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UrKidsWillPay - Child shot and killed in Quincy - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
Actually, it does make a huge difference. Every study that you can find on the subject of single parent children shows enormous correlation between that status and criminality of the child, incarceration, poor academic peformance, being a victim of crime, living in poverty and in general having a much crappier life. I know all the "if it feels good do it crowd" will be uncomfortable with this but…
Bob6140 - Child shot and killed in Quincy - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
It doesn't. That is my point! Yet somehow, some must jump immediately to the conclusion that it was drugs or bad parenting that contributed. Why is that? I think it's much more feasible that this was the result of a meaningless argument with another kid. Blame the shooter, not the victim. And simply stating that racism is alive and well in this town is not racist.
UrKidsWillPay - Tom Schweich spokesman Spence Jackson found dead - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
No it really isn't appropriate. He is either dead or he isn't. If they had multiple sources confirm he is dead there is no need for the apparent. The coroner announcement or police announcement doesn't make the person dead. Lack of breathing is what makes them dead. Millions of people die each year in the US and nearly all of them are dead without coroner or the police ever seeing them…
qfingers - Tom Schweich spokesman Spence Jackson found dead - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
Yes..."apparent" is ppropriate....article says "multiple sources" and not any official announcement from the coroner who is the one that issues the death certificate. Would take the police announcing it too as "official".
quincymike - New jail or no new jail? - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal.com
#1. The sales tax increase is the easy way, correct? I do not think so! Take one look at Cook County and Chicago and look whats happening to their sales tax game. Your local business melts away. Even a little bit decreases the anticipated revenue flow. #2. When I hear comments like "if revenue from the sales tax does not pay the bonds completly then I guess we will have to take it out of the general…

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Daily Kos

Pence to speak as Indiana continues to face backlash against hate law

1 hour, 33 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Laura Clawson)

Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) Indiana continues to face a steady stream of consequences for the license-to-discriminate law recently signed by Gov. Mike Pence, who will be speaking on the issue at 11 AM Eastern. The CEOs of nine large companies headquartered in Indiana wrote a letter detailing their concerns: "Regardless…
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Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Tammy Duckworth will take on Mark Kirk

3 hours, 4 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (David Nir)

Democratic Senate candiate Tammy Duckworth Leading Off: • IL-Sen: As expected, Rep. Tammy Duckworth formally kicked off her campaign against GOP Sen. Mark Kirk on Monday, making her the first Democrat to enter the race. (She's posted a welcome video here.) Duckworth comes in to the contest with a reputation…
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Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!

2 hours, 34 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (David Waldman)

We'll treat today as another catch-up day, since Greg's tied up with the whole doctoring thing. As always, lots to cover from the past few days, and a backlog of always-interesting stories we can weave together into a pretend narrative, after the fact. Listen LIVE at 9:00 ET, here: Click this Link to…
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Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday

2 hours, 46 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Bill in Portland Maine)

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Stephanopoulos vs. Pence: The Sodium Pentothal Interview Actual questions asked by the host of This Week on Sunday, with honest, no-weasel revised answers from the guest, who is now hopped-up on truth serum: George Stephanopoulos: Good morning, Governor Pence. So was it…
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Abbreviated pundit roundup: Backlash to Indiana discrimination law grows

3 hours, 33 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Georgia Logothetis)

As Barb Morrill pointed out on the front page late last night, Indiana's biggest newspaper is speaking out against Indiana's ill-advised pro-discrimination law: The consequences will only get worse if our state leaders delay in fixing the deep mess created. Half steps will not be enough. Half steps will…
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The backlash grows: Indiana's largest newspaper goes after license-to-discriminate law

10 hours, 45 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Barbara Morrill)

Tuesday's front page of The Indianapolis Star The backlash over Indiana's new license-to-discriminate law continues to grow, with the state's largest newspaper, The Indianapolis Star, set to come out against this hate legislation on Tuesday morning with a front page editorial demanding "Gov. Pence,…
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Open thread for night owls. Bucheit: You owe us, corporations—four reasons why, one way to pay

