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Loverofblues - REBEL MEDIA: So I have a sign in my yard - Quincy, IL News -
35 years and your health care is covered by Tri Care
1950Brutus - Strawman: I Trusted The President...... - Quincy, IL News -
The race card gets pulled out when the liberals don't have any logical arguments left in their bag. They are saying "I can't win this debate with facts so I will assault your character". It is an attempt to win by intimidation. Very sad.
qcity05 - REBEL MEDIA: So I have a sign in my yard - Quincy, IL News -
It was specifically stated at the public forum at St. Peter's that the project would not exceed $89 million. They even mentioned that if the architects were to come to them later and say it would, they would have to rework the plan.
hinkdad - REBEL MEDIA: So I have a sign in my yard - Quincy, IL News -
I wish I could just hit a big lotto jackpot and pay for it out of my own darn pocket. I am not saying that our school rankings are necessarily all because of the facilities, but the environments do affect overall performance. One of the most important factors in community growth is schools. This is largely because it is one of the first things that parents look at before moving to an area. Our schools…
WarCry - REBEL MEDIA: So I have a sign in my yard - Quincy, IL News -
Didn't Hannibal just put in a new school or two? I can't find the story on planned vs. spent, but I don't hear a lot of hollering about cost overruns, etc. I just remember the story with the open house to show off their new, state-of-art facility.

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Blessing raises $10 million in largest ever campaign

Blessing raises $10 million in largest ever campaign

5 months, 1 week ago by Jim Dewey

The money is part of the $70 million dollar cost of the Moorman Pavilion

Blessing Hospital celebrated National Hospital Week by announcing the results of its largest ever fundraising campaign. 

The Building For The Future Campaign had a goal of raising $10 million toward construction of and equipping the Moorman Pavilion patient care addition.

Blessing Corporate Services President and CEO Brad Billings said the initial goal was 7 million.

Billings said that early in the campaign, the CFM Foundation, which is a legacy of the Moorman Manufacturing Company and along time supporter of Blessing Hospital, stepped forward with a large leadership gift.

That gift allowed the goal to be raised and late Wednesday morning Billings and members of the campaign committee led by Ross and Sherry Centani announced they had exceeded even that goal.

The money is part of the $70 million dollar cost of the Moorman Pavilion

Billings said the remainder will be paid for with cash, routine capital investment and borrowing.

 "What this means is that had we not had this ten million dollars, we would have had use our own money or borrow the money." he said "Either way that would have raised the cost of the project to us by ten million dollars." 

And that would likely have meant a hike in the cost of services provided by the hospital. 

Blessing is using $30 million of its own money and has borrowed another $30 million to fund the construction. 

If all goes as planned...Billings says the Moorman Pavilion could open by next January.

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