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1950Brutus - Quincy Police Blotter for July 23, 2014 - Quincy, IL News -
I am much more cynical than I am naive. There is such a thing as "contempt" which is what should be used here. Disturbances by cell phone users happens all across the planet - no reason why court rooms should be exempt.
GrayHairedMan - New Illinois law bans employers from conducting background checks on interviewees - Quincy, IL News
This is so ex Illinois Governors have a chance to get a job interview and then can draw unemployment after being disqualified for a) being a ex con and b) because they are life long politicans with absolutely no real world skills or value.
ReardenShrugged - New Illinois law bans employers from conducting background checks on interviewees - Quincy, IL News
Sending people away is huge business generating huge political incentives to create more felonies on the books for even minor offenses. Some of these people do not deserve the permanent stigma of a felony on their record that practically bars them from the job market. That being said, I do not think forcing business owners to waste time interviewing people that ultimately won't be hired will…
Stupid_Dems - New Illinois law bans employers from conducting background checks on interviewees - Quincy, IL News
Quinn is just making it easier for former Illinois governors to get jobs.
WarCry - New Illinois law bans employers from conducting background checks on interviewees - Quincy, IL News
So you'd rather have an employer, instead of spending their TIME, you'd rather have them waste money on a background check and make decisions based on that information without actually talking to a person? I don't think this law is a good one, because it SHOULD be the employer's choice. But if I were an employer, I wouldn't run a check until after the interview anyway. I'd…

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Business, churches mull concealed carry rules

6 months ago Associated Press

Pastors considering the varying opinions of congregants

From Associated Press:

A new law that allows some Illinois residents to carry concealed weapons is prompting questions for hospitals, churches and even banks as they weigh whether to let people bring guns inside.

The (Kankakee) Daily Journal reports ( ) the issue is proving difficult in some communities.

"We have read about shootings in churches for years, but this is not a simple matter," said Rev. Jack McCormick, who is the pastor of the Manteno Church of the Nazarene. "Some folks will want to have responsible, armed members of the congregation at every service. Others will want to ban guns entirely."

He said he expects the church's board to discuss the matter and come up with a plan.

"It seems like we're always coming up with something new to divide the Body of Christ," he said. "What is this but one more thing that divides us."

Meanwhile, Bourbonnais-based Sorensen Wilder & Associates has spent months working with hospitals around the state to sort out how to handle visitors with weapons.

"If you are going to take a gun from a hospital visitor, a nurse can't just take it and lock it up," said Tim Sutton, who works with the security consulting firm. "That person is going to have a Firearm Owner Identification Card and special training."

Sutton said some hospital officials are also concerned about gun owners unloading their guns and leaving the weapons in cars, since accidental discharges can happy when the guns are loaded and unloaded.

The Illinois State Police are processing thousands of applications from people who want permits to carry the weapons, although it could be several months before the first permits are issued. Between Jan. 5 and Jan. 13, more than 23,000 people applied for the permits.

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