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AYHSMB - Why Durbin, Obama Pay Their Female Staffers Less - Quincy, IL News -
The gender gap in pay is a farce. Women that take on the same responsibility as men in the workplace make just as much, if not more, than men. Employers can't and won't pay anyone more if they don't get the same amount of work from them. Women take on child care, church activities, school activities, etc.,much more than men. They take off more time from work, and many give up their middle…
Tacitus43 - Moody’s says Illinois Supreme Court ruling is ‘credit negative’ for state - Quincy
(I am not an employee of the State, nor a retiree from the State, nor a member of a public employee union.) The actual decision, which no one bothered to post in any of the articles: What the Supreme Court said simply was: 1. the pension…
eaglebeaky - Strawman: The President Just Wants to Get Things Done......... - Quincy, IL News -
Yes, Migraine, they provide a valuable service -- no one is claiming otherwise -- and they should be commended for it. They blow the rest of Quincy's attempts at journalism out of the water (I wouldn't trust the Herald-Whig to cover the bottom of a birdcage). I'm not knocking this site, or any of its contributors. Typos happen, whether we're talking about online, in print, or…
eaglebeaky - The District Seeks Community\'s Help to Replace American Flags - Quincy, IL News -
Kudos to them for stepping up! Its nice to know that people do still take pride in the community. (I do wonder why "the District" waited to ask the public for donations. If they had publicized this worthwhile fundraising effort a couple of months ago, the new flags would probably have been flying on the 4th.)
eaglebeaky - Ex-Gov. George Ryan returns, talks death penalty - Quincy, IL News -
Well said, convoy32! Ryan may think that he spent 5 years "in apology"... but it's obvious that he did not spend 1 second of that time taking any responsibility for the actions that got him into trouble in the first place. He's just as clueless now as he ever was.

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Community Foundation announces matching grant program

1 year, 7 months ago by Mary Griffith

On its 15th anniversary, the Community Foundation of the Quincy area announced a $15,000 matching grant program for each of the 13 counties it serves.

Community Foundation Chairman Brian Ippensen says that means if a local fund committee in the county can raise $15,000, the gift will automatically be doubled by the Foundation.

The funds will be a permanent endowment to be used only in that county and only as local citizens decide.

Pike County, Illinois has already started the process. For the past four years, a local committee has been raising funds.  Now that group is going to try to receive the $15,000 match.

Ippensen says all 13 counties can achieve this permanent endowment to help provide for their local needs. He says now is a good time to consider a gift since the donors money will double and will be restricted for use in the county they designate only.

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