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UrKidsWillPay - School Board to outline plans for savings, old buildings if referendum passes - Quincy, IL News - Qu
Not to mention that go tech is the reason some kids stay in school as it is. Grad rates would suffer if you dropped go tech
WarCry - School Board to outline plans for savings, old buildings if referendum passes - Quincy, IL News - Qu
What would you propose they do with the QAVTC in that case? They teach more than just the high school students there, you know.
KidsRus - School Board to outline plans for savings, old buildings if referendum passes - Quincy, IL News - Qu
Has anyone ever thought of making the vocational building (building F at QHS) the location for 9th grade additional classrooms? That way they would not have to add on to QHS at this time.
convoy32 - Bill Clinton to address workers at pro-Quinn rally - Quincy, IL News -
The president always gets the blame, good or bad with what happens during their term or terms as president but people that dont like him for what ever reason play by their own rules when not in their favor !! Just the way it is!!
Givemeliberty - Illinois lawmakers to discuss police body cameras - Quincy, IL News -
if we are going to allow citizens of Illinois to film cops on duty (as we should) why would we not require cops to wear a cam on their person as well. Especially after Ferguson it seems like the logical thing to do, about a month ago I was reading about Rialto California where they implemented a body cam policy for their officers and use of force fell by 60% and complaints of police brutality fell…

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Crooks and Liars

Sen. Ted Cruz: Experts Be Damned, Obama Should Listen To 'Voices Of Common Sense' On Travel Ban

1 hour, 33 minutes ago

Never mind what the experts are telling the Obama administration, wingnut Sen. Ted Cruz wants that travel ban, and he wants it now. Cruz: 'Biggest mistake' in Ebola response is letting flights continue: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Sunday slammed President Obama for not instituting a travel ban on flights…
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Dr. Fauci Warns That West Africa Travel Ban Could Be Counterproductive

2 hours, 30 minutes ago

Some words of caution from : Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have now called for the U.S. to ban individuals traveling from the countries impacted by the Ebola outbreak from coming into the U.S. if they are not American citizens. But Fauci said that such a ban could just be "counterproductive." "[W]hen…
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Rep. Duffy Puts Campaign Aide 'On Leave' For Misrepsentation

2 hours, 55 minutes ago

US Representative and former reality TV star Sean Duffy must be feeling the heat being brought by his Democratic opponent Kelly Westlund, even though he is in what should be a safe seat due to gerrymandering. So much so that he sent a campaign aide to be a plant in one of Westlund's events. While that's…
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Tucker Carlson Is Upset He Can't Frighten Fox Viewers About The 'Obvious' Threat Of Black Teens

3 hours, 26 minutes ago

Fox News host Tucker Carlson asserted over the weekend that it was "obvious" that black teens were responsible for making neighborhoods more dangerous, but white people were not allowed to admit it on the air. The Blacksphere Executive Director Kevin Jackson, who is African-American, argued during a…
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Representative Granny-Starver, Paul Ryan Wants More Useless GOP 'Plans'

4 hours, 23 minutes ago

The basic premise of any story that Fox News features is the government under President Obama lacks 'leadership.' When the U.S. economy was hemorrhaging 700,000 jobs per month, no one questioned the leadership capabilities of the Cheney/Bush Administration, they just blamed Wall Street and not the blatant…
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Blunt Recites GOP Laundry List Of Fake Scandals To Justify Their Refusal To Govern

5 hours ago

Apparently Senator Roy Blunt (R. MO) is the expert when it comes to figuring out why people distrust the government over the Ebola crisis: Blunt said that many Americans had lost their trust in the government since it has proven incapable of dealing with other crises. “I’d be careful about overdoing…
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Tavis Smiley Smacks Down Bill Kristol As 'The Worst Of America' For Inserting Ebola In Politics

5 hours, 8 minutes ago

PBS host Tavis Smiley on Sunday lashed out at Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol over suggestions that counties in Africa experiencing Ebola outbreaks be "quarantined." During a panel discussion on ABC News, Kristol argued that Republican candidates could win by mentioning that President Barack Obama…
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Chris Wallace Shoots Down George Will's Fearmongering Over Ebola Being Airborne

5 hours, 57 minutes ago

During a panel discussion on the administration's decision to go ahead and appoint an "Ebola czar" and some of the missteps made by the CDC in their handling of the few cases we've had here in the United States, host Chris Wallace played a portion of the CDC Director Tom Frieden's press conference and…
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Ted Cruz: GOP Blocked Obama's Surgeon General Because Guns Are 'Not Connected To Public Health'

6 hours, 51 minutes ago

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Sunday accused President Barack Obama's pick for surgeon general of not being a "health care professional" because the doctor had backed a ban on military-style assault rifles. During an interview on CNN, host Candy Crowley pointed out that the surgeon general should "voice" of…
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Fox News Priest: It's 'Difficult' To Baptize Kids When Gay Parents Are Sinners

7 hours, 46 minutes ago

Fox News contributor Father Jonathan Morris on Sunday suggested that baptizing the children of same-sex couple would be difficult because the parents would be raising them in sin. Last week, bishops rejected a proposal backed by Pope Francis that called on the church to officially "accept and value"…
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QuincyJournal 38 minutes ago

Coonrod Photography to host Halloween Open House - Benefits Salvation Army’s “Toy Town” Christmas Drive
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 2 hours, 47 minutes ago

@Ben_WGEM Nothin to lose.
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nichols120 7 hours, 36 minutes ago

RT @quincyjournal: Lessons in how Mitch Daniels fixed Indiana - He did the opposite of what Illinois did
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QuincyJournal 7 hours, 38 minutes ago

Lessons in how Mitch Daniels fixed Indiana - He did the opposite of what Illinois did