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pjohnf - QFD at Madison School Wednesday - Quincy, IL News -
Kudos to the QFD for teaching fire safety to our children and I hope they talked about smoke detectors, which I'm sure they did. Smoke detectors the first line of defense against house fires should be on every floor and near or in every bedroom. Install working smoke detectors in your home and keep your family safe.
pjohnf - Illinois House Speaker renews push for \'Millionaire\'s Tax\' - Quincy, IL News -
It's one thing to think he's getting the rich to pay their fair share in a liberals world but the rich already pay most of the taxes. Even if you agree with the corrupt Madigan, the only people who will benefit from such a tax is Madigan and the rest of the corrupt politicians. They'll waste it and buy votes with the money not solve our fiscal problems in Illinois.
migraine_in_qcy - City starting to look at budget cuts - Quincy, IL News -
Yeah, not likely. If you're going to bid on a government project, you have to play the game. If you bid too low, or in this case, bid fairly, you'll be the odd man out. Those reviewing the bid will assume you didn't understand the scope and toss it out. Everyone knows this, so the bids all stay relatively high.
migraine_in_qcy - City starting to look at budget cuts - Quincy, IL News -
If I see Brian or another Terstegge this weekend, I'll be sure to ask. I assume they forced the Council to provide their reason for denying the permit.
migraine_in_qcy - City starting to look at budget cuts - Quincy, IL News -
Yeah, this isn't the first time someone I know is getting screwed over by these rules. Real nice when the City grants you a permit to build something on your own property, you spend the money building it, and then they shut you down. When the courts rules that the City was guilty of "spot zoning", Venvertloh's should have sued the City for damages, loss of revenue, and mental anguish. All…

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Quincy Police Blotter for June 19, 2014

8 months, 1 week ago by QPD

Arrest    Michael A. Murphy, 35, 923 S. 12th for Operation of Uninsured Vehicle at 4th & Jefferson on 6/16/14 at 1118 hrs.  Murphy was released on NTA.

Arrest    Adam R. Niemeier, 18, Fowler, IL for Operation on Suspended Registration & Operation of Uninsured Vehicle at 15th & State on 6/16/14 at 1254 hrs. Niemeier was released on NTA

Arrest/NTA   Cristle S. Clark 19 of 635 S. 17th for expired registration on 06-17. 

Arrest Traffic   Shawn Sohn 31 705 N 64th for speeding at Columbus Rd and Pine Ridge on 06/17/14.  NTA

Arrest Traffic   Michael Bailey 27 1327 Broadway for operating uninsured vehicle at 12th and Cedar on 06/17/2014.  NTA 

Arrest Warrant   Michael Bailey 27 1327 Broadway for fta DWLS at 1301 Broadway on 06/17/2014.  Lodged 

Arrest Warrant   David Hamann 41 Rockford for fta dui at 22nd and State on 06/17/2014. Lodged

Arrest Warrant   Daniel Martin 29 726 S 7th for fta contempt and dui at his residence on 06/17/2014.  Lodged

Arrest Warrant   Geri Musick 48 824 Jackson for fta electronic devise at her residence on 06/17/2014.  Lodged

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