12 hours, 4 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Meteor Blades)

Paul Bucheit writes You Owe Us, Corporations: Four Reasons Why and One Way to Pay: The distorted belief that wealthy individuals and corporations are job creators has led to sizeable business subsidies and tax breaks. The biggest giveaway is often overlooked: corporations use our nation's plentiful resources,…
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'Going Clear' offers a devastating exposé of greed and abuse

12 hours, 34 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Doctor RJ)

The display of an E-meter used in Scientology from Alex Gibney's documentary 'Going Clear' The late Sir Terry Pratchett once described belief as "the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape." That place is one where feelings and knowledge (or the lack thereof) meet to try to make sense of…
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American religious freedom is a shield, not a sword

1 day, 19 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Jon Perr)

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is not the first Republican to use the First Amendment as a weapon to deny equal rights for some Americans. And Pence won’t be the last conservative caught in the blowback from civil rights groups, corporate leaders and even some Christian churches. That’s because as marriage…
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UPDATE: Gov. signs Arizona abortion bill requiring doctors to give patients misleading information

3 days, 19 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Mother Mags)

Arizona's GOP: Who cares if the procedure is unproven? Doctors must tell women about it Let's say you have a stomachache and go to the doctor, but a new state rule mandates that your physician must tell you about an unproven procedure involving monkey dung and turnip juice. Hey, a guy in Malaysia says…
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This land is our land? Not if Republicans have their way

22 hours, 14 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Joan McCarter)

One of the 43 amendments passed by Senate Republicans in Thursday's vote-a-rama was a sop to extremist state legislatures in the west who have been pushing states' rights bills that would allow the states to sell off the federal public lands within their borders. That's right, congressional Republicans—federal…
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Senate Republicans blame intransigence on Lynch nomination on 'constituents'

1 day ago by rss@dailykos.com (Joan McCarter)

Congress is now on recess for two weeks, with the Senate leaving some critical work undone. Most critical, the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be attorney general, which has already set a record for Republican obstruction. Senate Republicans are in a mess over this nomination, none of them wanting to…
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Arizona school officials protest education cuts, so the legislature makes their protests illegal

2 days, 15 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Mother Mags)

Shut up or we'll shut you up! Since 2008, Arizona has cut K-12 and university budgets more than just about every other state, to the point we now spend, in the public school classroom, roughly 70 percent of the national average per pupil: $7,382 in Arizona vs. $10,667 nationwide, one of the lowest rates…
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Why I'm so doggone excited that The Daily Show hired Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart

1 day ago by rss@dailykos.com (Shaun King)

Trevor Noah on the cover of his comedy special "It's My Culture" Last year my family and I lived in South Africa for about three months. Within 48 hours of being there, complete strangers started asking us if we'd ever heard of Trevor Noah. For the remainder of our unforgettable time there, next to…
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An Obamacare challenge too ridiculous for even the Supreme Court to consider

23 hours, 32 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Joan McCarter)

Too much of a dog for even these guys. Perhaps the Supreme Court has been feeling enough heat for taking on the very dubious King v. Burwell Obamacare case. Or maybe they feel like they've got one Obamacare-killing case before them, why bother taking a second. At any rate, they've rejected an appeal…
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Ted Cruz panders to the people with red meat and sizzling pop culture references

16 hours, 34 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Laura Clawson)

Sen. Ted Cruz is running for president on his inflexible far-right political positions, but as he does the retail politics demanded of candidates in the New Hampshire presidential primary, he's showing off a certain flexibility of self-presentation. Scott Conroy reports that, for an audience of hardcore…
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Montana's Republican Senate bucks Kochs, passes Medicaid expansion

20 hours, 41 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Joan McCarter)

Montanans rally for Medicaid expansion The Kochs brothers and their astroturf organization Americans for Prosperity have hit a roadblock in their fight to kill Medicaid expansion in red states around the country. Montanans, and even Montana Republicans, do not appreciate these guys coming in from out-of-state…
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Is the tide turning in the complicated rift between the movements for civil rights and gay rights?

