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AYHSMB - REBEL MEDIA: You\'re a grand old flag - Quincy, IL News -
I really must protest your allegation of "fudging numbers". What is being fudged is how red or blue is determined, and who in fact runs the particular state. Here is another link;
eaglebeaky - REBEL MEDIA: You\'re a grand old flag - Quincy, IL News -
Thanks for the explanation, CoolEdge. I'm not sure how any primary voter's intent (regarding who they might plan on voting for in the general election) could be verified... but your points are well taken. Especially as it relates to the pork-barrel spending.
eaglebeaky - REBEL MEDIA: "Stay out!" - Quincy, IL News -
Thanks, BG. I figured from the video that the security guy was probably completely full of it, from his ridiculous "I'm not dealin with it today!" remark. I would be interested to see if he is disciplined (or charged with anything) for his behavior.... but that will never happen.
CoolEdge - REBEL MEDIA: You\'re a grand old flag - Quincy, IL News -
the fliers said the tea party guy was trying to keep black people from voting. The other problem is they showed 1000's had already voted in the other primary so were no eligible. And the law says they have to intend to vote for that candidate in the general, not just cross over to elect the weaker candidate. Cochran is a big porker, bringing back like three times what MS pays in. Certainly…
1950Brutus - REBEL MEDIA: "Stay out!" - Quincy, IL News -
I bet Quinn learned this from Dick Durbin - another INTIMIDATOR.

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GOP Boosts Libertarian 'Spoiler' in Montana

17 minutes ago

Most political handicappers of Senate races this fall generally assume that the GOP will capture the seat of former-Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT). Cook Political Report ranks the race as "Lean GOP," a relatively bullish indicator. A new poll from liberal polling firm PPP, however, shows a race much closer than…
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TCM Salutes James Garner With Film Tribute Monday, July 28th

1 hour, 2 minutes ago

-- Monday, July 28, Turner Classic Movies will salute the late and Mighty James Garner with a  24 hour film marathon  beginning at 6am: 6:00 AM Toward the Unknown 8:00 AM Shoot-out at Medicine Bend 9:30 AM Grand Prix 12:30 PM Cash McCall 2:15 PM The Wheeler Dealers 4:00 PM Darby's Rangers 6:15 PM Mister…
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MD Gov. Martin O'Malley: Put Illegal Immigrant Children in Foster Homes

1 hour, 4 minutes ago

Democrat Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley wants to put illegal immigrant children in foster homes.  After O'Malley said recently that the illegal immigrant children who are flooding across the border should be classified as "refugees" and given asylum from "certain death," he begged White House officials…
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'Republi-C*nt': Ted Cruz Rips HBO Over 'Misogynist' 'True Blood' Episode

1 hour, 14 minutes ago

Using Facebook, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz responded to a Sunday night episode of HBO's "True Blood." The show revolved around a vampire bloodbath at a fictional Ted Cruz fundraising event held at the George W. Bush Presidential Library. The episode is laced with insults aimed at the GOP and coins…
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Clash: 4th Circuit Upholds Federal Subsidies for Obamacare

1 hour, 14 minutes ago

Just hours after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit struck down Obamacare's subsidies on the federal insurance exchange in a 2-1 ruling, the Fourth Circuit upheld the same subsidies 3-0, setting up a near-certain Supreme Court challenge. Both cases revolve around an interpretation of the…
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Rory McIlroy Desecrates Claret Jug with Jagermeister

1 hour, 28 minutes ago

Rory McIlroy admitted that his stomach was churning on Sunday when he grinded out a final round 71 to win the 143rd British Open. Some speculate that his stomach was churning even worse on Monday after celebrating his win by drinking Jagermeister from the prestigious Claret Jug. The German liquor, which…
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NBC Posts Obligatory Tony Dungy Apology

1 hour, 45 minutes ago

Tony Dungy issued the obligatory apology today regarding comments about Michael Sam appearing Monday in the Tampa Tribune. "I wouldn't have taken him," Dungy said in Monday's paper. "Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn't want to deal with all of it." In…
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Director Jonathan Demme Blasts Israel, Says Not an Anti-Semite

1 hour, 46 minutes ago

Director Jonathan Demme felt the need to dismiss potential charges of anti-semitism this week before echoing the thoughts of many Hollywood liberals. The Silence of the Lambs auteur is aghast at Israel's current use of force against the Palestinian people, a military action taken after the democratically…
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Forget What Grandma Says - It's Okay To Water Your Plants In The Mid-Day Sun

1 hour, 50 minutes ago

Pardon this interruption of our regularly scheduled coverage of ObamaCare debacles and setbacks, Obama scandals and manufactured crises, loss of US sovereignty, and exploding world crises, but  Horticulturist Linda Chalker-Scott, Ph.D of Washington State University has some crucial information for summer…
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DNC Chair Not Concerned by Lack of Gov. Candidate in Nevada

2 hours, 3 minutes ago

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz did not seem fazed by the Democratic Party’s lack of an official party-backed candidate for the governor of Nevada. KSNV News 3 in Nevada reports that Democratic voters selected “none of the above” more than an actual candidate. Wasserman-Schultz didn’t seem to…
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Senate Liberals Narrowly Lose Bid to Reverse SCOTUS Religious Freedom Victory

2 hours, 3 minutes ago

Senate liberals--a mix of almost all Democrats and a few Republicans--missed by a hair last week in a bid to overturn the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, which ruled unconstitutional the Obama administration’s heavy-handed requirement that business owners provide abortion services for employees,…
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Breitbart's Sonnie Johnson: Obama Is a Coward

