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HuhWhy - Airport manager Hester resigns - Quincy, IL News -
Not a Democrat only thing to point at problems....there are plenty of Republicans inside our local governments with major concerns here
DaveVictor - Airport manager Hester resigns - Quincy, IL News -
It's more than a Democrat problem.
db1998 - Crider has lawyer - Quincy, IL News -
Still would love to know WHY they let them go after all the questioning? Are they that good of liars, or not the right questions?
Sam_Sam_Iam - Civil Rights Icon’s Tough Message to Black Community on Confederate Flag: ‘If Black Live
Finally, a voice of reason. But these voices often go unnoticed by the media. 1950Brutus is correct, they will punish him in some form or another. Its just the Liberal way. Like what we preach and if you disagree, we will throw you to the wolves.
eaglebeaky - Supreme Court extends gay marriage nation-wide - Quincy, IL News -
Marriages certainly do need to be "recognized" by the State, OMP... but the word "approval" is tricky? That's kind of a different story. (What happens if the time ever comes where a State agency decides that it doesn't want to "approve" a certain religion's marriages as being as legitimate as another's? Nothing good.) The State should have as little as possible to do with…

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Daily Kos

Benghazi Committee carrying out a 'political charade,' says Clinton campaign

3 hours, 24 minutes ago by (Laura Clawson)

House Benghazi Czar Trey Gowdy (R-SC) A new Clinton campaign video accurately labels the House Benghazi Committee a "political charade." As it begins, onscreen text points out that: After 7 prior congressional investigations ... 32 hearings ... 2780 questions asked in those hearings ... and 40,000 pages…
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FCC Republican doesn't think the internet is all that necessary

1 hour, 31 minutes ago by (kos)

Unless you are Amish or a hermit, the internet really is a necessity Someone drag this jackass into the 21st century, please. Federal Communications Commission member Michael O’Rielly yesterday argued that "Internet access is not a necessity or human right" and called this one of the most important…
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'Data journalism' run amok: The Confederate flag vs. the rainbow flag

2 hours, 51 minutes ago by (Laura Clawson)

Washington Post headline: "Which is more taboo: The Confederate flag or the rainbow flag?" Oh, boy. The piece is written by two political scientists and reports on survey data, done before the church shootings in South Carolina or the Supreme Court's marriage equality decision, showing who was and was…
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Midday open thread: Twitter fails on diversity; Hobby Lobby's Bible museum; tasing raffle in Iowa

2 hours, 41 minutes ago by (Meteor Blades)

Today's comic by Matt Bors is  White culture's thug youth: Old white men are the overwhelming majority among the top 500 campaign donors: Of the top 500 donors to federal campaigns and committees in 2014, only 12 were nonwhite by the broadest possible definition, and none of those 12 cracked the top…
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Obama moves on from failed Cuba policy, angering Republicans

3 hours, 20 minutes ago by (Laura Clawson)

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is not happy. The United States is formally re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba, President Obama announced Wednesday morning. "There have been very real, profound differences between our governments," Obama said, "and sometimes we allow ourselves to be trapped by a…
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Top Hillary Clinton email bombshells include struggles with fax machine

5 hours, 38 minutes ago by (Laura Clawson)

Could there possibly be a bigger "move along, nothing to see here" moment on the giant scandal of Hillary Clinton's email than a Politico article headlined "The 12 Hillary Clinton emails you must read" in which all 12 are along these lines? Colin Powell Jokes About Richard Holbrooke After Clinton tripped…
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Roy Moore's top lawyer: Alabama officials who follow court marriage rulings serve 'Satan'

5 hours, 18 minutes ago by (Hunter)

I think it's more than "drunk" and I think he's sharing it with the staff I suppose it's no great surprise that Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore has taken pains to make the court system he is in charge of as nutty and belligerent and proto-fascist as he is. Here are some of the chunks of an…
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Donald Trump is just a hair behind Scott Walker for first place in new Michigan poll

1 day, 2 hours ago by (David Nir)

God bless Donald Trump. Every passing day, he brings more and more disrepute on the GOP presidential field and the entire Republican Party. But it's also increasingly hard for Republicans to disavow him since he's now started leaping to the top of primary polls. The latest comes from Public Policy Polling,…
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Anti-equality probate judges and county clerks make their stand in the courthouse door

6 hours, 38 minutes ago by (Laura Clawson)

Marriage equality may be the law, and probate judges and county clerks may be the officials tasked with issuing marriage licenses in many states, but some of them say they're putting personal bigotry (admittedly that's not what they call it) above the law: [Pike County, Alabama, Probate Judge Wes] Allen…
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One scandal-plagued governor to another: LePage endorses Christie

6 hours, 42 minutes ago by (Laura Clawson)