21 hours, 13 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Shaun King)

The short answer is "yes." In the not too distant past, the conflation of civil rights and LGBT rights seemed to irritate civil rights leaders, but that tide seems to be turning for so many important reasons. Let's explore some of those below: 1. Leading activists and protestors across the country in…
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Alabama Republican lawmaker says there's 'no reason' to protect women from doctors like him

19 hours, 51 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Joan McCarter)

This guy is a one-man war on women. Alabama state Sen. Larry Stutts (R) is a physician, and back in 1998 was Rose Church's doctor when Church gave birth to a healthy baby. She was released 36 hours after the birth, but had to return soon after for a blood transfusion because of internal bleeding. She…
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Gov. Mike Pence's 'religious freedom' argument destroyed by ... Fox News?

18 hours, 34 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Hunter)

Who you gonna believe, Bret Baier or the text next to him? Indiana Gov. Mike Pence spent his weekend ungraciously leaping from the path of questions on the effects and intentions of the new Indiana law allowing public discrimination against gay Americans under the general banner of religious freedom,…
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Poll: Republicans consider Barack Obama to be more of a 'threat' than Russian or Syrian leaders

19 hours, 4 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Hunter)

And for some reason Fox News viewers remain staggeringly uninformed I wonder if the Fox News and other conservative media outlet focus on painting every action by the current sitting president as being "illegal" or "unconstitutional" or "un-American" has anything to do with this. Republicans are more…
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Prominent Republican: Obama shouldn't go to Kenya because birthers will get ideas

19 hours, 42 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Laura Clawson)

Where's a picture of President Obama obviously rolling his eyes when you need one? If you want yet another piece of evidence of how far gone the Republican Party is, here's an establishment Republican putting the fee-fees of birthers and the humiliation factor for establishment types like himself above…
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Midday open thread: Iran talks down to the wire, weed farmers making already dry California worse

20 hours, 4 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Meteor Blades)

Today's comic by Tom Tomorrow is Cruz's path to the White House: What you may have missed on Sunday Kos ... NRA targets Loretta Lynch, by Denise Oliver Velez Just how many elected officials are there in the United States? The answer is mind-blowing, by David Nir What presidents can do: the Supreme…
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Union cancels Indiana conference over 'un-American' discrimination law

20 hours, 50 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Laura Clawson)

Who knew—it turns out there's a cost for legalizing discrimination, as Indiana is finding out. One of the latest to cancel an upcoming event in Indiana because of the state's new license-to-discriminate law is the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME), which announced Monday…
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Is Harry Reid in cahoots with the mob? and other conspiracy theories Byron York can't resist

22 hours, 16 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Joan McCarter)

Boy, the conspiracy theorists—and by that I mean people sad that Benghazi turned into nothing—are really scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one, starting with this tweet: Per @jhinderaker, has any journalist looked into the specifics of Harry Reid's exercise equipment accident? — @ByronYork Vox's…
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As backlash against Indiana's license-to-discriminate law grows, damage control is failing

22 hours, 44 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Laura Clawson)

Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) Indiana legislators are scrambling to do damage control on the state's new license-to-discriminate law, but that damage control definitely won't extend to repealing the law. In fact, mostly what they're doing is continuing to make discredited claims about the law being similar…
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Have you ever wondered why politicians are willing to blatantly lie?

1 day, 1 hour ago by rss@dailykos.com (Barbara Morrill)

"Nah, they'll never call me out on this one ..." Have you ever wondered why politicians are so willing to lie? The answer is easy: Because they can. Look no further than Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's Sunday appearance on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, where he repeatedly refused to say if his state's…
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Top Republican makes comeback from white supremacist scandal by offering the GOP advice

23 hours, 56 minutes ago by rss@dailykos.com (Laura Clawson)

David Duke without the baggage: House Majority Whip Steve Scalise House Majority Whip Steve Scalise hasn't had a ton to say publicly since the public learned that he once spoke to a white supremacist organization. Naturally he comes back by offering advice to his party about how to win a presidential…
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Ted Cruz, darling of the right-wing radio hosts

