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eaglebeaky - Federal Court blocks EPA’s Clean Water rule from taking effect on August 28, 2015 - Quincy, IL
I noticed that too, GML... and Illinois (if it were to be included among all of the other states that were listed in this case) would have been the furthest east out of all of them. So my first thought was that (maybe) it's purely a geographic issue? Perhaps Illinois falls under the jurisdiction of a different federal court, and not this one located in North Dakota. I honestly don't know,…
QuincyGuy - Clinics to open in Senior Center, Indian Hills - Quincy, IL News -
Due in would do well to help those facing economic problems find work. It's his party that is responsible for today's economy. With all the different sources to transport people from home to our current clinics, I question the need for this. Don't start thinking Durbin is Daddy Big Bucks either. "That money came out of OUR pockets."
Stupid_Dems - And now it’s time to say goodbye - Quincy, IL News -
eaglebeaky - Rauner’s budget superstar exits Illinois with $165,000–and no budget - Quincy, IL News -
How nice for her! Still no budget plan to speak of... and the state's seemingly-endless sea of red ink has increased by another $165,000 (with absolutely no benefit to the taxpayers). Ms. Arduin had one job (which she was rather handsomely paid to do, at taxpayer expense)... and now she's skipping out on it, before anything of value gets accomplished?? That sure sounds like the definition…
eaglebeaky - The White Pages are coming to - Quincy, IL News -
Ms. White's "conversational approach" towards tackling topical issues (with some humor thrown in) sounds like it will be a terrific addition to the Journal's new site. (After all, not everybody wants to read pieces that have been written in the stuffy/self-important style of the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. I actually prefer to read columnists who don't take themselves…

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Blessing raises $10 million in largest ever campaign

Blessing raises $10 million in largest ever campaign

1 year, 3 months ago by Jim Dewey

The money is part of the $70 million dollar cost of the Moorman Pavilion

Blessing Hospital celebrated National Hospital Week by announcing the results of its largest ever fundraising campaign. 

The Building For The Future Campaign had a goal of raising $10 million toward construction of and equipping the Moorman Pavilion patient care addition.

Blessing Corporate Services President and CEO Brad Billings said the initial goal was 7 million.

Billings said that early in the campaign, the CFM Foundation, which is a legacy of the Moorman Manufacturing Company and along time supporter of Blessing Hospital, stepped forward with a large leadership gift.

That gift allowed the goal to be raised and late Wednesday morning Billings and members of the campaign committee led by Ross and Sherry Centani announced they had exceeded even that goal.

The money is part of the $70 million dollar cost of the Moorman Pavilion

Billings said the remainder will be paid for with cash, routine capital investment and borrowing.

 "What this means is that had we not had this ten million dollars, we would have had use our own money or borrow the money." he said "Either way that would have raised the cost of the project to us by ten million dollars." 

And that would likely have meant a hike in the cost of services provided by the hospital. 

Blessing is using $30 million of its own money and has borrowed another $30 million to fund the construction. 

If all goes as planned...Billings says the Moorman Pavilion could open by next January.

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