Chris Christie has only been in the Republican presidential race for a day and already he has his first big endorsement. If you include the scandal-plagued, notoriously buffoonish governor of a small state without a particularly early primary as a big endorsement, that is. Yes, Maine Gov. Paul LePage…
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Poll: Jeb! leads among Republicans, but Hillary crushes them all

7 hours, 38 minutes ago by (Laura Clawson)

Here's a poll you won't hear nearly as much about as the ones showing Hillary Clinton with a relatively narrow lead over her possible Republican opponents. The new CNN/ORC poll puts Jeb Bush at the front of the Republican primary field, drawing 19 percent support, with Donald Trump behind him at 12 percent,…
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Cartoon:White culture's thug youth

7 hours, 50 minutes ago by (Matt Bors)

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Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Virginia GOP decides it'd be just fine with another Cuccinelli

9 hours, 40 minutes ago by (David Nir)

Ken Cuccinelli delivering his concession speech Leading Off: • VA-Gov: Remember Ken Cuccinelli? Remember E.W. Jackson? Of course you do. They were the nut butters that Virginia Republicans put forth to run as a ticket for governor and lieutenant governor two years ago, and both lost gloriously—Cuccinelli,…
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Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!

9 hours, 10 minutes ago by (David Waldman)

We've survived our first venture back into live programming, so let's try it again, shall we? It's Wednesday, and that's usually Joan McCarter day on the Kagro in the Morning show. But as I recall, Joan's sorta-kinda still on her stay-cation this week, so she's only expected if she's getting really bored.…
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Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday

9 hours, 24 minutes ago by (Bill in Portland Maine)

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Police Threaten Religious Freedom Protected by a newly-passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act law and a freshly-minted 501(c)(3) designation by the IRS, the First Church of Cannabis---it's like the best of all churches without all the crappy hell and damnation parts---is…
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Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Chris Christie, liar-in-chief?

10 hours, 11 minutes ago by (Greg Dworkin)

Tom Moran: Most Americans don't know Chris Christie like I do, so it's only natural to wonder what testimony I might offer after covering his every move for the last 14 years. Is it his raw political talent? No, they can see that. Is it his measurable failure to fix the economy, solve the budget crisis…
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Open thread for night owls: Bree Newsome—refusing to be ruled by fear

18 hours, 41 minutes ago by (Meteor Blades)

The following is an excerpt from a statement from activist Bree Newsome, pictured above removing the Confederate battle flag on the South Carolina capitol grounds: The night of the Charleston Massacre, I had a crisis of faith. The people who gathered for Bible study in Emmanuel AME Church that night—Cynthia…
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Texas AG refuses to 'defend the Constitution and laws of the United States'

1 day, 23 hours ago by (Jon Perr)

As the Confederate flag is coming down, calls for states to nullify federal laws are going up. In Texas, Attorney General Ken Paxton advised county clerks, magistrates and justices of the peace may opt-out of performing same-sex marriages the United States Supreme Court legalized nationwide on Friday.…
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Charlie Cook says what everyone except the GOP knows: Republicans are the party of the past

1 day, 4 hours ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

Pollster and political prognosticator Charlie Cook has a piece in the National Journal arguing that last week was as good a sign as any that Republicans need to do some "soul-searching" and move into the 21st century. It's something basically everyone in the universe except Republicans realize. But the…
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With Paris conference looming, Brazil, China and the U.S. pledge more investments in clean energy

1 day ago by (Meteor Blades)

A riverboat pushes a barge loaded with logs that were cut illegally from virgin Amazon rain forest and seized by federal police and government inspectors as part of Brazil's effort to control deforestation. As part of a bilaterial meeting, President Barack Obama and President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil…
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Obama's approval ratings get a bounce from best week ever

1 day, 1 hour ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

A new CNN/ORC poll conducted July 26-28 and released Tuesday showed increased approval for the way President Obama is handling his job, with more support for his policies on race relations and the economy than on guns. His overall approval ratings are 50 percent approval to 47 percent disapproval, a…
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Supreme Court takes the next case in Alito's crusade against unions

1 day, 5 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Justice Samuel Alito The Supreme Court partially pulled its last punch against public employees and their unions, but it's coming back for another shot. In 2014, the court limited its anti-union decision in Harris v. Quinn to only affect home care workers (some of the most vulnerable, exploited workers…
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Texas abortion providers weigh whether to reopen some Texas clinics

1 day, 5 hours ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

After the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to temporarily block a Texas law that would have shut down almost a dozen of its 19 abortion clinics, advocates are now exploring whether it's possible to reopen some clinics that had previously closed. Jim Vertuno reports: “We may have gotten more than we even asked…
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More than 25% of the 461 people killed by American police so far in 2015 were mentally disturbed

1 day, 5 hours ago by (Meteor Blades)

Police get little training in common-sense approaches to dealing with mentally ill people. Reporters at The Washington Post are keeping a running tally of people shot and killed by police in 2015. It's something the FBI also does, but the bureau itself concedes that its total count is incomplete. In…
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Bill O'Reilly did not like those rainbow lights at the White House

1 day, 7 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Bill O'Reilly The White House was lit up in rainbow colors on Friday night to celebrate marriage equality ... and someone is sad—sorry, "surprised"—about it: "I was a bit surprised to see the White House doing a victory lap using actual White House property on Friday," O'Reilly said on Monday night.…
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Negotiators extend deadline on Iran nuclear talks until July 7

1 day, 2 hours ago by (Meteor Blades)

US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, US Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. Under Secretary  for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman (L-3rd L) meet with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (2nd R) at a hotel in Vienna, Austria, June 27. International negotiations with Iran to curtail its nuclear…
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Cartoon: Zip-a-dee-doo-da!

23 hours, 51 minutes ago by (keefknight)

Help fund Keef's cross-country move!
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Chris Christie runs for president, vows to turn America into New Jersey

1 day ago by (Hunter)

Sir Shoutsalot makes his bid. Yeah, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is running for president. No, I don't know why either. And yes, his polling numbers are terrible. Negativity toward Christie in the past 18 months has pervaded judgments on Christie as a person (now seen as more bully than trustworthy),…
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Poll: Strong majorities support SCOTUS rulings on both Obamacare and gay marriage

1 day, 3 hours ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

A CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday showed that most Americans support both of the Supreme Court's major rulings last week upholding the Affordable Care Act and overturning same-sex marriage bans nationwide. Jennifer Agiesta has the details: According to a new CNN/ORC poll, 63% support the Court's ruling…
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Jeb! to release 33 years of tax returns—wonder what he'll exclude

1 day, 2 hours ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

Jeb Bush is reportedly releasing three decades of tax returns Tuesday designed to flaunt both his business prowess and transparency. But Ed O'Keefe reports that the hefty release may not tell the whole story: Despite the unprecedented release, Bush’s tax returns may not provide a full accounting of his…
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KKK to hold pro-Confederate flag rally at South Carolina's statehouse

1 day, 2 hours ago by (Hunter)

Because heritage n' stuff Sure, why not. The Ku Klux Klan plans to hold a rally at the South Carolina Statehouse next month to protest renewed efforts to remove the Confederate flag from the Statehouse grounds. The Loyal White Knights out of Pelham, N.C. requested the rally from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on…
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Midday open thread: Got special plans for the Leap Second? Climate change will worsen refugee crisis

1 day, 2 hours ago by (Meteor Blades)

Today's comic by Jen Sorensen is The right's SCOTUS outrage: The Confederate battle flag no longer flies over Fort Sumter: The Confederate flag no longer flies over Fort Sumter - one of the few places it seems like that flag might belong. Then again, it is customary for the winning army to take down…
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NSA bulk collection of phone records to continue during 'transition' period

1 day, 3 hours ago by (Hunter)

We wouldn't want to be too hasty here: A federal court has revived the National Security Agency's bulk collection of Americans' phone records, a program that lapsed earlier this month when sections of the Patriot Act briefly expired. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court approved a government request…
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Science wins as Jerry Brown signs California vaccine bill

1 day, 4 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) California's broad personal belief exemption for vaccinations shouldn't be a contributing factor in future measles outbreaks, because that exemption is being closed. Gov. Jerry Brown has now signed into law legislation requiring children to be fully vaccinated to attend public…
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Deadbeat rancher Cliven Bundy says he and Rand Paul are 'in tune with each other'

1 day, 7 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Cliven Bundy Rand Paul has a notorious fan out west: Cliven Bundy, the deadbeat rancher who held an armed standoff with the federal government when it tried to impound some of the cattle he'd been grazing on federal land without paying fees for years. Rather than being in prison where he belongs, Bundy…
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Washington Post: Jeb 'dogged' by decades of questionable business deals

1 day, 23 hours ago by (Kerry Eleveld)

The Washington Post is getting around to a story that both Mother Jones and the New York Times have covered: Jeb's dicey business deals. What's striking is that all three publications have essentially come to the same conclusion, reporting that Jeb routinely traded on his family name at inappropriate…
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Justice Department: Ferguson police response violated protesters' rights, was all kinds of bad

1 day, 6 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Police response to protests in Ferguson was about as bad as you thought it was, a forthcoming Justice Department document reportedly says. “Vague and arbitrary” orders to keep protesters moving “violated citizens’ right to assembly and free speech, as determined by a U.S. federal court injunction,” according…
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Chris Christie will jump on board the 2016 Republican clown car today

1 day, 9 hours ago by (Barbara Morrill)

