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Stupid_Dems - Votes for Republicans switched to Democrats in Moline - Quincy, IL News -
If the Dems contaminate the ballot box the only recourse is exactly the same as was give n the Crown!
qfingers - Mid-America Port Authority pledged $1.3 million from Illinois - Quincy, IL News -
What we need is a better voting the Borda method. Then the 3rd party candidate most assuredly would have a chance....but for just that reason you'll never see it....the controlling parties not wanting a 3rd party to have any chance. Plus it's a bit difficult to count unless you are computerized.
ONCEMORE1 - Votes for Republicans switched to Democrats in Moline - Quincy, IL News -
This goes well beyond the "hanging chad" debacle, this is a deliberate effort to weight the results in favor of the Democrats. The size of the target on a touchscreen is easily manipulated so that if the D spot is half or most of the screen and the R spot is a tiny area of the actual "sweet spot", the results are controlled by the administrator and not the voter-------who just "happens" to be…
ONCEMORE1 - Mid-America Port Authority pledged $1.3 million from Illinois - Quincy, IL News -
If there was a chance in Hell your Third-Party candidate might actually win, I'd be right there with you, but you have to face the fact there ISN"T. Why is it that the typical Third Party frontrunner, usually Libertarian, shares many ideals with the Republican Party, siphons votes away from the Republicans and even receives support from the DNC and Unions to do so? The folly in…
qfingers - Business owners split over minimum wage votes - Quincy, IL News -
Jarosch above inadvertently elucidated the reason why minimum wage is BAD. He says people would leave his store to work somewhere with higher wage....but when everybody pays minimum wage there are no other high-paying jobs. If you get rid of minimum wage businesses would pay what people are willing to work for and wages would vary...some up...some down...and overall employment would increase.

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Condoleezza Rice Endorses Thom Tillis

26 minutes ago

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is endorsing North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis for U.S. Senate, arguing that the Republican would be a leader in Washington.  “America faces challenges both at home and abroad,” Rice said in a statement released Friday by the Tillis campaign. “We need…
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Reason TV: Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Election 2014 Parody)

33 minutes ago

( The kids from Nickelodeon's "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" learn the true meaning of terror ... election-year rhetoric. Written and performed by Justin Monticello. Directed and edited by Paul Detrick. Set design by Alex Manning and William Neff. Follow Reason on Twitter @reason
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Vatican Offers Assistance to Childless Couples

42 minutes ago

A new hospital in Rome has opened a program to help childless couples better understand fertility, using minimally invasive, natural approaches without drugs. Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski, president of the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers, noted that children “contribute…
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'Police Put A Cap' On Rochdale Child Abuse Arrests

45 minutes ago

A veteran Social Worker has accused police in Rochdale of putting a limit on the number of child sex offenders they are willing to arrest. Sara Rowbotham who was responsible for gathering evidence against Asian grooming gangs in 2012 said the police “cherry picked” suspects, leaving others free to continue…
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Arab-American Leaders All-In to Defend Convicted Terrorist Odeh

56 minutes ago

On Tuesday, convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmieh Odeh will go on trial in Detroit for allegedly lying to U.S. immigration officials about her past. More than forty years ago, Odeh was sentenced to life in prison in Israel for a bombing in a Jerusalem supermarket that killed two civilians and wounded…
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American Foreign Service Organization: Too Many Political Picks in State Department

1 hour, 3 minutes ago

This story originally appeared at Yahoo News: President Barack Obama’s fondness for rewarding big donors with plum diplomatic postsoverseas made international headlines earlier this year when a few of them embarrassed themselves in confirmation hearings.  Now, the association that represents career U.S.…
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LeBron James, Cavs Can't Get It 'Together' Despite Big-Budget Nike Commercial

1 hour, 4 minutes ago

Despite a heartwarming Nike commercial celebrating the return of LeBron James to Cleveland that aired in the arena prior to the Cavaliers opening game against the New York Knicks, the Cavs lost the game, 95-90, as James played miserably in his homecoming. The Cleveland star had 17 points, but he shot…
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The United West Presents Islam Unplugged: Inside the Mind of an ISIS Believer

1 hour, 11 minutes ago

(The United West) If you have ever wondered why anyone could support the Islamic State (a.k.a. ISIS) then this is a MUST see interview. Moreover, you could not find two people who disagree more about life and beliefs than Tom Trento and Anjem Choudary -- one who has been labeled an "Islamophobe" and…
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Abbas: Closure of Jerusalem's al-Aqsa Mosque Site a 'Declaration of War'

1 hour, 13 minutes ago

Israel’s closure of Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound, known to Jews and Christians as the Temple Mount, following an assassination attempt on Wednesday, is tantamount to a “declaration of war,” Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday morning. Only one day before, Abbas said he…
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President Obama's Mixed-Up Alliances: Israel v. Iran

1 hour, 13 minutes ago

The Obama Administration, it seems, is very sensitive to criticism. At least, when Israelis make light of (one of) them.  In the beginning of 2014, President Obama and his Secretary of State, John Kerry, were fuming that Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaa’lon dared to deride an earlier American peace…
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Report: Traditional Teaching Best, Modern 'Popular' Styles Harmful

