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migraine_in_qcy - Adams Co gets OK to collect Jail sales tax - Quincy, IL News -
Probably something qfingers said, like "accidental oversights don't muster disciplinary action" is what made me think that qfingers thinks people that make mistakes shouldn't be held accountable. If you know how to read comment threads, you can tell that I was commenting on what qfingers said, not making a statement of fact that people weren't held accountable. What does Zanger…
1950Brutus - Adams Co gets OK to collect Jail sales tax - Quincy, IL News -
I classify errors into 2 categories. Those that are made from lack of effort and those that are made from circumstances. The first needs disciplinary action. The 2nd can come from different circumstances - phone rings or Pam Anderson walks in the office and a distraction error (like a transposition) occurs - not much one can do here but fix it and move on.. Also can occur from lack of knowledge of…
CoolEdge - None dare say it -- except Ann Coulter - Quincy, IL News -
We worry about 20 million illegals voting, but in a real sense they already are voting. Not for president so much, but for instance in Illinois illegals have their own representative in Congress in DC. No way, you say. ... yes ... WAY. Each IL congressional district has some 713,000 people, but all people are counted in the census, whether they are citizens or not. So the Hispanic areas of Chicago…
UrKidsWillPay - Adams Co gets OK to collect Jail sales tax - Quincy, IL News -
#1 who said they were unaccountable? Do either of you know they didn't get disicplined? Do either of you know they didn't get fired? Do either of you know anything for a fact with evidence to back it up other than what you ASSume? #2 Do companies like say Zanger Realty really fire people for simple mistakes? My experience is that employees that will actually a) show up, b) on time, c)…
ONCEMORE1 - QPD Blotter for June 2, 2015 - Quincy, IL News -
Politicians? Especially Democrats? Tell the truth? C'mon.......... Next you'll be wanting all them illegals to buy Medical Insurance and pay taxes!

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United Way sets $1.25 million goal

United Way sets $1.25 million goal

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The campaign kicked off Thursday morning at Upper Moorman Park

The United Way of Adams County has set a goal of $1.25 million for 78th Annual Campaign Kickoff

The campaign kicked off Thursday morning at Upper Moorman Park.

United Way Campaign Chairman, Chris Niemann, EVP/CFO of Niemann Foods, Inc., discussed the community impact felt in the areas of education, income, and health as a result of United Way efforts and investments. 

“United Way is investing in programs and initiatives that advance education, health and financial stability in our community. We believe that education, income, and health are the building blocks for a good quality life,” Niemann said. “We are dedicated to investing in programs that help individuals and families stabilize these building blocks in their own lives because we all win when a child succeeds in school, when families are financially stable, and when people are healthy.” 

“The campaign team spent the past three months strategizing in setting a financial goal for the campaign,” said Niemann.  “We set this goal by talking with people at workplaces who know the needs and available resources of our community and analyzed changing aspects of the campaign before setting division goals.” 

Campaign Vice Chairman Mark Hayes, President of Bank of Quincy, introduced the team of 12 Loaned Executives designated by their companies to share the United Way message and recruit people for the Live United movement at employee meetings during the campaign. 

In addition to announcing the campaign goal and recognizing volunteers, Niemann showcased the first Born Learning Trail in Adams County. The Born Learning Trail in Moorman Park was installed by United Way volunteers on Monday July 28, and is designed to promote early childhood education in Adams County. The Born Learning Trail encourages parents/caregivers to engage in conversation, instructions, language development and comprehension building activities with pre-kindergarten aged children.

 Niemann closed the announcement by stating, “We all come from different backgrounds and have different responsibilities, but we share a passion for improving the lives of everyone in our community.  We will reach our goals by working together – by working with dozens of other agencies, hundreds of companies and thousands of citizens all across Adams County because great things happen when we live united.” 

The United Way Restaurant Days kicks off on August 1 at Mark Twain Casino will continue until August 31.  During the months of September and October United Way will be making periodic reports to the community on progress and various activities taking place in local companies and organizations.

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