1 day, 1 hour ago by rss@dailykos.com (Laura Clawson)

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) Stop the presses! Politico has a scoop: right-wing radio talk show hosts like right-wing presidential candidate Ted Cruz: Glenn Beck wants listeners to pray for him. Mark Levin says Fox News is out to get him. Hugh Hewitt calls him an “intellectual leader.” Rush Limbaugh thinks…
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Cartoon: Cruz's path to the White House

1 day, 1 hour ago by rss@dailykos.com (Tom Tomorrow)

Support independent cartooning--join Sparky's List!
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Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Nevada institution Harry Reid announces surprise retirement

1 day, 3 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Jeff Singer)

Retiring Nevada Democratic Sen. Harry Reid Leading Off: • NV-Sen: Despite spending the last few months saying he would run for re-election, Democratic Sen. Harry Reid announced on Friday that he would not be on the ballot in 2016. Nevada was already emerging as a major battleground for control of the…
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Gov. Mike Pence lied

1 day, 11 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Kerry Eleveld)

On ABC's Sunday program "This Week," Indiana Gov. Mike Pence gave a career-ending performance in which he repeatedly refused to answer whether Indiana's new "religious freedom" law, SB 101, allows discrimination against gays and lesbians (#NotReadyForPrimeTime). Pence also likened SB 101 to the federal…
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Daily Kos Radio is ALL NEW (but not live) at 9 am ET!

1 day, 2 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (David Waldman)

Happy Monday! I mentioned at the end of last week that I'd likely be busy with the kids today, and so I am. But I felt bad about leaving you hanging without a new show on a Monday. Plus, I had so many stories on backlog that I thought I'd just keep the "tape" rolling after we ran out of time on Friday,…
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Abbreviated pundit round-up: Threat of modernized nukes? Biden for prez? Who best to replace Reid?

1 day, 3 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Meteor Blades)

E.J. Dionne Jr. at The Washington Post writes Harry Reid vs. the Smooth Deal: Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is an acquired taste. It may surprise people outside of his Democratic caucus that many of his colleagues will miss him. But they will. [...] There is a vogue for admiring Lyndon Johnson’s…
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Open thread for night owls: The growing progressive movement to save public education

1 day, 12 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Meteor Blades)

Ruth Conniff at The Progressive writes The Growing Progressive Movement to Save Public Education. An excerpt: All over the country, a growing movement of parents, teachers, and students is rising up against over-testing, school closings, and shady schemes that channel public funds into private schools. Saving…
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Americans continue to lose because we do not know our savior

1 day, 13 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Egberto Willies)

This week a dear friend sent me an email. She was uncharacteristically upset in the correspondence. Her husband, as well as many in this community, works for ExxonMobil. Many in Texas do. Her email said: This landed in the email boxes of tens of thousands of Exxon employees this morning. This is what…
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New proposals to rein in payday loans show why unscrupulous corporations want you to hate government

1 day, 15 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Ian Reifowitz)

Richard Cordray runs the agency that issued the proposals. Barack Obama signed legislation creating that agency. I've got two quotations I'd like you to consider, one from someone you know, and one from someone you probably don't. The first is from Ronald Reagan: The nine most terrifying words in the…
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Daily Kos Elections presents our fully interactive visualizations of the 2014 federal elections

1 day, 17 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Stephen Wolf)

2014 U.S. House, Overall Win Margin Daily Kos Elections is pleased to present a comprehensive look back at the 2014 election results, illustrated with a broad range of fully interactive maps and data visualizations. The above map, for instance, shows the 2014 U.S. House results by overall winning margin…
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The Iran Regime Change Act of 2015

1 day, 19 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Jon Perr)

When it comes to the Iranian nuclear program, the United States is rapidly approaching a point of no return. The P5+1 talks are coming down to the wire even as the participants express cautious optimism that a deal could be inked as soon as Sunday. But if the negotiations in Geneva fail or if their opponents…
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Just how many elected officials are there in the United States? The answer is mind-blowing

