections, but, the New York Times points out, at least in the national media, issues like the minimum wage…
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Does Tom Cotton think Barack Obama is a time traveler, or is Cotton just a liar?

1 day, 8 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton, the Republican nominee for Senate, is putting some mind-blowing chutzpah on the TV: I'm sorry, "President Obama hijacked the farm bill, turned it into a food stamp bill"? Can I get a record scratch sound effect here, please? Unless Cotton is suggesting that Barack Obama traveled…
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Midday open thread: Fair taxes? Innocent but can't afford a lawyer? Contraceptive coverage soars

1 day, 7 hours ago by (Meteor Blades)

Today's comic by Ruben Bolling is Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. Shplourks, and more: These Daily Kos community posts were the most shared on Facebook September 17: Jesus Hates Gays, Loves Bacon...Apparently, by Retroactive Genius No one could have predicted Hobby Lobby decision would be used to protect…
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After a grueling eight days on the clock, Congress punches out

1 day, 7 hours ago by (Jed Lewison)

After spending pretty much all of August and the beginning of September on vacation, House Republicans have decided that after 8 days back on the job, they've had enough: The House of Representatives will adjourn until after the midterm election once legislative business is completed on Thursday. Majority…
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Let's thwart Andrew Cuomo's best-laid plans and win a truly Democratic state Senate in New York

1 day, 9 hours ago by (kos)

Want to beat up on NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo some more? Of course you do! So donate for a Democratic Senate. We all know how Working Families Party Gov. Andrew Cuomo promised to veto an aggressive Republican gerrymander of the state Senate, then signed it into law. And we also know that when voters decided…
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Obamacare customers are happy as clams with their affordable plans

1 day, 9 hours ago by (Joan McCarter)

Just a few of the happy customers. Here's one more nail in the Republicans' anti-Obamacare coffin. There's plenty of good news for the law in its first full year of implementation: millions of people have insurance through it, the uninsured rate has dropped significantly, premium cost hikes for the…
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