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pimpdaddystyle - QPD Blotter for 10/23/14 - Quincy, IL News -
Call the major case squad on the Cirillas incident.!! We can't have such crime in this area! Put out an APB on a black preg female breathing heavily and swooning
backhoe44 - Quincy School Board pledges to reinvest savings from new buildings - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal
There has never, ever been a board that believes in "saving the money for a rainy day". They have to SPEND THE MONEY. And even SPEND THE MONEY they haven't even gotten yet.
ReardenShrugged - REBEL MEDIA: So I have a sign in my yard - Quincy, IL News -
Your missing my point. My point is if new buildings were built with a Capital Fund, a cash $$$$ fund approved by taxpayers, the interest savings would be given back to taxpayers and the buildings would still be built albeit at a slightly slower rate. Do you think the polls for this issue would even be close if approval of a capital fund was partnered with a larger decrease in the bond fund tax rate…
ReardenShrugged - Court-appointed monitor ordered for IDOT hiring - Quincy, IL News -
Maybe judges should monitor and approve all government hires. Our country is big on checks and balances and hiring is one of those areas that is frequently exploited for political gain. I know people who turned down government job offers because they refused give a big chunk of the salary back to their political party. Now every time I meet someone with a government position, I wonder which came…
GuyFawkes10 - Quincy School Board pledges to reinvest savings from new buildings - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJournal
In my opinion, Somebodies lips are moving.

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14 young women vie for the title of Miss Adams County Fair Queen

3 months ago from Adams County Fair Pageant

Pageant is Wednesday, July 23rd at 7:00 p.m.

All summer, fourteen contestants vying for the title of 2014 Miss Adams County Fair Queen have been working hard to gain experience in the areas of interview, speech, and stage presence.  Find out on Wednesday, July 23rd, who will be the next Miss Adams County Fair Queen!  

The reigning Miss Adams County Kayla Bunch is the daughter of Jeff and Kelle Bunch of Quincy. She has fulfilled her royal year with countless volunteering hours, numerous community events, and fulfilled her duties as ambassador to the fair. She is a graduate of Quincy Senior High School and will return to University of Missouri for her sophomore year this fall. 

Liz Cepeda is the 21 year-old daughter of Armando and Letty Cepeda of Quincy. Her sponsors include Herr Nails, Hobby Horse Arena, Premier Appliance Repair, Reflexology by Sherri with Young Living Essentials.

Emily Holman is the 20 year-old daughter of Mike and Becky Holman of Quincy. She is sponsored by her family.

Paige Lewis is the 19 year-old daughter of Amanda Lewis and Jared Neisen of Quincy. Her sponsors include Senteka Holsteins, Neisen Oil Company, and LSSD Trucking.

Lynsey Whitaker is the 20 year-old daughter of Richard and Tamara Whitaker of Quincy.  She is sponsored by Gully Transportation. 

Jess Mowen is the 18 year-old daughter of Bruce Mowen of Clayton. She is sponsored by B&B Livestock. 

Darlene Steinkamp is the 17 year-old daughter of Jason Steinkamp and Erika Gonez of Quincy.  She is sponsored by Edgewood Orchard, Interior Elements by Neely, and J&N Construction. 

Francesca Boewe is the 17 year-old daughter of Diane Slough and Bart Boewe of Payson.  She is sponsored by First Bankers Trust.

Torie Conover is the 18 year-old daughter of Steve and Traci Conover of Paloma. She is sponsored by Area Fabricators.

Ashlyn May is the 19 year-old daughter of Gene and Kristi May of Camp Point. She is sponsored by Midwest Autoglass.

Megan Scheiter is the 19 year-old daughter of Robert and Cynthia Scheiter of Camp Point. Her sponsors include Ray & Rose Scheiter, Brian & Lynn Fleming, Baileys Fudge & Fine Gifts.

Lauren Allen is the 18 year-old daughter of Richard and Nikki Cain of Quincy. She is sponsored by WGEM-TV. 

Caitlin Arrowsmith is the 19 year-old daughter of Scott and Elizabeth Arrowsmith of Loraine. Her sponsors include Quincy Mack, Town and Country Bank, & Kuhly’s Import Specialist.

Taylor Kill is the 18 year-old daughter of Jeff and Angela Kill of Clayton. Her sponsors include Timber Point Healthcare, Mixer Lumbar Company, Farm Mutual, Bill Wiewel Insurance, Dearwester Grain Services, Central State Bank, & Dale Kill Construction.

Roza Panos is the 21 year-old daughter of Nick and Julie Panos of Quincy. Her sponsors include Culvers Ice Cream & McNay Truck Line.  

The pageant would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our pageant supporters! Each of the mock interview judges who take time out of their busy schedule to come and offer their support to our contestants. To each of the volunteers who took the time to organize stage decorations and call on and collect gifts for the contestants - we appreciate you all so much. To Beth Heinze for choreographing the production number and for bringing dance entertainment to pageant night. To the family of the late Don Russell for their donation for the Don Russell Memorial Scholarship.  To Color Smash Studio for being backstage to help contestants with hair styling. Also, we would like to give another huge thank you to all of those who have donated gifts to our new Miss Adams County Fair Queen and Miss Adams contestants and Little Mister and Miss Adams contestants.  These sponsors include: Little Jess Jeep, Emerald City Jewelers, Bluffview Photography, Expressions by Christine, HyVee, Eighth Avenue Villager, Mercantile Bank, Sturhahn Jewelers, JK Creative Printers, Frese Ornamental, Tanning Unlimited, Kirlins, Holtschlag Florist, Bergners, Hardees, TCBY, Daylight Donuts & Deters Frozen Custard, Dress Barn, Press Yours On You, Starbucks, Dame & Hurdle Jewelers, Central State Bank, Bank of Springfield, Bonkers, Scotties Skateland, Aladdin’s Castle, Blessing Hospital, Cassanos Pizza, Lakeview Restaurant, Dollar General, Arbys, Fazolis, Pizza Hut, Wendys, Qdoba, Lama Works, and Culvers Ice Cream.

The 2014 Little Miss and Mr Adams County Pageant starts on July 23rd at 6:30 p.m. followed by the 2014 Miss Adams County Pageant beginning at 7:30 p.m.  This year’s pageant theme is “A Magical Evening” and will begin with entertainment from Z & N Magic being presented by Zach Bunch and Nate Gilbert. The 2014 fair will run from July 23rd to July 29th at the Adams County Fairgrounds off Highway 336 in Mendon, IL. For more information please visit We hope to see you at the fair!

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