1 day, 20 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (David Nir)

These freshmen members of the 114th Congress are just the tip of the electoral iceberg At a recent company retreat, a colleague and I were nerding out (as is our wont) and debating a question: Just how many elected officials are there in the United States in total? It's an easy question to start answering—you…
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It's so hard to be an Obamacare-hating Republican these days

1 day, 22 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Dante Atkins)

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), perhaps seen contemplating whether to use an Affordable Care Act health plan. One of the more striking features of the contemporary conservative movement is the extent to which it has been moving toward epistemic closure. Reality is defined by…
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Pence defends Indiana hate law, refuses to say—six times—that law won't allow discrimination

1 day, 23 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Barbara Morrill)

"Yes or no, yes or no? That's a tough question ..." In the annals of damage control that did more harm than good, Indiana's Gov. Mike Pence has truly set the new standard. Appearing on today's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" to defend and "clarify" Indiana's new right to discriminate law that…
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What presidents can do: the Supreme Court

2 days ago by rss@dailykos.com (Armando)

A President Warren or a President Clinton would have power, but not as much as you think. In his piece You Can't Make The Congress Do Anything, which reviewed the book "The Fierce Urgency of Now", Scott Lemieux writes: We don’t have to speculate how effective LBJ’s leadership would be without a rare…
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NRA targets Loretta Lynch

2 days, 2 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Denise Oliver Velez)

Right-wing gun lobbies across the nation have made Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch the primary target of their animus. The National Rifle Association (NRA), is busting a cap to stop Loretta Lynch from becoming our next attorney general. Other "gun rights" lobbies like the National Association…
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Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Totally non-judgmental edition

2 days, 4 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Mark Sumner)

Leonard Pitts thinks Starbucks has a Venti heart. Am I the only person in America not making fun of Howard Schultz? The Starbucks CEO bought himself a ton of ridicule recently when he attempted to jumpstart a national dialogue on race by having baristas write the words “Race Together” on customers’ cups…
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Gov. Mike Pence wants Indiana's new hate law to be 'clarified'

2 days, 13 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Barbara Morrill)

Mikey never saw this coming ... It seems that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence thinks the license-to-hate legislation that he eagerly signed last week needs some clarification: Gov. Mike Pence, scorched by a fast-spreading political firestorm, told The Star on Saturday that he will support the introduction of…
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Sunday Talk: The father, the sun, and the holy ****!

2 days, 11 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Silly Rabbit)

"9/11 changed everything." Never in Earth's (roughly) 6,000 year history has that statement been more true than with regard to @TedCruz's musical preferences. Prior to that horrific day, like many of his fellow Canadians, Ted considered himself a fan of numerous (American) rock 'n' roll artists. But,…
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Open thread: An NRA target, blowing your mind and the Supreme Court

2 days, 12 hours ago by rss@dailykos.com (Barbara Morrill)

What's coming up on Sunday Kos ... NRA targets Loretta Lynch, by Denise Oliver Velez Just how many elected officials are there in the United States? The answer is mind-blowing, by David Nir What presidents can do: the Supreme Court, by Armando Daily Kos Elections presents our fully interactive visualizations…
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The fundamental inhumanity of Ted Cruz

5 days, 1 hour ago by rss@dailykos.com (Laurence Lewis)

For the children Ted Cruz says so much that is noxious and unhinged that it's easy to overlook just how deranged he truly is. But this exchange with Fox "News" talking head Megyn Kelly should not get a pass: "This is what some of your critics point to," said Kelly. "They say, yes, you've led the fight…
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Cartoon: Animal Nuz #244 - Toad Cruz Edition

3 days ago by rss@dailykos.com (ericlewis0)

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What the Media Gets Wrong about Indiana's Religious Freedom Law http://t.co/bRmiP4fOnv
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Cubs' demotion of Kris Bryant sparks outcry http://t.co/GhSIfC4O7m
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Gov. Rauner pushes for spy agency proceed to Illinois site near Scott Air Base http://t.co/EaOJisEKH0