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QuincyJournal - QPD Blotter for November 22, 2014 - Quincy, IL News -
Funny guys. Fixed. Thanks for reading. Yes, I'm off today. :) BG
SeenTheLight1 - QPD Blotter for November 22, 2014 - Quincy, IL News -
can always tell when Bob's off
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must be conducting an eye test today..............
pjohnf - Strawman: And Now WE Get Even With Whitey...... - Quincy, IL News -
Who's we? I didn't invite illegals but yes president's and congress's have failed to secure the southern border and allowed the flood of illegal immigrants and that's both parties. Democrats want illegals here so they can have a permanent under class to exploit and make dependent on them and government for their votes. The GOP wants illegal immigrants here so business can have…
ThomasPaineX - Strawman: The Guy the Liberal Press Doesn\'t Know Exists..... - Quincy, IL News -
Did you read the 6th committee report? The one that states, again, that there was no coverup, the CIA acted heroically, there was no "stand down" order, etc. The House Armed Services Committee, the Senate Armed Services Committee and the State Department's independent review board have all come to similar conclusions, even before the House launched its Benghazi panel. And it's probably a…

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Cedar Creek name could change to "Bill Klingner Trail"

1 year, 7 months ago by Bryan Nichols

Family as well as board members said they thought it appropriate to name the trail after Klingner because of his longtime interest and support

It’s been known as the Cedar Creek Trail since its inception. However, the partially completed trail may soon go by another name.

At Wednesday’s Quincy Park Board meeting, the commissioners discussed renaming the park.

Last month, the board settled on the name “Lincoln Park” for the new park that will sit adjacent to the Park District’s new offices on Bonansinga Drive. They also considered naming it William H. Klingner Park after the longtime supporter of the Park District but decided Lincoln was more appropriate.

Board members had considered naming a community center located at the new park after Klingner to honor him. However, board member Tom Ernst said that he had heard from the Klingner family and they said he wouldn’t really have any connection to the center.

Family as well as board members said they thought it appropriate to name the trail after Klingner because of his longtime interest and support for building a trail in Quincy.

“Bill (Klingner) had the original vision of green space, i.e. trail, stretching across Quincy’s north side going clear back to the 40’s,” said Board Chairman John Frankenhoff.

Frankenhoff said the name change could happen easily because the trail was never officially named “Cedar Creek Trail.”

“There was not a public input period. It was discussed so many times during grant applications that when we finally had money, it just stuck,” said Frankenhoff.

Park District Executive Director said that the only cost that the move would incur would be to change a couple of signs.

Frankenhoff proposed that the trail be known as “Bill Klingner Trail.” He asked for a recommendation from staff to be brought back before the Park Board next month.

In other matters, the Board discussed in closed session the sale of Emerson School, which currently holds their offices. Frankenhoff said that the Park District hopes to be out of Emerson School by late summer.

“We expect to be out of here and have it available for purchase by November 1st.”

He said there was some informal interest from parties interested in the building but nothing serious.

“It’s very difficult to even estimate the value of the building because it’s currently zoned R-2 which is residential so the new owner probably can’t use it as it exists now.”

Frankenhoff said they plan to be at the new offices on Bonansinga  in June, barring any unforeseen challenges.

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