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migraine_in_qcy - Strawman: #Hashtag You\'re It... - Quincy, IL News -
Right.... compared to Biden?
migraine_in_qcy - Lovelace back in court Monday - Quincy, IL News -
Hasn't hurt anyone? Isn't he being tried for murder?
QuincyGuy - Sheffield steps down at QND basketball coach - Quincy, IL News -
Look at his record to see what he can do. He hasn't had a winning record or close to it ever. A great assistant but not the person to continue with the QND tradition. Being a Alumni doesn't make you a good coach. Bender was a great coach. Connell is a great coach. Douglas was a great coach. Were they Alumni?
Hunyboo - Schaefer prepares for 7th Ward aldermanic primary - Quincy, IL News -
Being a former city worker does that help him or hurt him?
pimpdaddystyle - Lovelace back in court Monday - Quincy, IL News -
It's that 8 years has went by, jeez the guy was working as a an ASA, running the dag gum school board, in the ANG, and now he's on a 5 million dollar bond, hasn't hurt anybody and has ties to the community, no flight risk, (that's what defense would argue if there wasn't a "money crunch"....) The powers that be had their suspicions all the time, why didn't they get…

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Quincy Police Blotter for September 1, 2014

4 months, 4 weeks ago by QPD

Arrest   Troy D. Culbertson, 46, Canton, MO for Seat Belt Violation at 18th & State on 8/31/14 at 1258 hrs. Culbertson was released on PTC.

Arrest   Brent D. Tournear, 49, 921 Adams, for Seat Belt Violation at 18th & State on 8/31/14 at 1353 hrs. Tournear was released on NTA.

Arrest   Katie S. McFarland, Glendale Hights, IL for Seat Belt Violation at 18th & State on 8/31/14 at 1341 hrs.  McFarland was released on NTA. 

Arrest   Eric A. Sass, 47, 2063 Maple, for Seat Belt Violation at 18th & State on 8/31/14 at 1322 hrs. Sass was released on NTA. 

Arrest   Jacqueline R. Skirvin, 25, Columbia, MO for Seat Belt Violation and Driving while License Suspended at 18th & State on 8/31/14 at 1335 hrs. Skirvin was released on NTA. 

Arrest   John E. Lewis, 58, 1308 N. 2nd for Operation of Uninsured Vehicle at 12th & Maine on 8/30/14 at 0115 hrs. Lewis was released on D.L. 

Arrest   James D. Johnson, 23, 201 Maple for Littering at 12th & Lind on 8/30/14 at 1700 hrs. Johnson was released on NTA. 

Arrest   Gillis J. Angerson III, 29, 2511 Steven Dr. for Operation of Uninsured Vehicle, Operation on Expired Registration, and Improper lane Usage at 24th & Broadway on 8/30/14 at 1244 hrs. Angerson was released on NTA. 

Arrest   Austin M. DeJaynes, 18, 1116 Payson for Driving to Fast for Conditions at 23rd & State on 8/29/14 at 1716 hrs.  DeJaynes was released on NTA.

Arrest   Paul A. Winn, 40, Signal Mountain, TN, for Speeding at 36th Maine to Broadway on 8/30/14 at 1527 hrs. Winn was released on PTC. 

Arrest   Chad S. Davie, 42, 2217 Jefferson for Speeding at 24th & Sycamore on 8/30/14 at 0826 hrs. Davie was released on NTA. 

Warrant Arrest   Chad E Payne, 39, Quincy, IL on an Adams CO warrant for Aggravated Assault at 18th & State on 8/31/14 at 1417 hrs. Payne was also arrested on new charges of Poss of Cannabis, and Seat Belt Violation. Payne was lodged. 

Warrant Arrest   Donald J. Deboer, 42, Homeless on a City of Quincy OV warrant for numerous charges, and a new charge of Felony Retail Theft at 537 Broadway on 8/31/14 at 1150 hrs. DeBoer was lodged. 

Warrant Arrest   Theresa S. Brewer, 39, 400 Spruce on an Adams Co warrant for FTA-Driving while License Suspended at 400 Spruce on 8/31/14 at 1417 hrs. Brewer was lodged.

Arrest   Derrick W Morrison 27 824 N 3rd for Disorderly Conduct Lodged

Arrest   Gaven R Steele 19 1030 Washington Possession of Stolen Property USC

Arrest   Stephanie L Kler 26 Grover Mo Failure to Wear Seatbelt at 12th & Kochs Ln NTA

Arrest   Patricia D Fowlks 41 1223 N 5th Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident 5100 block of Broadway NTA

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Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 1 hour, 59 minutes ago

@dennisdoddcbs @Boys_Vox Pretty fair assessment.
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 1 hour, 59 minutes ago

RT @Dennis Dodd: Mike Alden stepping down at Missouri. Credit for football, SEC move, facilities. Not so much for bkb, off-field issues. Overall great run.
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 2 hours, 32 minutes ago

RT @Mizzou Athletics: When he steps down Aug. 31, Alden will have the second-longest tenure among athletic directors in #Mizzou history, behind only Don Faurot.
Bob Gough on Twitter

Bob Gough 2 hours, 37 minutes ago

RT @CBS Sports 920: Mike Alden Stepping Down as Missouri Athletic Director -->