2 hours, 5 minutes ago

On Fox News' "Red Eye," Breitbart's Sonnie Johnson said President Obama is ignoring the multiple current worldwide emergency situations because he "would rather golf than do something productive," which is "painting him in a corner" that proves he is a coward. Johnson said, "When he actually has to put…
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Obama in Bay Area Tuesday for Fundraising Coastal Trip

2 hours, 8 minutes ago

The Contra Costa Times has outlined Barack Obama’s schedule for his fundraising visit to California this week. Fresh out of raiding the fundraisers in Seattle, Obama will arrive Tuesday night in the Bay Area, then appear at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising luncheon on Wednesday…
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CBS News Files Formal Complaint Against W.H. for Lack of Transparency at Event

2 hours, 16 minutes ago

Tuesday at the White House daily briefing, CBS News' Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett lodged a formal complaint against the Obama Admistration for blocking members of the press from a meeting between the president and the surviving Apollo 11 astronauts. Major Garrett, representing the White…
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Pew Research Report: Nearly 90% of Illegal Immigrant 'Children' Are Teenagers

2 hours, 19 minutes ago

Nearly all of the illegal immigrant children who have been apprehended along the U.S.-Mexico border in the last two years have been teenagers.  According to a new Pew Research report, in fiscal year 2013, 91% of illegal immigrant "children" apprehended at the border were teenagers. Of the nearly 60,000…
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Progressives Pronounce Halbig Decision 'Judicial Activism' Then Promise Liberal Judges Will Prevail

2 hours, 26 minutes ago

Today a three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court issued a ruling which could have a substantial impact on the fate of Obamacare. The panel ruled that the plain language of the law indicates subsidies are only available to states which agreed to set up a state-based exchange. That means, potentially,…
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Bowe Bergdahl's Grandstanding Attorney Vilifies Fox News

2 hours, 26 minutes ago

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's attorney, Eugene Fidell, has apparently been retained to launch a hyper-partisan political campaign against Fox News. The Army has not charged Bergdahl with anything. According to some news reports, the Army hasn't even begun investigating Bergdahl. Nonetheless, one of Fidell's first…
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MS-13 Gang Member Illegal Alien Busted in Texas Border Town

2 hours, 35 minutes ago

RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas—Police officers arrested a member of the Salvadoran street gang Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, early Tuesday morning in Rio Grande City.  A police officer patrolling the streets of Rio Grande City shortly after 1 a.m. heard loud music coming from a house. He went to the house to…
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Hockey Hall of Famer Mike Modano Asks, 'Where is Ronald Reagan?'

2 hours, 36 minutes ago

Hockey Hall of Famer Mike Modano stirred a Twitter hornets' nest when he tweeted "Where is Ronald Reagan?" on Monday bringing out the Reagan haters and riling the Obama apologists of the Twitterverse. The former Minnesota North Stars/Dallas Stars center waded into oblique political commentary with a…
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Obama's Russian AK-47 Ban Solidifies His Position as Gun Salesman of the Decade

2 hours, 37 minutes ago

Following Obama's July 16 executive order banning the importation of Russian made AK-47s and other firearms that use the famous "Kalashnikov" action, sales of Russian AK-47s have gone through the roof. Thus solidifying Obama's position as gun salesman of the decade. On November 30 Breitbart News reported the…
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Slate: Does Border Patrol Exceed Its 'Legal Mandate' with Immigration Stops Inside Arizona?

2 hours, 49 minutes ago

On July 20, Slate magazine asked whether immigration stops inside the state of Arizona, "25 to 50 miles north of Mexico," exceed the Border Patrol's "legal mandate." The article deals with "interior checkpoints"--randomly located--where drivers are slowed to a stop and asked by Border Patrol if they…
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Donald Sterling Meets with Steve Ballmer

2 hours, 53 minutes ago

ESPN reports that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who has challenged his wife Shelly’s pending sale of the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, met with Ballmer on Monday afternoon in Los Angeles to discuss the sale. Sources told ESPN that Sterling and Ballmer had a "friendly conversation"…
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Downing of MH-17, Ukrainian Crisis Lay Bare US, European Weakness

3 hours, 2 minutes ago

The downing of Malaysia flight MH17 casts new light on just how inept and decadent the United States and Europe have become. Faced with Russia’s annexation of the Crimea and attempts to repeat in eastern Ukraine, the best Western Europe and the United States have mustered are strong words and token sanctions…
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Michael Sam, Tony Dungy, and the Opinion That Dare Not Speak Its Name

3 hours, 3 minutes ago

We talk a good game about embracing other people’s cultures, ethnic backgrounds, sexual preferences, etc. But when it comes to embracing a diversity of opinion, the most important kind of diversity there is, we stink. The sports media has reminded us of our “bondage of conscience” over the last two…
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BREAKING: FAA Bans All US Flights to Israel

3 hours, 15 minutes ago

Anticipating an imminent ban by the FAA of all U.S. flights to Israel, Delta, United, and US Airways each canceled all outbound flights to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport until further notice. Delta Flight 468, one of its two daily Boeing 747 non-stops from New York’s JFK to Tel Aviv was…
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Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 1 hour, 18 minutes ago

@eyokley If Hillary doesn't run, there's a huge void and Nixon will have appeal. If she does, he has to be on the VP short list. #AmIWrong
QuincyJournal on Twitter

QuincyJournal 1 hour, 43 minutes ago

REBEL MEDIA: Stay out! - State employees removing people from public property...not cool
QuincyJournal on Twitter

QuincyJournal 1 hour, 43 minutes ago

State appeals court upholds FutureGen power agreement
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 1 hour, 55 minutes ago

RT @trscoop: ABC reporter HAMMERS White House over ‘no press allowed’ to Apollo 11 event; CBS reporter files formal complaint…