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pamarshall - City/Firefighters labor contract must be voted on again - Quincy, IL News -
As the article states, a council member can renew the resolution bringing it up for another vote when everyone shows up...
pamarshall - Quincy City Budget hearings and Council meeting - Quincy, IL News -
Since you're a small business owner, you probably don't have to deal with an union representing your employees. With them being unionized, they have a lot more pull than a single employee coming to you for a raise. You could tell your employee "no", they could either be understanding or they could leave your job and work for the next small business owner that provides raises. You tell…
pamarshall - Quincy City Budget hearings and Council meeting - Quincy, IL News -
Anything costs less than that stupid debacle... Even the tearing down of the Newcomb cost less.
pamarshall - Video: Two GOP reps announce support for legalizing illegals - Quincy, IL News -
If I recall, they are offering what's called "a pathway to citizenship" or "a pathway to amnesty". They can't get into legal trouble (aside from entering our country), they have to get an education, there's a lot of things they have to do in order to get amnesty. Another thing they can do is join our military. If they're willing to fight and die for our country, isn't…
yesqcy - City/Firefighters labor contract must be voted on again - Quincy, IL News -
Wow, you got me thinking hard, which isn't hard to do. I m certain the council will have it figured out (surely), but since it didn't pass, doesn't someone that voted against it have to make a motion to bring it back to a vote and have to vote YES automatically? Or where am I dreaming that up from?

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Manufacturing losses raise November jobless rates

3 months, 3 weeks ago SJ-R

Temporary layoffs also contributed to unemployment increase

From SJ-R:
Manufacturing and other temporary layoffs contributed to higher unemployment last month in 11 of 12 labor markets statewide, including Springfield, the Illinois Department of Employment Security reported Friday.
The Springfield-area unemployment rate of 7.4 percent in November compared with 7.1 percent in October and 6.9 percent in November 2012, despite the addition of 600 jobs in the last year.
Springfield had the third-lowest rate after the Quad-Cities, 6.5 percent, and Bloomington-Normal, 7 percent.
Statewide unemployment was 8.3 percent in November, and the national rate was 6.6 percent.
Only Chicago reported a lower year-to-year rate last month 8.1 percent compared to 8.3 percent in November 2012. IDES reported 55,300 jobs were added in the Chicago market in the past year with the fastest growth in education and health care, tourism and services.
Jobs losses were heaviest in manufacturing communities, including Peoria, Decatur, Rockford, Kankakee and Danville.

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