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ONCEMORE1 - Strawman: The Guy the Liberal Press Doesn\'t Know Exists..... - Quincy, IL News -
Now you're not only arranging the past to fit your agenda, but predicting the future, as well. Is there ANYTHING a left-winger can't do?
UJacks1 - Quincy Regional Airport makes another late season push for 10,000 departures - Quincy, IL News - Qui
"figure out how to re-coup the cost of the 10000 tickets" - hell - that's easy - raise taxes for the few of us paying taxes in this city!
qfingers - Strawman: And Now WE Get Even With Whitey...... - Quincy, IL News -
I'm soooo tired of the "not willing to do" argument about jobs. If employers can't find people to do the work they have to pay's that simple. It's called "economics" also known as supply-and-demand. To say that illegals aren't taking away jobs from Americans is ignoring the fact the if you increase the labor force without increasing jobs you increase unemployment.
UJacks1 - Mann not seeking re-election to Quincy City Council - Quincy, IL News -
Mann, Duesterhaus, Musolino, Lepper, and Farha need to go. What will they do for health insurance? No more cell phone? No more iPad? Oh Nooooooooooooo - says Mr Bill. Are any of the 'new bloods' on the 'changed names' list? Fire bugs list? Turned my life around list? Just want the media to get out there and give the conscientious tax payer a heads up BEFORE the election and not…
UJacks1 - Quincy School Board proposes $33.63 tax levy - Quincy, IL News -
Vote Yes on all government requests. Park, Sanitation, Transportation, City, County, QPS, Fire, Water EPA regs, etc. GO YES! Build a new jail. Build a turnabout. Isn't it about time for City Hall to be 'fixed' again? No one ever 'lies' to the tax payer. Ooops. Just forgot to mention a detail or two. And yet if the voting taxpayers even vote 'no' the losers cry, 'bud'…

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JWCC to hold commencement, presidential inauguration

6 months, 1 week ago by Bob Gough

This year’s ceremony will feature the inauguration of Michael Elbe as JWCC’s sixth president

John Wood Community College will hold its thirty-ninth annual commencement ceremony on Friday, May 16, at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Activity Center on the Quincy Campus at 48th and Harrison. This year’s ceremony will feature the inauguration of Michael Elbe as JWCC’s sixth president. 

The inauguration formally installs a new president and marks a new era in the College’s history.  Elbe assumed the presidency April 1, 2014 from Dr. John Letts. Over the course of his 26 years as an administrator in higher education, Elbe served four, four-year colleges including University of Dubuque, University of North-Carolina – Wilmington, St. Andrews Presbyterian College and University of Southern Alabama. Prior to being selected as JWC’s sixth president, Elbe served JWCC for 19 years in the roles of director of student life and athletics, men’s basketball coach and vice president for student services.

Elbe is currently an Educational Leadership doctoral candidate at William Woods University and holds an Educational Specialist (Ed.S.)  He received a Master of Science in education from University of Southern Alabama and a Bachelor of Science from Quincy University.

JWCC will confer 334 associate degrees and 236 certificates.  Elbe will confer degrees and certificates and Jim Gay, chair of the JWCC Board of Trustees, will accept candidates as graduates.

Stacey Wade will represent the graduating Class of 2013 by delivering the invocation and benediction. She is a member of JWCC’s Never Too Late adult student organization and Community Education Office assistant.

Debra Baucom and Chad Lentz will provide student reflections. Baucom will receive an Associate in Applied Science degree in office technology/administrative assistant. Lentz will receive an Associate in Science in engineering and will transfer to the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and major in agricultural engineering. At JWCC Lentz was a member of the Student Government Association, Publications and Agriculture clubs.  Lentz served as secretary for JWCC’s Alpha Tau Gamma Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and was named to the dean’s list.

Torri Meyer will provide the student response to the alumni investiture. Meyer will receive an Associate in Science and will transfer to University of Chaminade in Honolulu, Hawaii to major in occupational therapy.  She served as Student Government Association president and student representative to the JWCC Foundation Board.  Named to the College’s dean’s list, Meyer was also a member of JWCC’s Phi Theta Kappa Chapter, Agriculture Club and Cheer Squad.

Brent Mansfield will serve as macebearer.  He served as president of JWCC’s Alpha Tau Gamma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and was nominated for the 2014 USA TODAY All-USA Community College Academic Team. Mansfield was also a member of the Student Government Association, Agriculture Club, dean’s list and Running Blazers Club. He will receive an Associate in Science and will transfer to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to study agriculture crop science.

Todd Saxton, English instructor, will announce the names of the 2014 graduates during the ceremony.  Saxton was selected as JWCC’s 2013 Faculty Member of the Year. Also recognized during the ceremony will be William Hysell, campus police officer, JWCC’s 2013 Staff Member of the Year; Beverly Landis, office technology instructor, Associate Faculty Member of the Year; and Anne Scott, test room monitor, Part-Time Staff Member of the Year.

JWCC’s Instrumental Ensemble will play processional and recessional selections and the College’s Concert Choir will perform a musical selection by Greg Gilpin.  Both groups are under the direction of Gary L. DeClue, department chair and professor of fine arts. 

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RT @Deirdre Walsh: Sen Graham repeatedly trashes House Intel #Benghazi report on. CNN -says its "full of crap"
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RT @Old Whig: "@overlawyered: Justice Kagan: Paul Krugman using “just ridiculous language” on courts" @FriedrichHayek
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RT @Barney Franken: Yup, the national media has ignored major Democrat donor & Obama associate #TerryBean being arrested for child rape.
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RT @The Associated Press: MORE: Barry's 4 terms were overshadowed by 1990 arrest after being caught on video smoking crack; he was 78: