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4tolerance - Lovelace\'s first court appearance tentatively scheduled - Quincy, IL News -
There has been lots of chatter about why the investigation began on this again in 2013 and what new evidence can pop up etc. He married his second wife within about a year and a half of the death of Cory. He and his second wife were then divorced in 2013. One article on another news source said the second wife was contacted and said "I can't talk about it." Whether that means she was told by someone…
WarCry - Lovelace\'s first court appearance tentatively scheduled - Quincy, IL News -
I can actually think of a few scenarios where malice may not even be an issue, and that would reflect very darkly on the whole situation to the community at large. As darkly as out-and-out murder? I don't know, that would be in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.
GoSalukis - QPD makes DUI arrest after hit and run - Quincy, IL News -
That is a good quality bender at The Abbey and/or Spring Street - two fine watering holes!
Wiseguy14 - Lovelace\'s first court appearance tentatively scheduled - Quincy, IL News -
Nancy Grace is actually correct on that point. It depends on the state, but in most states you can "premeditate" if you even have a few seconds to contemplate the action before taking it. That's opposed to a pure "heat of the moment" situation where the killer literally doesn't think, just acts. That would get you down to Second Degree murder (I believe)
QyFiredUp - City of Quincy looking to buy new garbage and recycle fleet - Quincy, IL News -
Once again, I don't like your proposal. Why tie it to the water bill ? Explain why if I take 10 showers a day, I should pay more for garbage service? Furthermore, If you purchace a seperate meter for water, the city cannot make you pay for sewer tax if it is used to water your garden or grass. What makes you think they can charge for garbage pick up if i use a third party? If you can remember…

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Blue State Blues: Here's a Strategy--Declare a War on ISIS, and Win It

41 minutes ago

"But I don't want to put the cart before the horse. We don't have a strategy yet." With those words, President Barack Obama summarized the weakness and incompetence of his own administration. Nearly six years into office, and several years after the Syrian civil war began, and the avatar of "smart power"…
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KIDNAPPED: 43 UN 'Peacekeepers' Abducted by Islamists in Syria

43 minutes ago

Approximately forty-three peacekeepers from the UN Disengagement Force (UNDOF) have been kidnapped while stationed in the Golan Heights area near the border of Syria and Israel. Initial reports have stated that the 43 are all Fiji nationals.  Many blame the kidnapping on the Al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda…
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Two Northern Counties Petition CA Legislature to Form State of 'Jefferson'

1 hour, 12 minutes ago

On Thursday, Modoc and Siskiyou counties in California, adjacent to Oregon, formally requested state officials to allow them to secede from the state and form a new state to be called Jefferson, according to the Sacramento Bee.  The two counties’ governments directly petitioned the secretaries of the…
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CA Rep. on Drought: Democrats Believe 'Fish Are More Important than People'

1 hour, 14 minutes ago

Rep. David Valadao (R-Bakersfield) lashed out at Democrats, including congressional opponent Amanda Renteria, on California's urgent drought problem, saying Democrat policies will fail to provide relief for millions of Central Valley residents living with severe water shortages. "Our forefathers expected…
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King: Executive Amnesty Would Create 'Constitutional Crisis'

1 hour, 17 minutes ago

If President Obama moves forward with executive amnesty it would send the country into a “constitutional crisis” that would require Republicans have all possible tools at their disposal to confront it, according to Iowa Republican Steve King.  “Anything that unconstitutionally and illegally legalizes…
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Obamacare's Glitchy Website Hinders Thousands Asked to Verify Citizenship

1 hour, 30 minutes ago

Three hundred thousand people who enrolled in Obamacare have been asked to submit proof of citizenship or risk losing their insurance. Many who have tried to comply are finding the website to be more of an obstacle than a convenience. The problems with citizenship verification were reported…
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Syrian Refugees Top 3 Million; Half of All Syrians Displaced

1 hour, 33 minutes ago

The United Nations said the number of Syrian refugees registered in neighboring countries since 2011 will pass the three-million mark as of Friday, according to Reuters. That figure is one million refugees higher than last year. In addition, another 6.5 million Syrians are displaced within their country,…
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EXCLUSIVE: Breitbart Texas Verifies ISIS Border Threat With Leaked Doc

1 hour, 35 minutes ago

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Breitbart Texas has exclusively obtained a leaked document warning federal agents about an ISIS-related terrorism threat across the entire US-Mexico border. Though the document focuses on the Texas-Mexico border, Breitbart Texas has confirmed that federal agents across the entire US-Mexico…
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Islamic State Militants Behead Kurdish Man in Iraq

1 hour, 45 minutes ago

Islamic State (IS) militants have released a video, titled "Message in Blood," which shows them beheading "a Kurdish man as a warning to forces fighting the group in northern Iraq." According to BBC News, the video shows the victim "kneeling near a mosque in the IS-held city of Mosul" just prior to being…
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MSNBC: ISIS Waterboarding Hostages 'the Price' of Gitmo

1 hour, 49 minutes ago

MSNBC Terrorism Analyst Evan Kohlmann said that ISIS terrorists waterboarding American hostages was “the price of Abu Ghraib and ... continuing the camp in Guantanamo” on Friday’s “Ronan Farrow Daily” on MSNBC.  “We shouldn’t be surprised about this. Unfortunately, that's the price of Abu Ghraib and…
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WH: Border Crisis Over For Now