1 hour, 16 minutes ago

A landmark report by an educational charity has blown many long-held beliefs of the teaching profession about the effectiveness of “popular” modern practices out of the water, and has suggested more traditional methods are far more effective. The report, What Makes Great Teaching, commissioned by the…
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World View: Palestinians Accuse Israel of 'Declaration of War' as Tensions Mount in Jerusalem

1 hour, 18 minutes ago

This morning's key headlines from Palestinians accuse Israel of 'declaration of war' as tensions mount in Jerusalem U.S. foreign policy in further chaos as Israel's Netanyahu is slammed Palestinians accuse Israel of 'declaration of war' as tensions mount in Jerusalem Dome…
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Jon Stewart Mocks Dems Trying to Turn Texas Blue: 'You Poor Bastards'

1 hour, 22 minutes ago

HOUSTON, Texas -- On the "Daily Show" last night, Jon Stewart mocked Democrats for attempting to turn Texas blue. "You poor bastards," Stewart said. "Democrats in Texas are like the drunk guy at the bar who won't stop hitting on a girl even though we know she's a lesbian." The Daily Show Get More:…
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Fantasy Football Preview, Week 9: Bye Week Blues

1 hour, 27 minutes ago

Bye week blues have arrived in NFL Week 9. Six teams, each with at least one top player, are not playing this week (Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans). I'm only going to talk about one player this week, because he was so good in Week 8 he…
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Poll: Israeli Perception of Obama Plummets

1 hour, 27 minutes ago

By better than a three to one margin, Israelis now consider U.S. President Barack Obama more pro-Palestinian than pro-Israel. According to a Smith Research/Jerusalem Post poll taken Wednesday night, only 16 percent of Israelis believe President Obama’s administration is more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian.…
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The Growing International Presence of Russia's Military: What is Putin Doing?

1 hour, 32 minutes ago

This week, Russian aircraft have probed NATO defenses to a degree unseen since the Cold War. Fighter aircraft from eight NATO members were reportedly scrambled to intercept more than two dozen aircraft just on Tuesday and Wednesday.  As the Wall Street Journal report details, the intercepts of Russian…
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Potential Ties Between Europol and Russia Demand UK Split from Police Agency

1 hour, 51 minutes ago

UK’s fierce debate about the European Union is often misunderstood across the Atlantic. It has unfortunately become a tradition of the US foreign policy to view the EU as synonymous with ‘strong’ Europe.  So much so that a couple of years ago, President Obama visited Britain and declared the US wanted…
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UK Has Arrested Over 100 on Syria-Related Terror Offences

1 hour, 52 minutes ago

The number of terror arrests related to Syria has exceeded 100 so far this year, four times as many as in the whole of 2013, according to data obtained by the Sun. A total of 104 people have so far been arrested due to their links to the conflict, with offences ranging from terror funding and training…
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Huffington Post Backs Down, Apologizes for False Attack on Scott Brown

1 hour, 52 minutes ago

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — After printing a false attack on former Sen. Scott Brown and then updating the story multiple times without a correction or apology, the Huffington Post has backed down—and is apologizing for its error. “I apologize that the exchange between Pindell and Brown ended up…
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White House Now Supporting States' Rights to Enforce Ebola Quarantines

2 hours, 23 minutes ago

Now that nurse Kaci Hickox is defying a quarantine in Maine by riding her bicycle in front of news cameras, the White House is softening its approach to states with their own quarantine policies. “What I would say is that the President believes that the state can and should be responsible for setting…
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Happy Halloween! Kids Need To Lay Off The Candy

2 hours, 29 minutes ago

In response to #BilaRants -- Take 1: Ok, I just left my house to return a rental car, when I saw this poor little boy standing at the bus stop wearing a blue dog outfit with big floppy ears. The kid looked like a stuffed animal, with his belly sticking out so much that it could have blocked traffic on…
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Home Office Use of Controversial Spy Law Doubles

2 hours, 36 minutes ago

Government snooping on personal communications in the United Kingdom has more than doubled under the present government, with the Home Office alone accessing 6,056 communications in 2013. The security minister when answering questions at the home affairs select committee insisted the powers given under…
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Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow....

2 hours, 36 minutes ago

In response to In Defense of Catcalls: I completely agree. These were just some of NYC's "breast and brightest" just having some fun and trying to get their game on with a pretty senorita that just happened to stroll through their hood. And also, I didn't hear any cats trying to ask the young girl out.…
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Democrats Increasingly Using Race-Baiting Tactics to Scare Black Voters to Polls

2 hours, 46 minutes ago

In key contests across the South, Democrats are increasingly resorting to harsh, race-based tactics in an effort to scare black voters to get to the polls on Election Day. Democrat machines in Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina are worried that their African American base might not turn…
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Latest Attack Ad from Davis Claims Abbott Doesn't Want Blacks to Vote

2 hours, 50 minutes ago

AUSTIN, Texas -- With the election only days away, Democrat candidate for Texas Governor Wendy Davis is holding nothing back in her efforts to attack her Republican opponent Greg Abbott. The challenge for Davis is that her past attacks have either been largely ignored by the voters, failed to stick after…
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RT @Illinois_Stage: Barnstorming Quinn announces another chunk of cash for a project in the Quad Cities
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Dems dig deep to keep governor's office in their hands - Can't really say governor's mansion because Blagojevich a...
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Trick or Treat TONIGHT at Central Fire Station
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Illinois schools report has host of new features