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we have adequate scrubbers for coal, the problem is the anthropogenic global warming nuts insist we remove life giving, plant fertilizer CO2 from the emissions. And the US is like the Saudi Arabia of coal, and little known fact ... Illinois is very coal rich. Meredosia was going to do some new experimental CO2 sequester thing, which is insane. We need MORE Carbon Dioxide. But of course they…
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That's ok. Medicaid will pay for patches, wellbutrin, Chantix, whatever the patient wants. Better yet, Medicaid will pay over and over and over again for the same recipient. Best of all, some of these Medicaid recipients will pick up the patches, free of course, then go to Customer Service and want a refund saying "I got the wrong strength. I don't have my receipt." How long do tax payers…
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I do think that (Heaven forbid) had that been me in that car with the pretty young thing, I would at least delete my Facebook Account.
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OMG!!!!!!!! Look what I found. This is a post I previously made re Mr Cobb.....Not bad for the two years I predicted TWO years ago! $360,000 PLUS benefits for a very part time who spends more time in Sarasota, Florida than in Quincy! 104 weeks ago @ Quincy Journal - Quincy, IL News - Quin... · 2 replies · 0 points I know Im bouncing around a little now, but Im very curious as to…
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Does any other state in the Union issue FOID cards? At what cost to the state of Illinois is the issue of a FOID card? Since Rauner is trying to bring Illinois out of the 'red' - why doesn't someone suggest the elimination of the FOID card? How many of those arrested were in possession of a gun? How many of these same criminals carried a FOID card or a CC card or had the gun registered…

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A quick look at property taxes and home values in Illinois

A quick look at property taxes and home values in Illinois

10 months, 2 weeks ago from Reboot Illinois

Property taxes and home values can vary widely throughout a county, especially in those with large metropolitan areas

From from Reboot Illinois:

The chart below contains average home values for all 102 counties in Illinois along with average property taxes paid countywide. If you are a homeowner, you know this chart has to come with a big caveat. Property taxes and home values can vary widely throughout a county, especially in those with large metropolitan areas. The school district in which you live will be the greatest factor in the amount of property tax you pay.

Despite these asterisks, the chart below gives a good thumbnail sketch of what it costs to live in various parts of a very diverse state.

County Average Home Value Average Property Taxes Paid % Rate Property Taxes of Home Value
Adams County  $        99,900  $                  1,619 1.62%
Alexander County  $        56,300  $                    576 1.02%
Bond County  $      107,300  $                  1,712 1.60%
Boone County  $      171,300  $                 3,587 2.09%
Brown County  $       80,000  $                  1,273 1.59%
Bureau County  $      103,800  $                  1,995 1.92%
Calhoun County  $     109,400  $                  1,523 1.39%
Carroll County  $      102,500  $                 2,026 1.98%
Cass County  $        76,900  $                 1,479 1.92%
Champaign County  $      147,800  $                 2,994 2.03%
Christian County  $       82,000  $                  1,363 1.66%
Clark County  $       84,700  $                  1,416 1.67%
Clay County  $        71,500  $                    984 1.38%
Clinton County  $      125,200  $                 2,296 1.83%
Coles County  $        93,100  $                 1,809 1.94%
Cook County  $      256,900  $                 3,869 1.51%

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