1 hour, 51 minutes ago

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that the crisis of unaccompanied minors at the southern border is over “for now” on Friday.  Earnest cautioned that “these numbers are very volatile,” and pointed out that the hotter summer weather is part of the reason for the decrease in unaccompanied…
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Italy Beefs Up Security After Islamic State Announces Pope Francis Is 'in the Crosshairs'

1 hour, 51 minutes ago

This week, Italian paper Il Tempo reported that Pope Francis was “in the crosshairs” of the Islamic State (IS), with the jihadi group calling him the “bearer of false truth.”  Il Tempo reported that according to their sources within Italy’s intelligence services, the Islamic State plans on “raising the…
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Tom Steyer to Put $1 Million into State Races, Including Races Between Democrats

1 hour, 53 minutes ago

Tom Steyer, the former hedge fund honcho who is now a billionaire focusing his energies on environmental activism, acknowledged on Thursday that he will spend $1 million to support Democrats in California in 2014 who fight for environmental causes as well as voter registration. He even stated that he…
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Washington Post Publishes Video of Jon Stewart Trashing Rick Perry as Racist - Twice!

2 hours, 16 minutes ago

Man alive, Democrats got it good. Not only do leftwing outlets like the Washington Post protect Democrats, the Washington Post publishes video of comedian Jon Stewart attacking as racist potential GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry. On his show Thursday, Stewart, the left's good dog, ran through…
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Earnest: 'For Now' Crisis of Unaccompanied Minors Illegally Crossing Border Over

2 hours, 18 minutes ago

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest argued Friday that the Obama administration has made great strides to confront the crisis of unaccompanied minors illegally entering the United States.  “For now,” Earnest told reporters when asked if the crisis of unaccompanied minors at the border is over, given…
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Reporter to WH: ISIS Effort 'Minor League'

2 hours, 19 minutes ago

CBS chief White House correspondent Major Garrett described the current efforts by the Obama administration against ISIS as “minor league” during Friday’s White House press briefing.   After press secretary Josh Earnest touted American military action against ISIS, Garrett responded, “Those bombing raids…
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Report: Captured ISIS Laptop Contains Bubonic Plague, WMD Information

2 hours, 47 minutes ago

An Islamic State (IS) laptop captured by a "moderate Syrian rebel group" reportedly contains bubonic plague recipes and information on weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).  Foreign Policy reports that Abu Ali, commander of the rebel group, found the laptop in January after his men closed on a building…
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Tony Stewart Speaks for First Time Since Tragedy: Kevin Ward's Death 'Will Affect My Life Forever'

2 hours, 50 minutes ago

On Friday, NASCAR star Tony Stewart, speaking for the first time since he was involved in a fatal accident that killed Kevin Ward Jr. on a dirt track three weeks ago, said Ward's death "has been one of the toughest tragedies I've ever had to deal with, both professionally and personally," and it "will…
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Immigration Courts' Backlog Creates Virtual Amnesty

3 hours ago

FALFURRIAS, Texas — A backlog of nearly 400,000 immigration cases before administrative immigration judges has led to a virtual state of amnesty. Immigrants released into the country on a Notice to Appear document may wait years before being called to court due to the backlog. These long delays give…
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DHS 'Unaware of Any Specific, Credible Threat' to United States

3 hours ago

The Department of Homeland Security reacted to the news that the United Kingdom had raised their terrorism threat level and downplayed any additional threat to the United States. “At present, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are unaware of any specific, credible threat to the U.S.…
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Nancy Pelosi Says American Women Always Victims: 'Starved,' 'Force-Fed'

3 hours, 3 minutes ago

For House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the “war on women” and victimhood are always in style when election season rolls around. According to CNS, on Thursday, Pelosi said on a conference call that American women have been victims throughout the history of the nation. “It was…
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Mexico Cracks Down on Illegal Immigration

3 hours, 13 minutes ago

HOUSTON, Texas -- Mexico has recently launched its largest crackdown of illegal migration in decades, and it is yielding major results. Reports say their efforts have dramatically cut down the number of children and families making it across the border. Government officials in Mexico have cracked down…
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Deadline Today for Legal Challenge to Landrieu's Candidacy

3 hours, 24 minutes ago

With Sen. Mary Landrieu under fire over residency questions, any legal challenge to her candidacy would need to be filed today, according to the Lousiana Secretary of State's office. The window for such challenges "ends at 4:30 pm today,” Meg Casper, the press secretary for Louisiana Secretary of State…
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Friday Twitter Rally: Hoosiers #Deserve Better Than Common Core

3 hours, 30 minutes ago

A Twitter rally is underway on Friday as Gov. Mike Pence (R) of Indiana attends the Defending the American Dream Summit hosted by Americans for Prosperity in Dallas, Texas. Pence, a 2016 presidential hopeful, claims to be the first governor in the United States to repeal the Common Core standards.…
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Day Four: CNN Still Hasn't Verified the Ferguson Shooting Audio

3 hours, 36 minutes ago

Monday night, after over a week spent in Ferguson, MO, stirring the racial pot without knowing if race had anything to do with anything, the story was out of gas, so CNN poured unverified audio on the fire. Because it makes it okay, Don Lemon assured us CNN hadn't authenticated the maybe-audio recording…
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nichols120 on Twitter

nichols120 1 hour, 6 minutes ago

@tonykatz Decent governors but not viewed as stalwarts of conservatism @93wibc
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 1 hour, 39 minutes ago

Advance PT Field to be blessed at 4 p.m. before QND boys start the Quincy Recycle Tournament. Monsignor Leo Enlow to give the blessing.
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 3 hours, 33 minutes ago

@DOBrienWHIG I intend to.