"I lost a bet." With more than a dozen candidates already vying for the driver's seat in the 2016 Republican clown car, today New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will hop on board the Bozo Express and: When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie enters the race for president this week, he'll do so as an underdog. That's…
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Obama to make nearly 5 million more workers eligible for overtime pay

1 day, 19 hours ago by (Laura Clawson)

Since President Obama announced last year that he would be raising the threshold for overtime pay eligibility, the big question has been how high he would raise it. Now we have an answer, and it's a good one. Currently, salaried workers making as little as $23,660 a year can be denied overtime no matter…
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Cartoon: The right's SCOTUS outrage

1 day, 8 hours ago by (Jen Sorensen)

(Click to enlarge) I found out about the ACA ruling in the Houston airport shortly after arriving back in the US from my trip to Turkey. Not a bad way to re-enter the country! Of course, I would have preferred not to have had to worry about keeping my health insurance in the first place. Follow Jen on…
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Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Supreme Court upholds independent redistricting in Arizona

1 day, 9 hours ago by (David Nir)

Arizona's congressional map remains intact Leading Off: • Redistricting: Advocates for redistricting reform scored a crucial victory Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Arizona's Independent Redistricting Commission. Passed by voters in 2000 in an effort to remove legislators from the redistricting…
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Daily Kos Radio is GOING TO GIVE IT A SHOT at 9 am ET!

1 day, 9 hours ago by (David Waldman)

OK, I think I'm still alive. Unless this is one of those weird movies, where I'm dead and I just don't realize it yet. It's time to give it our best shot and try to get back on the air, so that's what we're gonna do. Now, if only there had been some news last week, we'd really have something. Well, I'm…
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Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday

1 day, 9 hours ago by (Bill in Portland Maine)

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Things I learned from Republicans in June Filled my brain to capacity this month, they did… A horse doesn’t become a fly, and a horse doesn’t become a bear, and a bear doesn’t become a whale. (Megan Fox) America is going to import sodomy to other planets and, in fact, the…
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Abbreviated pundit roundup: A win for redistricting reform

1 day, 9 hours ago by (Georgia Logothetis)

We begin today's roundup with The Arizona Republic and and its analysis of the Supreme Court's decision to uphold citizen efforts to combat gerrymandering: The Supreme Court said politicians can't "disempower" the people from setting election boundaries. A 5-4 ruling left the job of redistricting to…
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Open thread for night owls: Exonerated from death row, Texan now helping oversee Houston crime lab

1 day, 18 hours ago by (Meteor Blades)

Jon Schuppe writes—How Anthony Graves Went from Death Row to Overseeing the Houston Crime Lab: A few weeks ago, Anthony Graves began hearing rumors that he was under consideration for a spot on the Houston Forensic Science Center's board of directors — a post that would put him in a position to help…
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Has the normalization of gays and lesbians within pop culture shaped attitudes in American society?

1 day, 19 hours ago by (Doctor RJ)

It's interesting to think about all of the taboos and controversial topics from just my lifetime which have become not quite as contentious over the years. The debates aren't totally gone, and maybe they never will be, but mainstream opinions have shifted. There are so many issues I can remember people…
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Unmanned SpaceX rocket explodes over Atlantic

1 day, 19 hours ago by (DarkSyde)

SpaceX Faclon 9 in mid explosion on Sunday morning. Note the blunt object just above and right of center frame. Just after the two minute mark, an unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 exploded Sunday morning more than 20 miles above the Atlantic Ocean east of Kennedy Space Center. In a statement and press conference…
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In awe of America’s redeemers

3 days, 1 hour ago by (Jon Perr)

From its inception, America's history has often been the product of the changing balance between compelling but conflicting national ideals. The federal versus the state, "rugged individualism" versus collective action for the public good, the separation of church and state, and isolationism versus crusading…
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In the wake of Charleston murders, arson hits at least three other southern black churches

1 day, 20 hours ago by (Hunter)

Mourners gather at Emanuel AMA the morning after the shooting In the wake of the murder of nine black Americans in a historic Charleston church, a spate of suspicious fires have burned black churches throughout the south. At least three, in Macon, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Knoxville, Tennessee,…
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Justices Ginsburg, Breyer will no longer tinker with the machinery of death

2 days, 2 hours ago by (Adam B)

Justice Harry Blackmun got there in 1994, after twenty-four years on the bench. For Justice John Paul Stevens, it took twenty-three years. Today, after twenty-two and twenty-one years, respectively, Justices Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, too, now recognize there is no constitutionally sufficient…
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Nixon's role in St. Louis stadium financing plan debated in court
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U.S. has one victory to go
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Blackhawks trade Brandon Saad to Columbus
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Airport manager Hester resigns - Stegeman takes over on interim basis