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CoolEdge - Police-fire pensions to go up in smoke? - Quincy, IL News -
everyone should fund their own retirement ... yes. But government gets different terms, retires early with open ended promises. So those others you want to get into a retirement plan of their own are funding the early and lucrative plans of government workers. It's not about stripping retirement from those that have it, but having everyone fund their own. "in Moline, that city has seen…
Quijote57 - Illinois education board wants $730M more pre-K-12 funding - Quincy, IL News -
So ISBE wants more state money. How about all the money owed to the schools from previous years? That alone would go a long way for some of the financially struggling districts. I hold no hope of seeing the $750M ever trickling down when there are several hundred millions in arrears.
ChristiMay - The Patio restaurant could open as early as February 1 - Quincy, IL News -
They must be doing something right; they have been open for over 50 years. I don't think we can say that about many other restaurants around here. If someone knows so much about their food and prices, are they the ones trying to keep out the riff-raff? As with any other business, one can choose to support it or not and should not be subject to snide comments either way. Maybe people just want…
UJacks1 - Ten now filed for Quincy School Board - Quincy, IL News -
Will Qcy Journal give a few points on each of these candidates? What do each stand for? Against? Board of Ed - pro or con on Common Core? Their concerns regarding new building projects? Etc? Park Board - rebuild WestView GC? add an executive par 3-4? or simply move the tees? spending attitude? tax attitude?
TheyRclueless - QPD warns of "Mystery Shopper" scam - Quincy, IL News -
This is one of the funniest clips Ive ever heard.....

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New rules help Illinois collect out-of-state sales taxes

City of Quincy looks to state to help in collecting bad debt

2 years, 2 months ago by Bob Gough

City has $129,000 in unpaid nuisance abatement fines

The Quincy City Council unanimously approved an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Comptroller’s office to help the City collect its unpaid debts.

Treasurer Peggy Crim said the City has $129,000 in uncollected nuisance abatement fines with no real way to enforce a collection.

“When they don’t pay the bill, we put a lien on the property and the only way to get that is when the property is sold,” Crim told the Council.

Crim said the program would cost the City nothing and would be used if the City’s attorneys could not collect the debt and all other avenues have been exhausted, but people would still be allowed to make payment arrangements before the state is called.

Aldermen also approved:

A proposal from Shortridge Construction in the amount of $55,488 for remodeling of the former transit building and converting it to the new Police/Fire Training facility. Funding is allocated in the capital budget and from dollars given by John Wood Community College.

The purchase of 18 blinker stop sign paddles from Tapco, Inc. in the amount of $2,970 with funds for this project being reimbursed from the Illinois Safe Routes to School Program.

The purchase of 15 speed display boards and timers from CDS Office Technologies in the amount of $49,560 with funds for this project being reimbursed from the Illinois Safe Routes to School Program.

Five Plan Commission recommendations were also approved:

A zoning change from R2 (Two-Family Residential) to C1B (Limited Local Commercial) at 1521 Broadway.

A zoning change from R2 (Two-Family Residential) to C1B (Limited Local Commercial) at 1529 Broadway.

A zoning change from C1A (Limited Local Commercial) to C1B (Limited Local Commercial) for an approximately 387’ by 20’ parcel located within property at 213 N. 48th and within other properties, as requested, subject to completion of a recorded boundary survey of the parcel.

Reports of the site and building plans reviewed for First Farm Credit Services, FLCA at 5317 State zoned C3 (Planned Commercial)

A special permit for the sale of packaged alcoholic beverages on property addressed as 2028 Broadway.

August sales tax revenues are in and are higher than last year.

August sales tax revenues were $745,772, up from $710,037 in August 2011.

Home rule sales tax revenues were $752,869, up from $727,507 in August 2011.

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RT @Texas Guy: Yep, leader of the free world was doing this as Yemen fell to Iran backed rebels. #YemenCrisis #presidentselfie
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RT @Ray Weast: "@tvbrad: BREAKING: Family attorney confirms to CBS 2 that Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, has died. He was 83." Sad Day!
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RT @msnbc: Union membership keeps dropping -- only 11.1% of American workers were members of labor unions in 2014:
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QHS 54, Rock Island Alleman 20. Final.